Welcome to Year 3 and to the start of Key Stage 2! On this page I will share helpful learning links, weekly spellings and termly curriculum overviews (see links above). I will also upload as many photos of our learning as possible. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions and don't forget to leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


- Mrs. Healey

Below is a site with lots of games to help you learn your times tables.
There are also a couple of games to play to help with number fact knowledge. Have fun!

We love Maths in Class 3! Today we have begun to explore subtracting one number from another. We are beginning this exploration by using our base ten resources to 'exchange' across columns when we haven't got a big enough number to 'take away' from. Class 3 have demonstrated their superb team skills and willingness to support others when they aren't yet feeling confident. 

Next week is national 'Anti-Bullying Week'. We have already begun to focus on this theme in Class 3. Today we were joined by Sally from 'Change Starts With Us' to carry out a workshop on how to recognise what bullying looks like, what to do about it and also how a bullied person may feel. We then followed this workshop with a discussion in the classroom about using 'I' statements to tell someone when they are behaving in a way that we don't like. We have also talked about how someone may become a bully and how as a school we deal with 'bullying.' We will continue this discussion next week as it's an important issue. 

Today we made our way to Clifton Cathedral to watch a real live orchestra play! Not only were we treated to the beautiful surroundings of the cathedral itself, but we also got to watch all of the instruments play that we have studied as part of our music curriculum. Throughout this term, we have watched videos of live orchestras. We have explored how they are set out and what instruments are included in each section. We have also studied many classical composers and pieces of music to help us interpret the meaning behind it and the feelings that it evokes. Today we saw the real thing in action! The children heard musical exerts from ‘Romeo and Juliet’ as well as listening to the story. As always, the children behaved maturely and were able to discuss their responses to the music on their return to school.

Class 3 have been working hard for the past three weeks on their 'Ancient Egypt' projects. They were asked to carry out a 'depth study' on one aspect of Ancient Egyptian history that particularly interested them. This might have included Egyptian pyramids, writing, clothing, Pharaohs or Gods and Goddesses. They were allowed to complete it in any way that they wanted to. As a result they have created their projects using a wide variety of approaches including scrolls, pyramids that open up, models, lego creations, mini books, powerpoints and even cakes! We have been blown away by their dedication to their learning, their hard work and their enthusiasm for our history topic. Over the next two days we will be giving them the opportunity to present their project to the class. Well done Class 3! You are amazing!

Class 3 have enjoyed a yoga session today with Ms.Grafton. Yoga is great for stretching our muscles gently and making us more flexible. It's also a great way to unwind at the end of a busy day at school!

Class 3 have been very busy preparing their amazing artwork ready for the upcoming West Bristol Arts Trail. The exhibition will take place on Saturday 19th October and the school will be open to visitors!

Class 3 visited Bristol Museum today. We spent time exploring the ‘Rocks, Minerals and Fossils’ section. We then moved on to looking around the Ancient Egypt exhibit. We got to see many objects that we had learned about back in our classroom sessions. Later we took part in a ‘Handling Artefacts’ lesson. We got to look closer at some real and replica artefacts to try to establish what they were and how they may have been used. The children were brilliantly well behaved throughout the day and asked some super questions. Their enthusiasm for their learning is wonderful! Well done Class 3!

We have been doing some scientific drawings this week. We have been focusing upon Igneous rocks and we've produced some very accurate pictures. We were also looking at the crystals that these rocks contain. We thought about whether we could identify if they had been created above or beneath the ground using the size of their crystals to inform us.   

Today we had a visit from Joshua’s dad. He is a Geologist and he works for Bristol University. He brought in many rocks and minerals to show us. He also shared a wealth of information! We learned a lot! We learned all about the different layers that our Earth has. We now know that we live on the crust. We have also learned about the rock cycle. He showed us some bright yellow sulphur in its solid crystalline form.  He also showed us many of the Igneous rocks that we have been exploring. He told us that many of these volcanic rocks can be found throughout England. He showed us a few that were made from lots of crystals. They were called ‘Megacrysts’. We got to see the tooth of a ‘Megalodon’ which was like a shark but much bigger. They lived around 3.6 million years ago! We also saw a real meteorite which was very heavy! One of our favourite things that we saw was 'Mica' which is a mineral made up of 10,000 layers of crystal. Each layer can be peeled off!

