Hello! Keep checking this page for any information on our current topics. I will add games and links that will help you with your learning, plus any photographs that are taken. I always like to hear what you're enjoying in class and if there is anything you want me to add to our class page - so don't forget to leave a comment. Have fun!

Mrs Healey

We've arrived at our final term of the school year and what a busy year it has been! This term we will explore different climates and weather around the world. We will not only look at the weather in the UK but also at the extreme weather experienced around the world. In English we will continue to work on our story telling skills as well as writing informational texts on looking after animals. In Science we will focus again upon animals and in PSHE we will begin our SRE lessons. In Maths we will learn further written methods for calculation and we will revisit 'time' and 'money'. In ICT the children will explore Lego Wedo once more and begin to work on controlling and programming their creations. Throughout this term the children will continue with Term 5 topics: Hinduism, Tennis and African drumming.

Let's work together to make this last term a great one! 

Below is a site with lots of games to help you learn your times tables.
There are also a couple of games to play to help with number fact knowledge. Have fun!

Here are your spellings for this week. You will be tested next Wednesday.

Remember to use your 'Dicey' spelling strategies or 'read, cover, write, check' to help you to learn them. Good Luck!

Class 3 have created some fabulous 'faces' using clay this week. They all decided upon a different design and as a result, all of them are completely different. To make them look even better they painted them using acrylic and metallic paints. They look amazing!

In preparation for our Sports Day (this Thursday.....hopefully!) the children created their own challenging and differentiated challenges for their classmates to have a go at. They were supportive of each other, they gave clear instructions, they were enthusiastic and they created some very well thought out and entertaining games.

Today the children performed to KS1 and parents to finish off their African Drumming music topic. They were absolutely superb and showed themselves to be confident, mature and highly skilled performers. Good work Class 3!

The children used their riddle solving skills this week to find clues around the school. Then they had to reorder the mystery words that they had found on each clue to identify a mystery quote. They worked very efficiently in their teams! The missing quote was one that celebrated being different and unique. This was a reminder to the children that they each have wonderful qualities and strengths in various areas that make them very special and completely individual!

This week we have been learning to write information leaflets. We decided to write them about how to look after a pet. To allow the children to explore this topic further we have had some very special visitors! Some of the children brought their own pets in and told the class about how they keep them happy and healthy. Thank you very much to the parents who came along too and answered some super questions from our children.

Class 3 braved the heat wave on Tuesday to visit the Watershed cinema. Linked with their current Hindu topic in R.E. they went to watch a Hindi film called 'I am Kalam'. The children had to read subtitles as the film was in a different language and they were all very positive about the experience. The film had a wonderful message about the importance of education for all children. The main character is a young boy who struggles to pursue his dreams and surpass the boundaries of reality, where the human spirit is pitted against overwhelming odds. It was great!

Class 3 visited Failand Golf course on Thursday to take part in a Tri-Golf tournament. Everyone behaved very well and quickly showed how skilled they could be with a golf club. All of the children were supportive of one another and had a competitive spirit. But most importantly it was great fun!

Class 3 performed a wonderful assembly to the school about how to be a ‘Curious Cat’ in their learning. They looked at curious people throughout history, they explained how they behave ‘curiously’ in their learning and they asked some curious questions like: ‘What if we ate with our ears’ and ‘What are there more of, water droplets, grains of sand or stars in the sky’. They all participated with enthusiasm and everybody read their parts beautifully. Everyone was very impressed and Mrs Healey felt VERY proud of them.

We have been enjoying our annual 'Arts Week' this week in Class 3. The children began the week by creating Hindu Rangoli patterns out in the playground, they produced some eye-catching rainforest creatures in the style of Andy Warhol, they did some still life drawings of shoes and they've used good old felt tips to recreate some 'Mola' art. I can't wait to display some of your beautiful works of art around our classroom!

Class 3 have been exploring different types of poetry and they have also started to write their own poems. As part of their homework task they are each learning and performing a poem to the rest of the class. We have seen some confident and expressive performances so far which have really impressed us. Keep up the hard work everyone! 

Class 3 have been learning about the different layers of the rainforest as well as the different species of wildlife that inhabit each layer. They have worked as a whole class team to produce a wonderful rainforest display in our classroom. It looks amazing!

