Welcome to Year 3 and to the start of Key Stage 2! On this page I will share helpful learning links with you as well as photos of our learning. I will also upload your weekly spellings for you. More information about the Year 3 curriculum this term can be found in the paragraph below.

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This term we will begin our Geography topic ‘Maps’. We will look at world maps as well as focusing upon maps of our local area. We will also have a go at creating our own sketch maps of places we know well.  In English, we begin our new book ‘When Jessie Came Across the Sea’. We will work on writing in the ‘first person’ by writing a diary belonging to the main character. In Maths we will explore angles, lines and measurement. We will also begin to collect and represent data. We will continue to work with data when we explore databases during our Computing sessions.  In Art we will begin to look closely at still life and portraiture. We will have a go at producing our own portraits of our peers using different art materials as well as creating portraits of the characters in our English book.  In Science this term we will learn about forces and magnets and the relationship between the two. In Music, we will focus on the theme of 'water' to link with our English book. We will listen to some sea shanties and have a go at singing and writing our own. In P.S.H.E we will work on knowing how to keep ourselves happy, healthy and safe. Our P.E. this term will link with both Maths and Geography when we learn about timed orienteering. We will also take part in some dance sessions in preparation for our 'Stages' performance. Finally, in R.E. we remain with our focus on 'Christianity' this term when we look at what a Christian can learn from the life and teachings of Jesus.

Visit the sites below to find out more about this term's topics.

Below is a site with lots of games to help you learn your times tables.
There are also a couple of games to play to help with number fact knowledge. Have fun!

Here are your spellings for this week. You will be tested next Thursday.

Remember to use your 'Dicey' spelling strategies or 'read, cover, write, check' to help you to learn them. Good Luck!

Class 3 have been displaying their wonderful artistic creativity this afternoon when they worked on producing portraits. This term they have looked carefully at the proportions of the face to identify where their features are positioned. We then had a go at drawing some photos of faces as well as our own school photos. We looked carefully at the details of our face to make them more realistic. We have also produced our own version of the illustration on the front of our class book. The picture is of the main character ‘Jessie’. We had a go at drawing her using pencil, charcoal and watercolours.

Class 3 ventured out of school on Thursday to begin sketch mapping their local area. They identified key features and buildings and noted these down onto their maps. They used their own key to draw symbols for repeated features such as shops, restaurants and churches. They will now use these rough maps to create a more detailed an accurate map of Hotwell Road back in the classroom.

Class 3 have been combining lots of different skills today. They have used their geographical knowledge of direction as well as Maths knowledge relating to turns and right angles. They had to direct their robot using different instructions. As their robot turned they had to identify the type of turn they had made, what direction they had turned (clockwise or anti-clockwise) and then identify how many right angles they had turned in total. What clever children we have!

Class 3 have begun their rehearsals for 'Stages'. This is an annual dance festival for children of all ages that is performed at the Colston Hall. They are very excited about learning the choreography and we think Class 3 will produce a super performance.

Class 3 are currently reading a book called 'When Jessie Came Across the Sea' by Amy Hest. It is about a young girl who travels to America to find a better life. Set at the turn of the 19th century, this is a story of adventure and heartbreak. The children are trying to capture these emotive themes by writing a daily journal belonging to the main character 'Jessie'. They have also participated in drama and discussion to help them to understand the challenges the characters are experiencing. Read some of their journals and descriptive work below. 

Just in case you forget how to do column addition or column subtraction, some of the children have made these helpful instructional videos for you!

The children visited the Redgrave Theatre to watch the 'Wizard of Oz' on Thursday. Many of our children have enjoyed a theatre visit before but for those who have not this was an excellent introduction to the theatre. They enjoyed the wonderful story of 'Dorothy' and friends travelling along the yellow brick road. We were entertained by energetic dancing and catchy songs as well as the marvellous story itself. Not only did we thoroughly enjoy the superb performance on stage but we were also blown away by the impeccable behaviour displayed by both Class 3 and Class 4. Other audience members even approached staff to tell them how remarkable they thought our children were. What a credit to our school they are!

This week the children created some superb animations with their Lego figures (and various other characters) using the iPad app 'Lego Animation'. Their creative 'stop motion' films were mainly based on our 'Ice Palace' class novel although some were original ideas created by the children. The class showed real skill and patience when carrying out such a tricky process.

On Wednesday it was D.T. day at Hotwells. In Year 3 we actually did a whole week of D.T. instead! The children have been busy making different kinds of creations. On Monday they had a timed challenge where they had to create an Egyptian 'shaduf'. The ancient Egyptians would have used a similar tool to irrigate their crops using water from the Nile. On Tuesday they created wonderful pneumatic monsters using syringes and tubing in order to open their monster's mouth using air pressure. On Wednesday they created their own thaumatropes or flip books to compare different methods of animation with our computerised animation apps. Later they continued to use their scientific knowledge of 'Light' to create shadow puppets. They have also created some lovely Xmas decorations which we will be selling at next week's Xmas cracker. Throughout the week they have worked on their team working skills as well as demonstrating growing perseverance and creativity. Well done Class 3!

