Key Information about Class Four

Your Teachers are Miss Attride (Monday-Wednesday) and Mrs. Maitipe (Thursday-Friday). Mr Small and Mrs Benson also work with the class.



PE is on Thursday mornings and is taught by Mr Leach. Children need a pair of trainers, blue or black shorts or trousers, and a plain white or plain house-coloured t-shirt. Don't forget a sweatshirt - we continue to go outside for PE even during the colder months. 


Homework and spellings are given out on a Thursday and due back in the following Thursday. Spellings are tested on a Thursday morning. 


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Our topic this term is...

Hotwells on Holiday


We’ll explore a number of countries which make up modern Europe. Along the way we will develop our skills in both human and physical geography skills and further our historical and cultural knoweldge of these countries as well. 


Latest Class Four News


We've just reached the end of our whole school STEM week. Highlights for Class 4 included a visit from Dara from the Bloodhound SSC project and making our own jet-propelled cars; investigating radioactivity and natural dyes with Miss Attride; testing the strength of structures with Mrs Lambert and Mrs Maitipe and visits from a GP and a power-electronics engineer (Phoebe's dad!). 

Exciting English


We have read the novel 'Kensuke's Kingdom' by Michael Morpurgo. Over the next two weeks, the children will write a book review, research and report on the reality of hunting and poaching of endangered species (an issue raised in the novel) and finally write a persuasive letter on this topic. 


The technical writing skills we are practising are: spelling common homophones correctly, using apostrophes to show possession and using paragraphs.


Class 4 - here are some links to use when we research hunting and poaching in class: 



And these are useful for finding out about orangutans:  




Our Marvellous Maths Learning

This week we have found equivalent fractions and begun to add and subtract fractions (with the same denominator). 

This game is all about equivalency. Year 4 do not yet need to work with 'mixed numbers' but some of you may enjoy this challenge!



In Class 4 it is important to be able to recall your times table facts quickly. We will practise them in school but you should also be practising at home at least twice a week. You can practice specific times tables here at Adults - if you are looking for advice or ideas for supporting your child to learn their times tables please visit


At the end of term there will be an opportunity to try for a Maths Olympics Award (see Ms Barnham for details) so keep practising!





Super Science

This term we are learning all about teeth and eating. Class 4 have made models of the four different types of teeth: insicors, canines, premolars and molars and explored the internal structure of teeth. 






This term is all about Coding. All of the children have login details for the 'Scratch' website. They may log in from home to pracise their coding skills if the want to. This week we learned how to select a 'Sprite' and make them move or turn on command. 

Our Homework 

No homework this week - enjoy your half term!

Your Weekly Spellings


 No spellings over half term!


Links to other learning activities

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