Year 3 have become skilled in editing their own writing this year. This week we have been writing ‘Rainforest’ stories. When the writing process was complete the children worked in pairs to ‘peer edit’ their partner’s writing. They read their work aloud and their partner listened carefully and offered constructive feedback. This showed a great deal of maturity, respect and trust. Well done Class 3.  

Year 3 walked to the Downs today to work with staff from the Avon Gorge and Downs Wildlife Project. They followed the 'tree trail' to learn new facts about trees and how to identify them. They then formed tree tribes to share some interesting tree facts. We even learned about trees that are only found here in Bristol such as the 'Bristol Whitebeam'!

This week we have enjoyed our second session of African Drumming with Dan. We are already sounding great!

This week the children have cooked some Roman Cheese Bread. Then they sat together to enjoy a Roman feast! 

Class 3 were given the challenge of creating their own version of a Roman shield for homework this term. Their efforts were outstanding! Everyone has been blown away by what they have made – they were stunning! They tested them out today when they recreated some of the defence techniques used by the Romans. The class positioned themselves into the ‘Tortoise’, the ‘Wedge’ and the ‘Orb’ formation. They also took the protective stance that the ‘Repel-Cavalry’ would have used against soldiers on horses. The children also did some marching and learned a few of the commands that would have been used by a Centurion or a Legate to command their soldiers. Well done Class 3. 

Today we visited the Roman Baths in…Bath! We had the chance to dress as a Roman and then we created some mosaics using magnetic boards. We also learnt a bit about some Roman artefacts. The best bit was having a chance to look around the bath itself and being able to talk to some real life Romans!...(ok, they may have been actors….but they taught us a lot!) – well done for being fantastic ambassadors for Hotwells Class 3. Your behaviour and enthusiasm was amazing!

Over the past four weeks we have explored 'Fairtrade' to make ourselves more aware of the important work the  Fairtrade Organisation does. The children even had a go at taste testing Fairtrade and non-Fairtrade products!

Class 3 have been planting seeds today. They are going to monitor their plants carefully over the next few weeks to observe what environment they grow in the best. 

Today Class 3 took part in our whole school ‘Maths Day’. Mrs Lambert worked with the class on some maths problems concerning penguins…365 of them to be exact! She said that Class 3 worked really hard and she felt very proud of them! Well done everyone!

Today we celebrated 'World Book Day'! We created our own versions or well-known book covers, our teachers shared their favourite books with us, we dressed up as our favourite book characters and we participated in a whole school book swap! 

The children dressed as a variety of weird and wonderful animals today! This was to highlight the important work that the WWF do to help endangered animals. I think we've all learned a lot!

Just in case anyone forgets how to use compact addition or compact subtraction here are some helpful hints…

Class 3 have been following the ‘Bristol Plays Music’ scheme of work based upon the theme of ‘Water’. Here is a little snippet of what they have been singing…


Three pirates came to Bristol town,
Yo-ho! Yoho!
Three pirates came to Bristol town,
Yo-ho! Yoho!
Three pirates came to Bristol town to
See the famous Durdham Downs,
Yo-ho you lubbers, Yo-ho you lubbers,
Yo-ho! Yo-ho! Yo-ho!

They came to the SS Great Britain,
Yo-ho! Yoho!
They came to the SS Great Britain,
Yo-ho! Yoho!
They came to the SS Great Britain and
Said ‘good people let us in’.
Yo-ho you lubbers, Yo-ho you lubbers,
Yo-ho! Yo-ho! Yo-ho!

Where should we go next Brunel?,
Yo-ho! Yoho!
Where should we go next Brunel?,
Yo-ho! Yoho!
Where should we go next Brunel?,
He replied ‘the school of Hotwell
Yo-ho you lubbers, Yo-ho you lubbers,
Yo-ho! Yo-ho! Yo-ho!

Oh children answer us please do tell,
Yo-ho! Yoho!
Oh children answer us please do tell,
Yo-ho! Yoho!
Oh children answer us please do tell,
When shall we hear the hometime bell.
Yo-ho you lubbers, Yo-ho you lubbers,
Yo-ho! Yo-ho! Yo-ho!

Class 3 have been busy learning about how maps are made. We took a walk along Hotwell Road in order to produce our own sketch maps of the local area. We've also had a visit from Zac's dad who brought some large scale maps in to show us. 

