Comic Relief 2022

Term 4. Science Week. Dr Vincent; Marshmallow Catapults; Sheila's Guide Dog; Dr Liz

Earth Week 2022

Year One have been thinking about ways they can look after our planet. They linked their ideas to our school values of Responsibility and

Kindness. Our theme for the week was 'Act Local to Go Global' and the children thought about how their small, local actions can have a 

positive global impact: they are part of the solution. Well done, Year One!

Term 4. Art. Textiles

Term 4. Science. Opaque and Transparent

Term 3. Science. Properties of Materials

Term 3. Design and Technology. Making Vegetable Kebabs

Term 3. Art. Weaving Materials

Term 3. Science. Identifying Materials

Term 2. Christmas Sing at Trinity Performance Theatre

Term 2. Science. Invertebrate Habitat Choices

Term 2. Science. Making Sensory Playdough

Term 2. Science. Classifying Fruit and Vegetables

Term 2. Science. Hearing Investigation

Term 1. RE. Natural Pictures

Term 1. Music. Exploring Pitch

Term 1. Maths. Comparing Numbers

Term 1. Maths. Counting to 20

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Mr Rees(about a year ago)

Hello Sarah, it is good to hear from you. It was lovely to see some of your home learning writing, too. Well done!

sara(about a year ago)


SARAH(about a year ago)


Mr Rees(about a year ago)

Dear Shelagh and Tony, thank you for your lovely comment. We are so glad you enjoyed 'The 12 Days of Christmas' so actively - full marks for creativity! Happy New Year to you both. My best wishes, Mr Rees

Shelagh and Tony Booth(about a year ago)

We, as Lois’s grandparents who don’t live in Bristol, thank Class 1 for their superb performance of the 12 days of Christmas. We are learning the actions and have incorporated them into our daily exercises! Happy Christmas to Mr Rees and the wonderful Class 1

Mr Rees(about a year ago)

Yes it is, Juno!

juno(about a year ago)

school was fantastic.

Nina Carvalho(about a year ago)

Nina says: 'I like the story ABC of Dr Seuss. Thank you. Super fun!!'

Mr Rees(about a year ago)

Hello Sonny. I am a (little) bit older than five and it's good to be in Year One!

Mr Rees(about a year ago)

Hello Nina. I'm glad you enjoyed the book. Maybe there were one or two aliens...!

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