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We had loads of fun on Sports Day!

Have a look at the exciting learning that took place in Term 1!

We have had fantastic start to Class 2! We have been writing about our favourite things (and our not so favourite things!) We have made Plasticine models, inspired by the theme of happiness and created puppet shows about adventures on desert islands. Our Faraway Tree classroom has been the perfect place to start reading our new class book - The Enchanted Wood. 

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Here we are, making puppets to retell the story Tom and the Island of Dinosaurs by Ian Beck.

This week, we have been learning about what animals need to survive and how to keep ourselves safe online. In History, we found out what happened when Christopher Columbus sailed off to explore a quicker route to Asia. As part of our adventure to find sunken treasure, we created sea monsters that made our journey far more dangerous! 

Here we are, enjoying whole class reading in the sun!

During our third full week, we have been really enjoying comparing and ordering numbers and objects in our Maths lessons. We have been writing stories starring our own book characters, as well as messages in bottles which we cast into the 'sea' from the desert island we created in our classroom. As part of our Art Topic - Colour Creations - we looked at the paintings by the artist Mondrian and used primary colours to create our own versions. Check out our Art Gallery below.

We have had a fantastic week! We earned our class treat for superb behaviour and, as we have been learning about democracy, we are going to vote on what that treat is going to be. This week we have been finding out about life in the 1960s, learning about the major organs of our body and how to take our pulse. In English we have been discussing different uses of the red cone we found in the classroom on Monday morning - we know it relates to our new class book. Have a look at the ideas we acted out to each other.

We earned our Class treat this week and decided on a Space Adventure afternoon. We hunted for meteors, created space pictures and ate popcorn 'moon rocks'. During our English lessons, we became newspaper reporters. Have a look at the photo bellow of Class 2 interviewing the bear from the book 'I Want My Hat Back'.  You can read our newspaper reports, in our very own newspaper -The Black Pearl.

This week, we created a 'Sea Orchestra', learnt to play dodgeball, researched different types of hats and wrote leaflets about them. Have a look at the art we created using shades of light and dark.

During our last week of term, we wrote persuasive arguments for holding a celebration event for either Neil Armstrong or Christopher Columbus. Look at the photo below to see our 'conscience alley' where we spoke our arguments out loud and decided that Neil Armstrong was the explorer that we wanted to celebrate the most.   

Have a look at the exciting learning that is taking place in Term 2!

Class 2 have been inspired by the work of Kandinsky. Have a look at our artwork based on his work - Squares with Concentric Circles 1913.

During our P.H.S.E. lessons, we have been working in groups to create human machines!

During our Science lessons this term, we have been looking at different sorts of habitats. After learning about Macro habitats and Microhabitats, we used a variety of resources to create our own versions. Can you guess which habitat they are based on and what creatures might live there?

Have a look at the exciting learning that is taking place in Term 3!


We'd love to hear what you're enjoying about Class 2 this year. 
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Frederick Bond(less than a year ago)

I'm enjoying the English that we are doing so much that I bought the odyssey.

Maha(less than a year ago)

Hi Ms Barnham!!

Frederick Bond(less than a year ago)

I'm surprisingly enjoying COVID 19 school online.Best wishes!!!

???????? avery(less than a year ago)

hi i miss school

Frederick Bond(less than a year ago)

Dear ms Barnham I am really excited for the google meeting tomorrow. I really enjoy doing Google meet。

Ms Barnham(less than a year ago)

Well done Rufus! The answer is to do with 3D shapes. We draw the number 1000 by drawing a picture of a cube. Can you remember how to draw a cube? See if you can have a go.

Rufus Copp(less than a year ago)

Hi Ms Barnham, I remember number of the day is something to do with boxes but I cant quite remember what? Can you help please? Rufus

Frederick Bond(less than a year ago)

I am really looking forward to doing are Google meet with ms Healy.

Joseph(less than a year ago)

Hi everybody I’ve been listening to Homeschool History on BBC sounds it’s really funny and good for learning, you should try it but this means YOU!!!

Ms Barnham(less than a year ago)

Hi Derek, the English lesson is not the same as last week. However, it has the same title so Isla would have recognised it from last week, The succession of lessons use the same book. This week the children are reading Chapter 2 of The Firework Maker's Daughter and writing a setting description.

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