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ZANE BRANDON!!!(a couple of months ago)


ZANE BRANDON!!!(a couple of months ago)


anais(less than a year ago)

year 5 rules

Florence(less than a year ago)

I love learning about sre.

LILA HOWYYYYYYYYYYYYYY(less than a year ago)

CLASS 4 IS SOOOOOOOOOO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara(a few years ago)

I miss Hotwells a lot! Thank you to everyone who made my time at hotwells so special! I will definitely come back and visit hotwells soon! :)

Joe Lloyd(a few years ago)

I remember Howells!:) I am now in year 10 looking back at it seems like its been forever, love Howells!;D

Luke Zollman Thomas(a few years ago)

thank you so much everyone at hotwells im really glad i spent most of my life there thank you for making it such an special place in my life i will miss everyone so much bye :)

Amy Smith(a few years ago)

I will really miss Hotwells... But I'd just like to thank everyone for making my time at Hotwells so enjoyable! I'll come back and visit!

Santi(a few years ago)

I am so sad because it is my last day in Hotwells Primary School. It is been a great school and I will miss it when I go to Ashton Park. I can't wait to see next years play, and I bet it's going to be great!!!

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