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Ida(a couple of days ago)

I like school because I learn more new words to use in my writing!

China(a couple of days ago)


China(a couple of days ago)

Hi hope u have a nice day Mrs Healey and I can’t wait to see u at school tomorrow!

Fredi(about a week ago)

I love history because I find stuff that has happened in the past really interesting. I like English because we learn lots of spellings. We also learn lots of punctuation.

James Tweedy(about a week ago)

I am having a great time learning and so is Holly. We are so happy.

COLE JARVIS(less than a month ago)

I love our classroom and all our activities I love to learn new stuff every day that why I go to school I LOVE SCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James(about a month ago)

I LOVE what we are doing

Darcy Duggan(a couple of months ago)

Miss Healey I hope you get better soon. We all miss you.

Darcy Duggan(a couple of months ago)

Happy International Women’s day everyone

Darcy Duggan(a couple of months ago)

I really like Science this term its really fun

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click on the headings below to learn more about each one. There are more 'learning links' under the 'links' tab at the top of the page. 

I know that you are all book worms in Class 3 so I thought I'd add the link below. It is a wonderful website that has 'suggested' reads for each year group. A lot of us are already amazing readers so you may want to look at books suggested for Year 4 as well as Year 3. Remember to tell me about any amazing books you come across so that I can try to add them to our class book shelf. (Book donations are ALWAYS welcome too!) We also do a weekly book recommendation 'show and tell' so that you can tell us about the books that you have enjoyed.

We have been creating some 3D sculptures this week. We carefully selected items that we felt had interesting shapes. We then arranged them using a gesso paste to ensure they stood up vertically or at an angle. We painted our creation in vivid or dramatic shades and then added highlighting using a metallic tint.

We have had a fantastic time at forest school this week! Lots of fun was had by both the children and the adults! We enjoyed a scavenger hunt, we explored and played in the mud kitchen and we cooked on the fire. We loved it!

We are getting very excited about the upcoming Jubilee celebrations! Class 3 have used their love of writer and illustrator, Rob Biddulph, to create their own portraits of Queen Elizabeth looking her best! We think they look royally wonderful! We’ve also sent out our invites to the Jubilee event taking place next week. We can’t wait to show off our portraits, parade our crowns and eat some royal themed cakes!

Class 3 have been working on their performance poetry this term! Take a listen to the children reciting their poems to their class.

Class 3 have been debating the hot topic of the summer holidays being shortened. As a potential solution to ‘catching pupils up’ following the pandemic., former education secretary, Gavin Williamson has previously outlined proposals to introduce a five-term year and shorten summer holidays. Class 3 were not happy about this idea and have been busy writing complaint letters to the government. We have sent some off to the Education Secretary to see what the response will be!

We have become cooks this term by creating our own healthy snacks. Here we are making a healthy yoghurt which we then compared to the highly sugary versions that are often sold in supermarkets.

We have begun this term’s History Module on the Romans and what they did for Britain. We have started our learning by trying to understand what type of people the Romans may have been. We were visited by Julius Caesar who gave us a rousing speech to his Roman citizens. Those citizens then wrote a speech in return to express their pride in their growing empire.

Class 3 have been enjoying their P.E. unit on Rounders this term. Now they’ve learnt the skills and rules of the game, they’re really starting to get competitive!

We've had a wonderful time this term having a go at some stone age art! We've used some of our chalk pastel skills to recreate some ancient cave art. We have also had a go at creating some of our own printing stencils using clay and then using them to print our creations. We have loved exploring these different approaches!

Today was World Maths Day! We celebrated by combining our art skills with Maths. We had a go at creating some tessellation patterns!

This week has been British science Week. We have enjoyed an array of wonderful experiences! On Monday we were visited by an engineer called Adrianna who works for Airbus. She came in to tell us all about what she does and what exciting creations they are exploring for the future for flight and air travel. We were very excited to hear about them! On Tuesday, we got to watch Professor Helen create some icecream using liquid nitrogen! We even got to try some afterwards! On Wednesday, we were joined by a team of STEM professionals who worked with us on a Minecraft project. What a treat! On Thursday, we were visited by Professor Vincent Smith who came to read us a story and tell us all about some influential female scientists. Finally, we finished our week by listening to some NASA astronauts talk about food in space. We used out current science topic knowledge, to create our own space farm for growing food on the moon! Throughout the week, we also took part in a school competition as to who could create the most successful catapult. We put our D.T. knowledge from last term into use and came up with some amazing creations! 

