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Funded Nursery sessions currently run from 9:00 - 3:15 Monday and Tuesday and 9:00 - 11:30 on Wednesday.


If you would like your child to stay until 3:15 on Wednesdays please speak to a member of staff. 






Our Learning in Nursery.



The curriculum we follow is called "Development Matters." It has three 'prime' areas of development on which we focus in Nursery:

Personal/social/emotional development, Physical development and Communication & Language

It also has four further areas:

Literacy, Mathematics, Expressive and Imaginative Arts and Understanding the World. All of these areas are supported through both child-led play and adult-led activities.



Some of the Adult-led activities taught in Nursery this week include:




Expressive Arts and design:


Exploring weather music



The children will explore vocal sounds and percussion, re-creating sounds associated with weather.  




Physical development: moving and handling


Obstacle course



We will set up an obstacle course in the school hall for the children to explore and develop their gross motor skills such as climbing and jumping. This week will focus on jumping and landing safely.




Mathematics: Number


Coin Hunt


The children will be invited to search for numbered “treasure” coins in Nursery. We will support number recognition.


Circle Times


Literacy: Reading


Nursery Rhymes



The children will become familiar with a number of traditional nursery rhymes. They will be encouraged to join in with words they know, and use this language in their play.



Some of the child-led play activities available in Nursery this week include:





Retelling and acting out traditional tales, using props as support.


Numeral recognition,  including spotting numbers in the sand and water trays and tracing numbers.


Expressive Arts

Making music using the percussion instruments. Singing and dancing too!


Songs we are singing regularly include...


Way up high in the apple tree

Wind the Bobbin Up

Walking through the Jungle

Here is the Beehive

There's a Spider on the Floor


When I was one...


Shape and Space

The children have been interested in exploring capacity using big, small and tall shaped containers. They have also made some fantastic models using different types of construction. We are learning lots of new words to describe shape and measures. 

Let's Move

We are developing are climbing and balancing skills and becoming more confident with our bodies. We have enjoyed dancing to music in the hall and moving in different ways with the rainbow ribbons.


The Gruffalo

We have really enjoyed exploring the Gruffalo story. We have been playing in the Gruffalo cafe, using coins to pay for items and making owl ice cream! We have used clay to create characters from the story and followed a recipe to make delicious Gruffalo pie. 


How does your garden grow?

We used our senses to explore the school garden. We especially liked looking at the wriggly worm we found. Take a look at our photos below.