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We had a wild and wonderful time at Forest School this week;

have a look at the pictures below from our first session!

The Reception Team

Our Learning in Reception

Term 1 Week 7

Friday 19.10.2018



We have been practising writing the Speed Sound c (‘curl around the caterpillar’).

We are practising blending all the sounds we know so far to read and write words. This week’s ‘Red’ word: was


Home Learning:

Help your child have a go the practise sheets for n (‘down Nobby and over his net’), p(down the plait and over the pirate’s face’), g (‘around her face, down her hair and give her a curl’), o (‘all around the orange’) focusing on a good pencil grip near the point.  Your child can practise with the words on the ‘Word Time 2’ sheet. If they would like extra challenge - great - they could put one into a sentence starting with I or the. Encourage them to use ‘Fred Talk’ when they read to you at home.



We have been practising identifying 2D shapes and using the language of ‘corners’ and ‘sides’ to describe their properties.


Home Learning:

How many shapes can your child identify around the home or when you are out and about? If they would like extra challenge, can they tell you what is the same and different about the shapes? Have fun!



Reception is now reading! If you have any free time to come in and listen to readers, extra support is always appreciated. It does not matter if it is a one off or regular slot - every little helps! Please just let Mr Rees know. Thank you.

Forest School, Term 1


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Lucia schoemaecker (from last years year four)(less than a year ago)

I remember year 4 I thought fractions and decimals were hard

Anders(less than a year ago)

I have enjoyed learning to read Mr Rees.

angel(less than a year ago)

When I was in your class Mr rees I was pleased about my work x