We have been exploring the topic of 'bullying' this week. We have reminded ourselves that bullying is 'hurtful, deliberate and repeated' behaviour. Class 3 have been very reflective, mature and articulate in the way that they have discussed this sensitive issue. They took home a special ‘hand of courage’ that they had painted in their own unique way. They can keep this little item as a reminder that sometimes we have to be brave when faced with difficulties. We also need to extend the hand of courage and kindness to someone who needs our help. We celebrate our differences, our individuality and our uniqueness here at Hotwells so that it is seen as a positive. The children know that: 'sometimes we are the same, sometimes we are different but we are ALWAYS equal!'

We have started this term's class book 'Ice Palace'. It's been a sad tale so far! The children have written and recorded some dramatic Kenning poems about the character of Starjik. 

Bristol Flyers Health Squad are working with Class 3 throughout Term 2. They'll be teaching the children about healthy eating and nutrition followed by basketball skills and drills in the playground with star player Daniel Edozie!

The children have put together musical representations of the first part of our book 'The Pebble in My Pocket'. They began by deciding what sounds may have been heard and then chose an instrument that they felt matched each sound. Some of them created 'environmental' sound or made vocal sounds instead of instruments. They then decided on the beat or rhythm that they felt would be suitable and worked on conducting their piece of music using a 'layering' approach. They have been so focused and creative throughout the process. Best of all though, was their respect whilst watching other children perform and their positive and reflective feedback after each performance. Well done to al of them!

This term we are starting to explore this year’s ‘focus’ religion for Class 3: ‘Christianity’. As part of our learning we invited Mary in who is not only one of our Hotwells parents but is also linked with ‘Holy Trinity’ on Hotwell Road. The children had prepared many (many!) questions for her to help them to understand why someone may follow a religion and how this helps them to feel closely involved with their community. We were also lucky enough to have Azza visit who is another parent and she answered the same questions but in relation to her Islamic faith. The children were wonderful listeners and were able to reflect deeply about what they had discussed with our visitors. They could also identify similarities and differences between the two religions that they had been told about. They showed a lot of respect, maturity and seemed to really enjoy finding out more. 

The children had a busy time at the Bristol Museum where they spent time handling some Egyptian artefacts as well as having a look around the Ancient Egypt exhibition. They drew many links between the learning that has already taken place in the classroom and will hopefully continue to do so as we progress through this topic over the next few weeks. They were also able to spend time in the 'Rocks and Minerals' area which was really helpful as we continue to explore this area in science.  A big thank you to all our adult helpers who came with us!

The children have been learning about how a volcano works. They drew scientific diagrams and labelled them to show the different parts of the volcano.

The class have continued to extend their painting skills over the last two weeks. They have created beautiful Egyptian themed sunset pictures and shown great patience, care and creativity throughout the process. As a result their pieces of artwork are really striking!

Class 3 have been very busy this week! They have been writing about the journey a pebble may take starting with being erupted out of a volcano. They've also been learning about how volcanoes work and the different types of rock involved. We took advantage of the dry weather by taking our music lesson outside. They are now beginning to put together their collaborative music performances based on our 'Pebble' stories. We are looking forward to seeing what they create!

Class 3 have begun their ‘Rocks and Soils’ topic by identifying how ‘rock’ is used around our school. Over the next few weeks, we will start to look at the different types of rock and how they are created. We will also have a go at filtering different types of soil to test its permeability.

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Yasser(less than a day ago)

When are we going to do football in PE

Birdie(about a week ago)

I loved writing the Blackdog. I can’ t wait for world book day!

Winnie(about a week ago)

I love being in class 3

Mrs.Healey(less than a month ago)

I'm really glad to hear that Winnie. Class 3 wouldn't be the same without you! ;0)

Winnie(less than a month ago)

I feel welcome hear

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Hi Yasser, We will start to learn about magnets on Wednesday in our Science session. I'm not sure if 'camping in school' has been discussed yet. However, I think two weeks may be too long! ;0)

Yasser(about a month ago)

When are we going to start magnets and camp at school .Can we do camp at school for 2 weeks.

Mrs. Healey(about a month ago)

Hello Class 3s. Thank you for all of your comments. I'm sorry all of your previous comments got deleted (especially as there were so many). I'm so glad you're enjoying this term's topics and I think your enthusiasm is amazing! Ellis, I have booked our next school trip which will take place at the beginning of next term. However, we will take a little excursion out around our local area to do some sketch mapping in the next few weeks.

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I really like reading "When Jessie came across the sea!"

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I liked what we learned last year and can't wait to learn more things this year!

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