Class 1 title

Class 1 worked hard as servants and maids at the Georgian House!

Class 1 enjoyed visiting Polygon Lodge with Mayfair Estate Agents as part of our topic on Homes.




Enjoy practising your spellings here.


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Maya(less than a year ago)

I have just looked at the class 1 comments and found my name !

ISLA(less than a year ago)


Ziggy(less than a year ago)

Class one is good

Lula Bea(less than a year ago)

I love the teachers in class 1 it is really fun I love the maths

ziggy(less than a year ago)

i am really enjoying the art

jabril(less than a year ago)

i really enjoyed playing with the new lego

Lettie (class 4)(about a year ago)

Hi Class 1, I would just like to say that I loved this topic when I was in Class 1 and I went home saying I really wanted to do it again. Hope you all like it too!!!

indigo(about a year ago)

i got 10/10 on this week's spellings!

Birdie(about a year ago)

I really liked writing my words.

phoebe(about a year ago)

I did my spellings. I loved it.

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