Year 1 Home Learning Letter

Term 1 Week 2


This week we started our topic, ‘Whatever the Weather’, which links to our Science and Geography topics about Weather in the UK and

changing seasons. We began to explore different types of weather in the UK and will create a daily weather diary. In Music Year 1 listened

carefully to a piece of music which accompanied a video of the Bristol Balloon Fiesta; they thought about what instruments they could

identify, if they could hear any repetition and how the music made them feel (e.g. ‘busy’ strings). You can find the video here: Year 1 also began to think about pitch going up through singing the song ‘Up, Up, Up!’ You can find

this video here:



We recapped the Speed Sounds:

 oi (oy): join, coin, voice, choice, noise

a-e (ay): make, shake, cake, name, same, game, save, brave, late, date

This term, we will be learning how to begin sentences with a capital letter and end them

with a full stop.


Home Learning:

Please find Roll and Read oi and a-e sheets in your child’s bookbag. If your child would like some more challenge, they could have a go at

writing the words or even put them into a sentence.

When listening to your child read, notice how sentences are demarcated with them.



We have been learning how to count forwards and backwards in tens to 100. To do this, we used Numicon 10 plates, Base 10 sticks and a 100

square. We have also been exploring number bonds to 10 using and made posters to show all the ways.


Home Learning:

Help your child have a go at the practice sheet tasks. They could use the 10 frames to practise  number bonds or use small objects.

 Please practise counting forwards and backwards to 100 with your child;

giving a ‘high 10’ with hands as you say each number is a brilliant way reinforce this.



Books will be changed on a Friday but please do let us know if they need changing before. Your child should aim to read each book three

times. Look out for a comprehension question prompt which you may find useful to check your child’s understanding as they read. As ever, if

you are able to spare a little time to listen to readers in Year 1, this is greatly appreciated – even a one off! Thank you.


Book Bags and Water Bottles:

They must be brought into school every day – make it your child’s responsibility to remember!


Please check the links above for Year 1’s Curriculum Link Letter and Curriculum Map; if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


The Year 1 Team: Mr Rees, Ms Attride, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Grafton

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