The children had fun taking part in some timed orienteering this week as part of their P.E. curriculum. It linked closely with our ‘Map’ topic in Geography and our ‘Position and Direction’ elements in Maths. The class demonstrated excellent team work and great enthusiasm

The children have shown how mature as well as knowledgeable they are when discussing our current book. It deals with the sad story of Jessie who is sent as an immigrant across the sea to New York. The children have copied the illustrations in the book in the same style, they have written some superb diaries and they have produced some role play to explore the characters. 

Class 3 have been working very hard already this term. We kicked our Maths off with lots of measuring. We have looked at different units of measurement as well as different scales. We’ve used our new knowledge to measure weight and liquid and we’ve even measured everyone’s height. Then we turned these results into bar charts and block diagrams. We’ve also learnt about measuring perimeter (the distance around the outside of a shape). They were great at this!

This term the children have explored light and dark in Science. They looked at how a shadow can be manipulated and created these wonderful shadow puppets!

This week we discovered that we have some budding animators in our class! The children used the iPads and Lego characters to create a mini story...

This week we have created 'moving monsters' as part of our D.T. curriculum. The pneumatic creations made use of syringes to push air through tubing in order to move the monster's mouth. 

Throughout term 1 and 2 we have been exploring well known classical pieces of music through the medium of dance. The children have worked their way through the ‘Ten Pieces’ project launched by the BBC. They have listened to music by many composers including Gustav Holst, Benjamin Britten and Ludwig Van Beethoven to name just a few. After listening carefully they have shared their thoughts on what feelings have been evoked by what they’ve heard and then they have produced both physical movement and creative pieces of art inspired by the music. Here are some photos to show the children ‘in action’!

This term we are reading the chilling story 'Ice Palace' by Robert Swindells. The king of winter, Starjik, stalks villages during the night and takes children - terrifying!! We wrote and performed a kenning poem to describe the character. Have a listen...

After reading ‘Pebble in my pocket’ by Meredith Hooper and Chris Coady as part of our English/Science work I challenged the children to create their own musical interpretation of one section of the story. They were asked to produce a piece of music working in small groups. We were thinking carefully about different beats and rhythms, how each person would introduce their part into the composition and using a variety of different sounds using both percussion instruments, body percussion and environmental sound. Here is just a taster of what some of the children in our class came up with...

Today was 'Democracy Day' at Hotwells. We talked about what the word 'Democracy' means and visited a polling both to cast our vote for our Class 3 School Council members. We also created our own political parties and campaigned for votes! The 'Yellow' Party were victorious. To complete our day we created our own 'House of Commons'. We discussed subjects such as 'Should we have school uniform?' and 'Should homework be compulsory?' - all of which were fiercely debated! Well done Class 3. I think we have some future politicians among you!

 We'd really like to hear from you about what you are enjoying about being in Year 3.

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Mrs. Healey(a couple of days ago)

Hi Jess, We've missed you too! I hope you've had a fantastic start in your new school. :0)

jessicahynam(a couple of days ago)

hi mrs healey i miss you lots and i hope you can tell my old friends about now and i will be looking on the website often and im jellos that you got to do lots of art wihout me.i miss these people the most Archie for his funnyness , Reuben for his funnyness , Trudi for her best best friendness , Daisy for her skeakyness , Imogen for her friendship , Gwen for her kindness , Mrs HEALEY for her great teaching , Isaacv for his friendship and Zac for his games.I hope that yor having fun miss byou loads from jessica

Mrs.Healey(less than a week ago)

Thank you for your lovely comments everyone - we've had a wonderful year. I hope you've enjoyed our 'drink splat' and 'dye canvas' art this week Nusaybah. I think you'll do the 'cola' experiment in Science next year. I hope you've enjoyed the science 'egg-periments' we've done this week. I did!

nusaybah(less than a week ago)

can we do the cocacola challenge please and more art i know it is not art week

Trudi Holder(less than a week ago)

I loved being in your class Mrs Healey. I think you are the best teacher ever! My favourite topics were the Amazon rainforest and the Romans. I wish I could stay in your class forever. From Trudi.

Lila (less than a week ago)

I am so so so so so so so so so going to miss class 3

Isaac S(about a week ago)

I can bring the despicable me 2,angry bird toons,saving santa

Isaac S(less than a month ago)

Sports day was so much fun!!

Isaac S(less than a month ago)

I really enjoyed year 3. Will miss it so much...

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I loved doing rainforest art.

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