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Welcome to Term 5! We hope you had a cracking holiday.

Please check the newsletter below for two important 'save the dates'!

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Our Learning in Reception

Term 4 Week 5

Friday 23.3.2018


Reception’s week began on a snowy school Green and finishes in Spring sunshine!


Save the dates!

All parents are invited to a phonics workshop in Reception on Tuesday 10th April from 9.15 - 10.00am. The session will outline how your

children have been learning to read and write and what the Early Learning Goal end-of-year expectations are. It will be a way of sharing

strategies to help you support your child at home, and a good opportunity to answer questions you may have.

If you are able to attend, please let Mr Rees know or email the office before the end of the holiday.


Our next Forest School session is booked for Wednesday 11th April; I will remind you at the start of Term 5 of what your child will need to

bring. As ever, parental help is greatly appreciated; do let Mr Rees or the office know if you would like to join us.



The children enjoyed hearing and writing about the story ‘The Conquerors’ by David Mckee this week.

Their writing will be on display in theclassroom in the first week of Term 5. Do pop in and have a look! 

If your child gets the urge to write at home - brilliant! - let me know if you need any more Speed Sound charts or resources to help.



This week we have been focusing on sharing objects into 2 or 3 equal groups, eg. can you share 12 pebbles into 2 or 3 groups?

Next term, we will be exploring practical problems which involve combining groups of 2, 5 and 10.

I am sending a number line home to make and practise ‘one more / one less’.



Have a wonderful holiday together.


Mr Rees and the Reception Team


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Anders(about a month ago)

I have enjoyed learning to read Mr Rees.

angel(about a month ago)

When I was in your class Mr rees I was pleased about my work x