Key Information about Class Four

Your Teachers are Ms. Attride (Monday-Wednesday) and Mrs. Maitipe (Thursday-Friday). Mr Small, Mrs Grafton and Mrs Benson also work with the class.


PE is on Monday afternoons with Ms. Attride and Thursday mornings with Mr Leach. Children need a pair of trainers, blue or black shorts or trousers, and a plain white or plain house-coloured t-shirt. Don't forget a sweatshirt - we continue to go outside for PE even during the colder months. 


Homework and spellings are given out on a Thursday and due back in the following Thursday. Spellings are tested on a Thursday morning. 


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Latest Class Four News


At the end of Term 5, the class enjoyed a trip to Pizza Express for a pizza workshop. The class learnt about the finer details of making pizza before creating (and eating!) their own margarita pizzas. 


Our topic this term is a combined History and Geography unit looking at Bristol and the Slave Trade. We will examine the roots of the slave trade focussing in detail on the Transatlantic Slave Trade. We will ask how and why it was allowed to happen, how it finally ended, and look at how the lives of those involved were impacted. We will also be looking at Bristol’s own relationship with the slave trade.


Hotwells on Holiday


To finish off our Hotwells on Holiday Europe topic we did some cooking as a class where we cooked two famous European dishes - pizza and chocolate croissants! The class had a fantastic time making (and eating these!) and they did a great job! 

Exciting English

Our English book for this term is the excellent The Boy at the Back of the Class. This will be the basis for a narrative writing unit in Term 5. 


Our Marvellous Maths Learning

This week we have been applying written methods of multiplication to solve mathematical problems. Your homework this week is linked to this learning. 


We have also looked at scaling e.g. The sunflower is fives times as tall as the daisy. The daisy is 8cm . How tall is the sunflower? 



In Class 4 it is important to be able to recall your times table facts quickly. We will practise them in school but you should also be practising at home at least twice a week. You can practice specific times tables here at Adults - if you are looking for advice or ideas for supporting your child to learn their times tables please visit


At the end of term there will be an opportunity to try for a Maths Olympics Award (see Ms Barnham for details) so keep practising!





Super Science

Our science topic this term is the Living things in our Environment. We will begin this term by finding out about global warming, before focusing in on our local environment and the plants and animals within it. Our trip to Parkend on the 28th links very closely with this topic. 






We will be using Lego WeDo software this term to write code controlling motors. 


Our Homework 


This week’s homework is a maths worksheet which continues on with our learning on solving mathematical problems. The homework is due back Thursday 13th June.

Your Weekly Spellings


Your next spelling test will be on Thursday 13th June. You will be tested on Week 1 words. 

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I love school

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English and Maths are so so so much fun and also spellings and times tables are so so so much happy. Bye I have to put my bicuits .Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dawud(about a month ago)

are we doing fraction?

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Hi Mrs. Maitipe

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Someone respond to my question I feel sad :(

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Spelling is so much fun and it is good to practice

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Hello Mrs. Maitipe I hope you are having a lovely weekend and also what do you do on the homework and I will see you on a Thursday and Friday

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I loved all the topics.But I don't have google sheets which google app is it?PLEASE REPLY WHEN YOU KNOW!

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Hello Mrs. Attride I hope you did have fun while Mrs. Maitipe was teaching us on Friday and also bye I will see you on Monday

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