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I have really enjoyed seeing some of you on our Google Meets. This week, you will be having your Google Meets with your new teacher! She is very excited about you being in her class. We have been having a few problems with our technology. Scroll down to see what to do if you have a problem.


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Japanese Bento Box   Well done Freddie!

Here is your English Home-Learning for today.

Action Scene Lesson 2- To retrieve information.

Click on the link -

Here is your Maths Home-Learning for today.

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Here is your Foundation Home-Learning

Use the information in the PowerPoint, or your own knowledge and research about Japan, to create your own mini book. I have included a mini book template below, or you can use a folded piece of paper.

Foundation Home-Learning  -   Monday, 6th July

Foundation Home-Learning  -  Friday, 3rd July

Foundation Home-Learning  -  Thursday, 2nd July

Foundation Home-Learning -  Wednesday, 1st July

Quest 5

We have learnt about eco-systems and what happens to plants when they turn into compost.

Watch this video on what plants need to grow and then we are going to learn about some science facts about flowers!


Flower Safari!

In your garden or local park look for as many different flowers as you can. Each time you find a flower look at it carefully (with a magnifying glass if you have one) and draw a picture of it.

  • Count how many petals it has.
  • Observe the flowers for a few minutes to see if insects, like bees visit the flowers.


Have a look at the pictures below and see if you spot any on your safari……

What do you notice?

Things to think about…

  • Why are flowers so colourful?
  • Why do they often have a nice scent?
  • Are some flowers visited by more insects than others?
  • Do different flowers have different numbers of petals?



Paper Flower Experiment

You will need:

  • Different kinds of paper and card
  • Scissors
  • Bowl of water
  • Other liquids (milk, cooking oil)
  • Magnifying glass (optional)
  • Sketch book and pencil

 1. Try this experiment indoors. Draw and cut out some paper flower shapes. Gently fold each petal into the centre so they overlap, and then float the flower in the bowl of water. Watch what happens!

2. Experiment to find out what happens with different sizes of flower and types of paper or card. Can you time how long different flowers take to open?


What do you notice?

Things to think about…

  • Why do you think the flowers open when you put them into water?
  • What happens when you use thicker or thinner paper?
  • Does it still work if you use a different liquid like milk or cooking oil?


Foundation Home-Learning  -  Tuesday, 30th June

Foundation Home-Learning  -  Monday, 29th June

Foundation Home-Learning  -  Friday, 26th June

Foundation Home-Learning  -  Thursday, 25th June

Foundation Home-Learning  -  Wednesday, 24th June

Quest number 4 - What are ecosystems?


Today we will look at ecosystems and then have a go at exploring ecosystems outside.


We have learnt where worms live and what they eat when we looked at a wormery.


Watch this short video then have a go exploring your own ecosystems.


Can you explore the biodiversity in your area by walking around your neighbourhood looking at what lives up in the air or down on the ground?


  1. What do you see in the bushes, grasses or soil?
  2. Could you go on a garden safari and explore living things and non-living things?


You could group these:


Living things:

Leaves, plants, spiders, insects


Non-living things:

Rocks, twigs, stones. 


If you prefer you could use this colours by nature chart and draw what you find using colour categories:


Foundation Home-Learning  -  Tuesday, 23rd June

Class 2 Home Learning Slideshow

The Great Fire of London Slideshow

Enter text...

Have a look at the exciting learning that took place in Term 1.

If your child is interested in researching any topics or carrying out a creative project around our term's learning, this overview will tell you some possible areas they could focus on.

We have had a fantastic start to the year, writing letters, finding out about animals and their babies in Science and looking at colour, shade and tone in our Art lessons.

We have learnt new playground games.

We have learnt new Maths strategies. 

We created our own book characters. They were sea monsters based on those in our book, How to Find Gold. Have a look at some of our monsters.

We made bracelets using repeating patterns.

During term 1 in P.E.,  we have been working on our ability to balance and have learnt different rolls in our underwater themed Gymnastics lessons.

In our Music lessons, we composed pieces of music inspired by the sea when it is calm.

In Computing, we researched different types of hats.

After learning about Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong, the children all wrote  a persuasive paragraph to convince Ms Barnham which explorer they should celebrate for a day. 

Have a look at the photos of our den building that we did as part of our Imagination and Adventure day.  We also had fun hunting for meteors, making healthy packed lunches and creating a party to celebrate Neil Armstrong.

Have a look at the exciting learning that took place in Term 2.

Super Sewing!

Here is the Song sheet for our play 'The Shoemaker and the Little Elves.'

As part of our Science topic, Brilliant Bugs, we created different types of habitats.

Take a look at the exciting learning that is taking place in Term 3.

In Response to Reading our book 10 Things I Can Do To Help My World, Class 2 made bird feeders.

As part of our Art lessons, learning about Henri Rousseau, we drew different types of leaves and flowers from still life.

In Science this term we have been carrying out investigations on different materials.

Have a look at the exciting learning that is taking place in Term 4.

Here is a copy of this term's Spelling list. I will be assessing the week's spelling on a Friday.

As part of our Design and Technology topic this term, we have been building boats in our classroom 'Boat Building Yard'.  We have been using Lego, Knex, paper and wood to build them and we have been testing them to check their buoyancy and how waterproof they are.

Have a look at the exciting learning that is taking place in Term 5.

This term our P.E. lessons will be on a Thursday. 

Here is our Five Times Table song because I know you will all be missing it! Make sure you dance and sing along. 

Things to help you learn...

Click on the small picture of the game to play or view the website.

Phonics game Hit the button game  

Great Phonics Game

(Beware annoying sound!)


Hit the button

(No sound)


DJ Cow Phonics Game


 Forest Phonics Forest Phonics 

DJ Cow Phonics game

(Sound not needed but fun!)  

Shark Place value game 

(Sound not needed but fun!)

Forest Phonics

(Sound needed and a lot of fun) 

Walk The Plank

(Sound needed and a lot of fun) 


Base 10 game 




Number Pieces

(No Sound)  



Games to help you tell the time

(Some need sound)



We'd love to hear what you're enjoying about Class 2 this year. 
You can leave a comment in the Guestbook below.


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Joseph(about a week ago)

Hi everybody I’ve been listening to Homeschool History on BBC sounds it’s really funny and good for learning, you should try it but this means YOU!!!

Ms Barnham(about a week ago)

Hi Derek, the English lesson is not the same as last week. However, it has the same title so Isla would have recognised it from last week, The succession of lessons use the same book. This week the children are reading Chapter 2 of The Firework Maker's Daughter and writing a setting description.

Isla(less than a month ago)

Hi Ms Barnham, Looking at today English lesson can you please confirm that it isn't the same as last week as Isla says she did the firework lesson at her mums last Friday? Thanks Derek

Rufus Copp(less than a month ago)

Hi. I have had fun learning about Japan. The hotels have small beds and the food is delicious. From Rufus.

clemmy wharam-thoburn(less than a month ago)

I like making my Bento box because I like making and designing stuff. Hope I can see you soon.

Ms Barnham(less than a month ago)

Well done Bori, you are right. They are actually homophones which are a type of homonym. Excellent!

Bori(less than a month ago)

They are homonyms.

Ms Barnham(less than a month ago)

Hello Mahir! It is really good to hear from you. I hope you are enjoying our Class 2 web page!

Ms Barnham(less than a month ago)

Hi Bori, I am so glad you are enjoying my pond photos!

Isa(less than a month ago)


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