When people passed our classroom on Monday afternoon, they may have mistakenly thought that we were taking a nap! We were actually laid on the floor, with our eyes closed, listening to a piece of classical music. The music was by the composer 'Gustav Holst.' We thought about the instruments we could hear, the dynamics in the music and the tempo. We explained how they made us feel about the music. The children said it gave them a nervous feeling inside. They also said that the music sounded like something 'dramatic' was about to happen. They were right! The music was created to reflect the feeling of people around the start of World War 1. 

Class 3 are working on their colour mixing skills this term. We have already produced some wonderful colour wheels by mixing the primary colours. We have also worked on blending different shades of the same colour from light to dark. This week we have been using this skill to create some seriously EYE catching artwork. We have produced our own versions of 'The Eye of Horus.' This is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power, and good health. 

We have completed our first ‘long write’ of the year. We took ourselves millions of years back into the past to an erupting volcano and a pebble being ‘shot’ out of it. We then took our pebble on a journey through the ages. This piece of writing was inspired by our book ‘Pebble in my Pocket.’ We have some incredibly talented writers who impressed us with their description. Many of the children also used information from our science lessons on rock formation in their creative writing. What web weaving spiders they are!

As part of our Music and P.E. sessions this term we are using classical music to inspire us. This week we have been learning about Benjamin Britten and his piece of music called 'Storm' which is part of an opera. We have listened carefully to the dynamics (volume), Tempo (speed) and instruments and used this to guide our movements as we dance. Back in the classroom we then watched the piece of music being played by an orchestra and identified the instruments that were used to create the dramatic part of the storm and the section that represented the storm clouds disappearing and the sun coming out. 

Class 3 have been working on their 'Place Value' knowledge today. They have played some games based on important skills to build their fluency when dealing with numbers. We are now working with numbers up to 1000. We have ordered, compared and partitioned numbers. We have followed clues to identify a particular number and we have also represented the same number in many different ways using a range of equipment. 

We have kicked off our 'Rocks and Soils' topic this week by searching for rocks around our school. We have looked carefully at how they have been used and realised that they had been used for a wide variety of things! We have discovered that they were different types of rock and often didn't look or feel the same as others. We started asking the question 'what different types of rocks are there?' and 'why had these types of rocks been used for different things?'...we will try to answer these questions this term.

Class 3 have made such a wonderful start to the school year! They have taken on a huge amount of new information and new routines but have done so with maturity and a smile! They particularly impressed us when taking part in a 'treasure hunt' where they had to search for clues and then solve them to find the next one. I am really looking forward to this year and I hope the children are too! 

 We'd really like to hear what you are enjoying about being in Year 3.

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Suswapna Patnaik(less than a week ago)

Great initiative with regards to the anti bullying campaign

Ne(less than a week ago)

Mrs.Healy who is the top people in the vote of school council? 8.10.19

Christopher Morris (Alex's Dad)(less than a week ago)

Thanks for sharing the photos. It's great to see what Alex is doing in school. He loves school and is really enjoying your lessons! They are such a lovely class too.

Nell(less than a month ago)

Hi Mrs Healy my favourite lessons are p.e. ,maths and handwriting or English. In a number sandwich I can do multiplication, taking away ,adding and division.

Nyla(less than a month ago)

Iv'e really enjoyed doing art and everyone's art is really good! I'm really exited for term 2!

Nell(less than a month ago)

Hi Mrs Healy I hope you enjoyed camp.was it fun? What are we going to be doing for p.e next term?

Polly(less than a month ago)

Mrs.Healy is my favourite teacher! My favourite lessons are Art and P.E. I am also very exited because I just got my pen licence and high tea!

Sarah Nell’s mum(less than a month ago)

Thanks for adding the photos, it’s great to see the class interacting and learning together.

Huxley Thomas Efergan(about a month ago)

You are a GREAT teacher I'm learning so much.Thank you so much.

Tilda(about a month ago)

Mrs Healy is my favourite teacher.Are we doing any more art? Because art is my favourite project.

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