Learning games and weblinks

Below are a selection of websites that we have found over the years that we think you may find useful.

Click on one of the category buttons below to search that section. When you have found the website that you would like to visit, click on the picture. The website will launch in a new window.

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Foundation Stage Websites

poisson rouge

ICT Games

Boowa and Kwala

Poisson Rouge

ICT Games

Boowa and Kwala







Key Stage 1 Websites


 Blue Peter


BBC KS1 Bitesize

Blue Peter

Magic Paintbox





Key Stage 2 Websites

poisson rouge

Dance mat typing


Hotwells student e-mail

Dance Mat Typing

BBC KS2 Bitesize





Maths dictionary

Writing fun

BBC Newsround

Maths Dictionary

Writing Fun






E-safety Websites

E-safety Websites

E-safety Websites

Think you know - KS1

Think you know - KS2

Know it all - Parents




SMART Crew E-safety Website

BBC e-safety site

ChildLine Weblink


BBC E-saftety Website





Knowledge box

Primary resources


Knowledge Box

Primary Resources




Learning Clips Link

School Jotter Login

Teachers TV link

Learning Clips

School Jotter Editor

Teachers' TV




do 2 learn link

SEN teacher link

Do 2 Learn (SEN)

SEN Teacher

Apple Help





Safeguarding SWCPP

Smart Board Resources

Literacy Shed



The following downloads have been installed and used on the school computers.  The school computers are running the operating system Windows XP Professional.  Please be aware that although the files come from reliable sources, the school cannot accept any responsibility for their installation and use on your personal computers.




MSW Logo



MSW Logo


Pivot Stickman Animator

  iPad Apps  

The following iPad apps are used in school.  They are all educational apps and at the time of posting had very few or no adverts, and any adverts were age appropriate.  There is quite possibly an Android equivalent for those families that have access to an Android device.

   Step Up Number Board  

Times Table Cloud Click Game.

eChalk Ltd


Number Board

Step Up Learning