Our Vision and Goals

Our school vision statement 'Learning to bring out the best in everyone' sums up everything we believe in.  We promote high achievement and a love of learning so that each child can flourish in this ethos of support, challenge and encouragement to succeed. Our aim is that all children at Hotwells will enjoy the richness of their learning and that their primary school experience will be a happy and memorable one.

As well as achieving academically, our children learn to express and develop their creativity and to develop as spiritual and social beings. In this way, children learn to be responsible citizens who can contribute positively to the world in which they live as well as having the skills they need to access the opportunities the world has to offer them. 

Our six school values (created by children, staff and the School Council) are:

responsibility, kindness, compassion, honesty, courage and aspiration.  

We focus on our school values in assemblies each week as well as building them into our classroom culture and embedding them in the ethos of our school.  We also learn about and explore the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance for all faiths and beliefs.  You can Click here to find out more about learning at Hotwells. 


Hotwells Primary School Charter

Our School Charter sets out our vision, values and objectives, which in turn inform and underpin everything we do. Click here to see our School Charter.



Our School improvement Plan

Like all schools we have a School Improvement (or Development) Plan in which we identify important areas of our work.  We are currently focusing on Mathematics, especially teaching to a greater depth, Writing and Attendance which all feature in our School Improvement Plan for 2019-20.

We have five long term aims for all our childrenThese are:

Learning for Life:

To have the skills and self-confidence to succeed in life.

Love of Learning:

To have a positive attitude to learning and achieve the best that one can.

Living Healthily and Well:

To be cared for and to know how to live healthily and well.

Learning Environment:

To work in an environment that is inspiring and reflects the school's vision.

Looking Beyond:

To be part of the wider picture of education, learning from adults who are inspiring and love to learn.