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Nell (◍•ᴗ•◍)(about a month ago)

I'm LOVING school right now and especially doing pointillism and WW2 and doing benchball (shh ball) with Mr monk and Mrs Barnes

hayden(about a month ago)

ilike yere6 because my favater subjet is english and PE

Maya!(less than a year ago)

Hello I want to come back please!

Mersina :D(a couple of years ago)

I miss school too Evie :(

Evie :D(a couple of years ago)


james(a couple of years ago)

when we come back to school we could do a world week and every class has a country theme and they would learn and do fun activities at my old school my class was china and me and my friend was chosen to be the lion hope that we can do it when we come back

Frederick Bond(a couple of years ago)

I'm really enjoying the work that you're putting on are online classroom.Thank you fall making such an effort to help us learn.Good Bye!

Jake(a couple of years ago)

I miss school

Mollie(a couple of years ago)

Ooof I love schoolll

Lila(a couple of years ago)

Year six is soooo fun!!!!!!

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