We had a short but busy week in Class 2! The children wrote some fantastic stories about an animal that has lost something, please ask them to tell you their story. The children all did brilliantly in their spelling test. In Maths, we have been learning quarter to and quarter past the hour and the homework this week is to practice this. Please find the homework letters below. 

This week in Class 2 we have been creating a story together about a lion called Leo who loses his roar and goes off to find it. The children wrote some fantastic stories, I am very impressed with their description and imagination. Please ask them to tell you their story! Next week the children will be creating their own stories. In Maths, we have been learning how to compare number and measure. To practice this at home, see if the children can tell you which sign (<, >. =) would go between two measures (e.g. 8cm and 22cm). In Science, we went outside to explore microhabitats and why animals choose to live in certain places. In computing we explored programming more and how to solve a problem in a code.

Rosa made a fantastic banner campaigning against using plastic and appeared on TV, brilliant job Rosa!

Please see a picture of Rosa's banner below and the children exploring microhabitats. The homework letter is below (some of the owls received a different letter). 

We have had a lovely first week back in Year 2. We have begun our new text in English 'Augustus and his Smile', see if you can retell the story to your parents using the actions! In computing we are now looking at programming and have been learning how to successfully give specific instructions. We are also very excited to begin learning the songs for our Christmas performance! More information to follow! Please see the homework letter below. 

The children wrote some fantastic persuasive reports this week about recycling and saving water! They also learnt about Rosa Parks and why what she did what was so important. I hope you all have a lovely half term! Please see the homework letter below. 

It was lovely to meet you all at parents' evening! Please find this weeks homework and spelling letter attached as a PDF, it is due in Wednesday.

We have had a fun week in Class 2 including creating posters persuading people to help the planet, learning how to subtract ones and creating some 3D drawings in Art! 

We have been very busy in Class 2 over the last few weeks! The children wrote their own Claude adventure stories that were fantastic and have now started a new book exploring how we can help the world. Please ask them to share with you what we have learnt so far about helping our planet! We have also been creating some wonderful artwork, some of this has been displayed in the school for the Bristol Art Trail. I hope you enjoyed seeing it!

This week in Class 2 we have completed our first Big Write and the children rewrote ‘The Lion Inside’. You all did brilliantly and I really enjoyed reading them! In History we learnt about Mary Seacole and the children created some dramatic role plays of her journey from Jamaica to England and then to the Crimea. We used watercolours to paint some more realistic sunflowers this week, have a look below!

We have had a super first full week together in Class 2! As a class you thought of some brilliant ideas for how Florence Nightingale could improve the conditions in Scutari hospital for the soldiers in the Crimean War. The letters you wrote to the government were very persuasive!

We used our place value knowledge to tackle some problem solving maths games. In Art, we began learning about Vincent Van Gogh and you all created beautiful sunflower pictures using oil pastels. See if you can spot yours below!

Welcome to Year 2! I’m very excited to be starting at Hotwells and getting to know you and your families over the coming term. Thank you for the lovely welcome I have received. On this page I will share our learning and upload weekly spellings for you to practice.

We had a lovely first week together and had some fun using spiral stamps to make funky snail paintings!

Miss Miller

Things to help you learn...

Click on the small picture of the game to play or view the website.

Phonics game Rock and Roll Hit the button game  

Great Phonics Game

(Beware annoying sound!)

Science game about forces

(Beware annoying sound!)

Hit the button

(No sound)

2D Shape Lab 

(Beware annoying sound!)

DJ Cow Phonics Game


 Forest Phonics Forest Phonics 

DJ Cow Phonics game

(Sound not needed but fun!)  

Shark Place value game 

(Sound not needed but fun!)

Forest Phonics

(Sound needed and a lot of fun) 

Walk The Plank

(Sound needed and a lot of fun) 


Base 10 game 




Number Pieces

(No Sound)  

Speed Sounds Set 1 video 

Games to help learn English 

Games to help you tell the time

(Some need sound)



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Tilda(a couple of days ago)

Hit the buton 5 x tables were quite esay now I have practist a lot . I have loved lerning about Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale I will be sad to stop .

Tilda(about a week ago)

First the 5 times tables were quite hard but as I started doing them more it becaym easyir and the 10 times tables quite easy.

Jasper Hong(less than a month ago)

It was very hard but I like it.

Kacper(less than a month ago)

I like maths and handwriting. I enjoy my homework.

Rylan(less than a month ago)

Rylan was amazing and got them all right.

Paola Lluna(less than a month ago)

The ten times tables were easy and good, but the five times tables were a bit hard but in the middle I would say. I just need to practice them

Huxley Efergan(less than a month ago)

I have enjoyed playing hit the button and learning my 5 x 5 table. My best score in one minute was 11 out of 11! This was after quite a few practice runs.! I have also been learning my spellings and understanding the rule about the double consonant after a vowel and adding the suffix 'ing' to a word.

Maynee(less than a month ago)

I like playing hit the button and the best i like is number bonds and time tables.

Matilda(about a month ago)

I liked Hector's world and Vincent Van Gogh.

Sophia(about a month ago)

I like doing art and writing Claud in the ship.

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