This term we are learning how to block print in our art lessons. This week, we have started to explore our printing tools. We then had a go at creating some prints using different textures that we could find. We had a lot of fun!

We have been enjoying WORD BOOK DAY! We came dressed as our favourite book characters and spent time showing some of our favourite books to our friends. We spent the afternoon exploring different genres of reading materials and talking about them with our classmates. These included news magazines, comics, poetry, factual books, picture books and more. We even made some books reviews to spread the word about some super reads that we have found!

We love using the chromebooks. We have been working on our coding skills by using the app, Scratch. We have been tinkering and debugging to make our sprites move and change. We can’t wait to create more mini animations!

Last week, our classmates took part in a Cathedral Schools Trust Year 3 Dodgeball tournament taking place at Trinity School sports centre. The adults reported back that they were really well behaved, competitive and also super supportive of their team mates. They were also great sports and really relished getting involved! Well done everyone! We will take part in similar tournaments again soon!

To complete this term’s D.T. unit, we have used everything we know about levers and pivots to create some prototypes for a child’s toy. We spent time creating a drawn design that we labelled to show which piece of our toy would be moving. We then made a ‘first’ version to check that our design would work. Each of our toys had levers that moved because they had at least one fixed and one loose pivot. We thought of some really creative ideas and worked well together to bring our ideas to life.

This term, we have been very busy in our PSHE lessons. We began our term by thinking about dreams and goals that we may have. We shared these with each other and thought about what we needed to do in order to make them ‘grow’. We have also spent time discussing the additional challenges that some people may face when trying to achieve their goals. With this in mind, we were later set a challenge. We were asked to work efficiently as a group to create a ‘dream’ garden for someone with a specific ‘challenge.’ We had to think about what their ‘barriers’ may be and how we could help them to overcome them. We all created some amazing garden designs and presented these enthusiastically to our class.


As part of our focus on our own ‘emotional’ health, we have also spent some of our time outside. During ‘Children’s Mental Health Week’ we blew some bubbles! We put some of our worries and also some of our dreams into these bubbles and let them float away. We really enjoyed being outside, being together and blowing some enormous bubbles! We challenged ourselves to help our bubbles float the furthest possible distance. Some of our more delicate bubbles were ‘protected’ so that they didn’t burst!


Finally, during ‘Earth Week’ we spent time planting some bulbs around the school as we know that, just like our own dreams and goals, these bulbs will grow into something amazing in the future. We can’t wait to see them blossom!

In D.T. this term, we are exploring mechanisms. We have looked at levers, fulcrums and pivots this week. We have used our new knowledge to build our own Roman catapults which we very much enjoyed testing out in order to evaluate their success!

In Maths this term, we are learning how to use formal written methods for multiplication and division. We have begun this focus by using our place value grids to explore how the formal method works. This ensures that we have a firm understanding of the process involved.

This term we have been studying how Van Gogh used line in his artwork. We then began to extend this study by looking at how different lines can be created using different painting techniques. We have used techniques such as ‘impasto,’ ‘tonking’ and ‘sgraffito’. Combining all of these new skills, we have created some mythical beasts using the poem ‘The Hippocrump’ as our inspiration.

Here are just some of the amazing ‘Ancient Egypt’ projects that were presented to the class this week! Wow!!

This term we have been learning about ‘Light and Dark’ in Science. As part of this unit, we have made shadow puppets to reinforce our understanding of opaque, translucent and transparent materials. We used this activity to also help us to learn the very complex ancient Egyptian creation story.

We have been working on creating our own pharaoh collars in D.T. this term. With help from some wonderful parents, we have brought our paper designs to life. They look amazing!

During today’s R.E. morning we were visited by ‘Bristol Schools Connection’ group and their volunteers to talk with us about the Nativity story and why it means so much to a Christian. We talked about the different things that a Christian might do around Christmas time and how these traditions link to the story of the birth of Jesus in the Bible. Class 3 were impeccably behaved throughout and the adults were very impressed by our carefully thought out responses and mature reflections.

