More and Most Able Learners

At Hotwells Primary School, we aim to foster each student’s unique gifts and talents while meeting their needs and raising their aspirations. Learning should be engaging, rewarding and an enjoyable experience and believe that all students should be inspired to develop a passion for learning, become effective lifelong learners and realise their full potential.  This is achieved by creating a stimulating learning environment where high expectations and standards are the norm and where lessons are fun, rigorous and challenging for students.

We also recognise that we have More Able and Most Able children in our school. These children demonstrate a higher ability than average for their year group and will require differentiated tasks and opportunities to learn through challenges.

We also know that abilities and talents will emerge in a wide range of subjects and fields and we believe that it is important to develop the whole child. Children may be More/Most Able in diverse fields (academic, creative, sporting, social, leadership). These children may demonstrate an innate talent or skill in a creative or sporting field or may be recognised for their ability to help and support others.

Examples of our recent More and Most Able provision include:

  • A Breakfast Club for More Able readers in Key Stage 1;
  • The opportunity to tackle ‘Greater Depth’ challenges within lessons;
  • Opportunities to work with specialist teachers for Art enrichment activities, such as printmaking workshops, or invitations to attend extra-curricular clubs;
  • Music writing workshops led by professional musicians during our recent ‘Music Week’;
  • The opportunity to perform in our newly formed orchestra alongside the Hotwells Music Workshop;
  • Taking part at local secondary schools events, for example, Maths Challenges for Key Stage 2 learners;
  • Writing workshops and competitions for our Key Stage 2 writers;
  • ‘Code Club’ for children showing an aptitude in coding and computing.