Have a look at the exciting learning that is taking place in Term 1.

If your child is interested in researching any topics or carrying out a creative project around our term's learning, this overview will tell you some possible areas they could focus on.

We have had a fantastic start to the year, writing letters, finding out about animals and their babies in Science and looking at colour, shade and tone in our Art lessons.

We have learnt new playground games.

We have learnt new Maths strategies. 

We created our own book characters. They were sea monsters based on those in our book, How to Find Gold. Have a look at some of our monsters.

We made bracelets using repeating patterns.

During term 1 in P.E.,  we have been working on our ability to balance and have learnt different rolls in our underwater themed Gymnastics lessons.

In our Music lessons, we composed pieces of music inspired by the sea when it is calm.

In Computing, we researched different types of hats.

After learning about Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong, the children all wrote  a persuasive paragraph to convince Ms Barnham which explorer they should celebrate for a day. 

Have a look at the photos of our den building that we did as part of our Imagination and Adventure day.  We also had fun hunting for meteors, making healthy packed lunches and creating a party to celebrate Neil Armstrong.

Have a look at the exciting learning that is taking place in Term 2.

Here is a copy of this term's Spelling list. I will be assessing the week's spelling on a Friday.

This term our P.E. lessons will be on a Thursday. 

Things to help you learn...

Click on the small picture of the game to play or view the website.

Phonics game Hit the button game  

Great Phonics Game

(Beware annoying sound!)


Hit the button

(No sound)


DJ Cow Phonics Game


 Forest Phonics Forest Phonics 

DJ Cow Phonics game

(Sound not needed but fun!)  

Shark Place value game 

(Sound not needed but fun!)

Forest Phonics

(Sound needed and a lot of fun) 

Walk The Plank

(Sound needed and a lot of fun) 


Base 10 game 




Number Pieces

(No Sound)  



Games to help you tell the time

(Some need sound)



We'd love to hear what you're enjoying about Class 2 this year. 
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Frederick Bond(less than a month ago)

I am really assisted for are class treat. My birthday is on it. I can't wait.Bye

Frederick(about a month ago)

I like having history lessons. QI also like doing science. I like learning about Neil Armstrong in history and I also liked learning about Christopher Columbus. Love from Freddie.

Amaal(less than a year ago)

Can I show the class my powerpoint on Monday.

RYAN(less than a year ago)

Miss miller why didn't you send a photo of Ashton park school so then I could show my mum the photo of my my friends friend

Sophia(less than a year ago)

I really liked the game. i learned that people received silver tankards to remember about the fire.

Gryff(less than a year ago)

I found out that Samuel Pepys buried his cheese and wine in the garden. They used gun powder to blow up houses

Joshua Tattitch(less than a year ago)

They used fire hooks to pull down houses during the great fire of London to stop the fire spreading! The game was fun because it was about how people escaped!

Kacper(less than a year ago)

I love the game. It was interesting.

Nell(less than a year ago)

Hi miss miller I enjoyed the game and when you have to put the fire out it was my favourite part

Rylan(less than a year ago)

The game was great and I learnt loads of things about the Great Fire of London.

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