Today, we have spent the afternoon taking part in the Cathedral Carol Concert. We have been working on nine songs over the last few weeks and today we got to sing them with many other schools and the cathedral’s choir of choristers. This was such a treat as the choir sounded beautiful. Everyone was brilliantly well behaved throughout and made all of the adults feel very by singing so wonderfully. For many, it was the first time they had been in such a lovely building and we even got to see the cathedral Christmas trees lit up for the first time! We left feeling very festive!

Last week, we spoke about spreading ‘light and positivity’ as part of Diwali. This week, linked to anti-bullying week,’ we’ve thought even more deeply about how we can spread positive behaviour throughout our school. We have been incredibly reflective and have shown just how kind we are!

We have spent today exploring Diwali! We started our day with some calming mandala pattern making and then learned more about the festival itself. Later we created puppet shows based on the story of Rama and Sita. We then made action cards to help us to think about how we can spread ‘light’ amongst our school community. Finally, we shared a session with Year 6 creating Rangoli patterns outside to decorate the school. We ended our day with some sweet Diwali treats!

We have been busy deepening our understanding around formal written methods of addition. We have ensured that we understand really deeply what addition means. We have explored addition using our giant place value charts as well as beginning to set it out using column addition.

This term, to complete our learning on rocks and soils, we invited Mrs.Delor in to see our collection of interesting rocks. We told her all about what we’d been learning about and demonstrated all of our new knowledge. She was very impressed!


We’ve created some beautiful artwork this term ready to display in the West Bristol Arts Trail exhibition. We created these mixed media pharaohs using oil pastels. They looked amazing!

On Tuesday, Class 3 visited Bristol Museum. They began their visit with a workshop run by the museum professionals. During this session, they examined some replica artefacts as well as a couple of genuine articles. They worked together to solve clues as to what these items were used for. After the workshop, the children spent time exploring the Ancient Egypt exhibit and all its treasures. To complete our museum visit, they took some time to look around the ‘Rocks and Fossils’ section to learn further about our Science topic. The children were really well behaved, inquisitive and a credit to the school. Thank you to all parents who could come and help on the day. We couldn’t do it without you!

We have created some wonderful artwork this term. We have been inspired by Ancient Egypt. We have created some clay scarab beetles which we will paint next week. We have also used watercolour pencils and watercolour paint to create some more scarabs beetles. They look amazing!

Today in our History lesson, we explored the question ‘Who were the most important Egyptians?’  We took time to learn about the different roles that people played in Ancient Egypt and where this placed them on the social pyramid. We even made our own social pyramids to help us to remember. We have decided that it wasn’t just the Pharaohs that were important but also the slaves. We have realised that the slaves in Egypt would have done all of the hard-work that ensured that the rest of Egypt was successful.

This term, we are spending half of our P.E. time focusing upon ‘Dance.’ We are listening to classical pieces during our Music lessons and then dancing to them. So far, we have listened to pieces from Holst, Britten, Mozart and Handel. We have listened carefully and thought about dynamics, tempo and how they make us feel. All of this has inspired our movements.

Class 3 have had a wonderful time watching some live theatre today! We were visited by the ‘Roustabout Theatre’ group who performed a musical play all about how we define ‘home.’ It explored thought provoking themes and encouraged the children to ask ‘where do I belong?’ and ‘where is my home?’. The children listened so intently and gave some superb, well thought out responses at the end. Well done everyone!

This term we are exploring the place value of 3-digit numbers to 1000. This is a big jump from KS1! We have worked on partitioning 3-digit numbers using our maths tools and place value grids. We have also made some GIANT number lines to help us to place 3-digit numbers correctly using the facts that we already know. Next, we will learn how to compare and order these numbers using our place value skills.

As part of our ‘Rocks and Soils’ Science unit, we have been learning how to classify rocks. We have looked carefully at their colour, texture and whether they contain crystals. Next, we tested their hardness and whether they were permeable or impermeable. We even tested how they reacted to acid. We then used our ‘rock identification’ tool to figure out which type for rock they were.

We’ve had lots of fun creating these wonderful cartoon self-portraits of ourselves using a tutorial from Rob Biddulph. We think they’re fantastic!

This week our intrepid Class 3 explorers had to journey inside an Egyptian tomb to find out what was inside! They had to be brave and crawl though the dark passageways using a torch to guide the way. Once they found the tomb, they had to memorise the treasures inside in only 10 seconds in order to avoid being struck down by the poisonous gases. It was all VERY exciting!

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