Monday 30th March 2020. How many body parts can you think of which have three letters? 

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Happy Monday to you all Year One. I hope you had a good weekend - what kind of work is weekend? That's right, a compound word! We did some printing art yesterday morning which started with a hunt around the house for things we could print with. Dylan chose Duplo, I found a cork and Mrs Rees found the top of a perfume bottle. Peggy chose her teddy, so we gave her a piece of Duplo too! On a baking tray we then put three paint colours next to each other before printing. If you have a go, remember to check your printing tools with an adult. Have fun!

Adults, there is now a new section for you underneath the song which contains archived Reading, Spelling, English and Maths tasks from the previous five days. I hope this helps. Remember, you and your children can comment below or share work using our class email address:

There are three levels of challenge for the English and Maths tasks: Developing, Expected and Greater Depth. Start on the level of challenge that is right for you then move onto the next. You can download the documents to work on or print below each task.

Today's sounds: -ear -ear

wear pear bear tear / dear near fear

Click on the yellow Daily Spelling List tab above to down load and practise. 


Can you read all of today's words below? Can you make up some alien words using -ear ? earshub, flearck, plear...

Today's English Tasks: Recognising and Using Verbs.

Adults, have fun by keeping calling out actions for your children to do throughout the day! 

Today's English / Science activity is after the Maths games below...

Today's Maths Task: Subtraction Crossing 10 (2)

Click the pictures below to play the games; choose the 'Up to 10' levels to begin with.

This Week's Science / English:

Can you create a new animal and describe its features, habitat and diet?


Talk about your animal as you design it, thinking about how its features help it survive.

Use the proforma below - as it is or as a guide.

Can you describe it ? (description)  Where does it live ? (habitat)  What does it eat ? (diet

Do you have any other interesting facts about your animal?

Make a poster, fact file, labelled drawing or piece of writing - or a combination of them all!

Have a look at the ones we shared in class together below the plan.

From flippers to tusks, you can check out the spelling on the word mat.

Remember to give your animal a name!

This Week's Art: Map Making

How could you represent a room as a map?

Look with care at a room in your home. What can you see?

How would it look if you were looking down with a bird's eye view?

What shape are the tables, chairs and other objects from above?

What symbols will you use to show them?

Ask an adult if you can make a clipboard from a book and two pegs to hold your paper.

Draw your map thinking about where everything is - keep looking!

Remember to include a key!

Why not draw a map of:

-how the rooms in your home are arranged (a floor plan)

-your dream bedroom

-anything you would like to map - real or imaginary?

This Week's Music: Animal Rhythms

Can you identify and show the pulse / beat in a piece of music?

How will you make music today?

Ask: Your adults to help you. Tell them not to worry - everything you need is here.

Find: Something you can use as claves - wooden spoons might work well.

Read: The plan below before you begin (adults). Song links are below.

Do: Have fun making music!

Warm Up and Stomp Canon:

Kye Kye Kule:

Boom Chicka Boom:

This Week's History:

How were the Bristol Boxkite and Bristol Fighter planes the same? Why were they so different?

What would you like to do today?

Watch: A Youtube video of Boxkite flying here: Remember to do this with an adult!

Make: A drawing or model of the Bristol Boxkite or Bristol Fighter

Compare: Can you match the labels to the correct pictures in the task below? Are any of them the same?

Five Bristol Fighter Facts:

-The first one flew in 1916 – 104 years ago – and nicknamed ‘Biff’!

-It was a biplane – what does this mean?

-It was the first all-metal plane to be built.

-It could fly much higher and faster than the Box Kite (made of canvas, wood and wire)

-It was both a spy plane and a fighter plane.

Explore: With an adult, can you find pictures of what Bristol and Filton Fields looked like in the early 1900s? 

Remember, you don't just have to use Lego!

Make, build, draw, paint... 

This Week's Song: 'You Can Do It'

The Last Five Days' Reading, Spelling, English and Maths Tasks:

Term 4. Science. 'Sense Detectives' Workshop

Term 4. PE. Olympic Dance Festival at St. Bernadette's Secondary School

Term 3. Maths. Counting in 10s to 100

Term 3. Science. Making a Dog Bed

Term 3. Music. Learning Actions to 'John Kanaka'

Term 3. Science. Testing Properties of Materials

Term 2. Computing. Making Videos Comparing Toys Through Time

Term 2. English. Capital Letter Hunt

Term 2. History. Looking at Books about Toys Through Time

Term 2. Making Christmas Decorations

Term 2. Voting for our School Council Representatives

Term 2. History and Art. Exploring and Sketching Old and New Toys

Term 2. PSHE. Anti-Bullying Week and Odd Socks Day

Term 2. Music. Exploring Pitch Through Clouds

Term 1. Autumn at Goldney Gardens

Term 1. Harvest Festival Assembly

Term 1. Mad Science Demonstration Assembly

Term 1. Comparing Lengths and Heights

Term 1. Making and Testing Rain Gauges

Term 1. Maths. Partitioning 2-Digit Numbers

Term 1. Maths. Counting in Ones and Tens

We love to hear what you are enjoying in Class 1. Why not leave a comment here?


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Fredi(a couple of days ago)

Have fun making your bug hotel Dylan! Love from Fredi xx

Mr Rees(a couple of days ago)

Hi Fredi and Nikki, thank you for sharing the picture of your wonderful bug hotel - it looks so inviting. Dylan loved it so much he is going to have a go at making his own. You are a teacher!

Mr Rees(a couple of days ago)

Thank you, Lauren! I miss you all too and I am glad that I can help your adults be teachers. Remember to give them lots of smiley faces because they will need them!

Mr Rees(a couple of days ago)

Thank you, Wren. Together we all make a great team - a true learning community! With best wishes, Mr Rees

Jacqui Manning(a couple of days ago)

Thanks! Anytime the night before is a help; means I can print off when little people aren't looking for me. :-) Is there anything you need us to keep or to send to you for your records? Connie loved hearing about Dylan's game of hide and seek.

Lauren Taylor(a couple of days ago)

To mr Rees I mis you year 1 is the best I wihs I can go to shcool

Wren (Aila's mom)(a couple of days ago)

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU MR REES AND THE CLASS 1 COMMUNITY! Your care, time and ideas to support us all through this are hugely appreciated. We hope you and your family are doing well.

Mr Rees(less than a week ago)

Hi Kate, thanks for letting me know about the learning materials. Good idea about an archive - I have added one below the song section and included the (useful!) Maths Method instructions for each day too. I will leave other subjects' activities up until they are replaced with the next. With best wishes, Mr Rees

Mr Rees(less than a week ago)

Hi Jacqui, it's good to hear the poems are being enjoyed! Yes, I can upload the next day's learning at the end of each day. It will be - my children's bedtime routines allowing! - around 9pm. I will start this tomorrow evening with Friday's learning. With best wishes, Mr Rees

Kate Taylor(less than a week ago)

Thanks Mr Rees. Is it possible to archive each days worksheets in case we miss a day (or two!) and want to catch up?

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