Year 1 Home Learning Letter

Term 2  Week 1


Welcome to Term 2! Your children have come back to school with a renewed energy to engage in new learning experiences. At the start of the week we learned to locate the Arctic and Antarctica, noticing there is land under the ice and snow only in Antarctica. We found out which one penguins or polar bears live in and traced the line of the equator (and it not being a real line on the ground or sea!). Year 1 then pretended their heads were globes and pointed to the: Arctic / polar bears, Antarctica / penguins or equator, as they were called out. We then practised this spinning around. In Music Year 1 learned about musical terms for pitch (high / low), dynamics (jumpy, staccato / smooth, legato or; quiet, piano / loud, forte). We then looked at pictures of different types pf clouds and used our voices and instruments to make sounds with different pitch and dynamics, according to whether it was high or low in the sky, smooth or broken in appearance, calm or stormy. Year 1 loved the warm up dance ‘Shake My Sillies Out’ – it has become a daily favourite!


Home Learning:

Use an atlas, globe or Google Earth to locate the above places – or play the above ‘globe head’ game! Listen to music with your child and see if they can use some musical terms to describe pitch and dynamics, supported by you if needed.



We learnt the following new sounds:


fire, bonfire, hire, wire, inspire, conspire (which we described as to make an ‘evil plot’)

ur (ir):

burn, turn, spurt, nurse, purse, hurt

Year 1 started the week with by talking and writing about their holiday, with a focus on capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and using ‘and’ to add more. They are all working hard on correct letter formation, ironing out those tricky letters. On Bonfire Night, they listened to and acted out instructions to stay safe - and have fun - at firework displays. Next, Year 1 had a go at remembering and writing sentences dictated to them which contained Common Exception (Red) Words.


Home Learning:

Please listen to your child read the words on the Roll and Read ire and ur mat. I am also sending home the first spelling list of the Year 1 Common Exception Words. These are words which your child will need to be able to spell by the end of Year 1 but cannot be sounded out. I have put them onto a ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check’ format, which your child does for each word. This is the only Home Learning that needs to be handed back in – it is in no way a test and we will practise them in class that week as well. Thank you.



Year 1 reviewed all of our learning from Term 1 and also began to explore doubling numbers by adding the same amount again. They used Numicon to double the plates on a board then check using another piece, e.g. If double 4 is 8, does an 8 plate fit on top? If double 8 is 16, do a 10 and 6 plate fit on top?


Home Learning:

Look out for a doubling game in book bags tomorrow!


Mr Rees

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Michael Martin(about a month ago)

Impressive to see the lovely pictures from today’s forest school already online along with the weekly newsletter. Great work

Mariam(about a month ago)

I love it. It is amazing!

Lauren Taylor.(about a month ago)

Playing with MalaK and every body. Playing out side. I love year 1