Term 6 -Week 6

Tuesday 7th July 

Hi Class 3, I hope that you are all doing well! Has anyone been doing anything particularly interesting recently? Perhaps you’ve found something really fun to do that you could suggest to others. Do let me know if you want to share some ideas.


Today’s Learning Activities -

Maths - Telling the time to 5-minute intervals on an analogue clock

English - Story: Reading Comprehension - Fact Retrieval (+Rainforest Story Task)

Topics - Handwriting (My shadow) + French (spelling)


Don’t forget that if you live nearby, there are piles of belongings and books to come and collect. You can do this Monday - Thursday 3.45pm - 4.15pm. If you email to let me know which day you are coming, then I can make sure your pile of belongings is in the school office ready for you.  This week’s winner of ‘Here’s Healey’ was Huxley! Well done!


Have a super day!

Mrs.Healey ;0)



Group 1: 10.00 - 10.15: Mustapha, Nell, Joshua, Tilda, Kacper, Alex, Samarth, Neva

Group 2: 10.20 - 10.35: Eve, Malika, Ryan, Anthony, Hayden, Jasper, Zack, Gryff

Group 3: 10.40 - 10.55: Tess, Paola, Lexi, Sennen, Polly, Nyla, Huxley, Elmore


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Zack(about a day ago)

Mrs Healy your head is where one of the Roman soldiers head's is supposed to be. :p

nell(about a day ago)

found you mrs healey your a head of one of the romans

Huxley Thomas Efergan(about a day ago)

Your face is on a Roman person.

Tess(less than a week ago)

Yes Polly I really miss school too.

Mrs.Healey(less than a week ago)

Tilda, have a lovely time at your Grandma's house! Birdie, of course you can win! It is whoever guesses correctly in the quickest time! Phoebe also won the prize a few weeks ago.

Polly(less than a week ago)

dose everyone miss school?

Birdie(less than a week ago)

Thanks for the things in the post Mrs Healey! I wasn't expecting to win any prizes because I'm a yr5!

Tilda(less than a week ago)

Were going to Grandma's today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wu-ho!

Tess(about a week ago)

You are hiding where it says “we can be the same we can be different, but we are always equal”! From Tess

Kacper(about a week ago)

I found Mrs Healey on picture between Nayla and Hayden :)

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Week 6, Term 6 -

For the rest of this term we are going to be using 'Oak Academy' for our Maths lessons. They include videos and activities to help with your learning. Each week I will set you a theme of lessons to work through on this website. 

This week's theme - 



Instructions - 

  • Scroll down the 'Oak Academy' link page to find the lessons on 'time'
  • Click on the lesson for the day as stated below these instructions
  • Click on 'start lesson' 
  • You DON'T need to take the quiz - simply scroll down, press decline, and then press 'next' 
  • Press the white arrow and watch the video

Week 6 - 

MONDAY - Develop an understanding of clocks

TUESDAY - Telling the time to 5-minute intervals on an analogue clock

WEDNESDAY - Tell the time to 1-minute intervals on an analogue clock (past the hour)

THURSDAY - Tell the time to 1-minute intervals on an analogue clock (to the hour)

FRIDAY - To use a duration to find a start and finish time

 Maths Week 1 Term 6
 Maths Week 2 Term 6
Showing 1-2 of 2

Remember that if you are finding the maths work a real challenge then you perhaps need to revisit previously learned skills to revise the basics. If you feel that you might need to do this, then it is completely okay to do so! We all need to go back through things that we haven't worked on in a while. One way to do this is to visit the 'Oak Academy Year 2 Maths' page. You can then return to Year 3 work when you feel confident enough to do so. 

Keep working on your times tables. You can use ‘Times Table Rock Stars’ If you want to. There is NO excuse for not learning your times tables whilst you are at home. Remember to keep learning the tables you have previously learned so that you don’t forget them. Learn them in this order: 10x, 2x, 5x, 3x, 4x, 8x (and then if you’ve completed the Year 3 tables, start learning the 6x, 7x, 9x, 11x, 12x tables).

Times Tables - 

Please make sure that you are working on your times tables. We are still aiming for everyone to know their 10x, 2x, 5x, 3x, 4x and 8x table before Year 3 is over. You can use Times Table Rock Stars to do this (I'm keeping an eye on who has logged in and used it). Alternatively, you can use paper methods, games like 'Hit the Button' or songs like those that we have listened to previously. I'm going to put a link to these below. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XzfQUXqiYY - Uptown Funk 3x table

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t03yW7Oxsoc - 3x table by Jack Hartman

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QU_E0u-tP4 - I'm still standing 4x table

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LT3t-uLB9qs - 4x table by Jack Hartman

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNFXWEXaCQw&t=152s - 8x table by Jack Hartman

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kN3RG5iLKpo - 8x table


Week 6, Term 6 -

For the rest of this term we are going to be using 'Oak Academy' for our English lessons. They include videos and activities to help with your learning. Each week I will set you a theme of lessons to work through on this website. I know that a lot of you are bursting to do some longer pieces of writing. Therefore, I may also set you an additional writing task that is optional

This week's theme - 



Instructions - 

    • Scroll down the 'Oak Academy' link page to find the lessons on 'Adventure Story'
    • Click on the lesson for the day as stated below these instructions
    • Click on 'start lesson' 
    • You DON'T need to take the quiz - simply scroll down, press decline, and then press 'next' 
    • Press the white arrow and watch the video

Week 6 - 

MONDAY - Story: Reading Comprehension - Predict and Inference (+Rainforest Story Task)

TUESDAY - Story: Reading Comprehension - Fact Retrieval (+Rainforest Story Task)

WEDNESDAY - Story: Identifying the Features of a Text (+Rainforest Story Task)

THURSDAY - Story: SPaG focus - Prepositions (+Rainforest Story Task)

FRIDAY - Story: Continue a story (+Rainforest Story Task)


**Optional Additional Task -

Amazon Rainforest Adventure Story:

This week I’d like you to write an adventure story linked to the rainforest. I want you to imagine that you have won a competition and your prize is a trip to the Amazon Rainforest. You have almost arrived but your plane crashes! Everyone survives but you find yourself lost in the middle of the rainforest. Your paragraph guide and an example of the story is included below.


This term I would like you to choose a poem of your choice to learn off by heart. This means that you memorise the poem so that you can recite it without having to read it. If you have chosen a long poem, then you only need to do the first 3 verses. If you want a BIG challenge, then you can perform the entire poem! Send me a video or an audio recording of you performing the poem. I will upload these onto the webpage for others to see. (If you are a little shy and don’t want it uploaded, then please let me know when you email it). Try to make sure that you read it slowly and carefully. Try to spot if the poem has a rhythm or rhyming pattern and use this to help you to read it clearly. Good luck!

A.A.Milne - Wind on the Hill (Read by Owen)

Ogden Nash - The Tale of Custard the Dragon (Read by Jess)

Robert Louis Stevenson - From a Railway Carriage (Read by Ella)

Scroll down below to find your foundation activities for this week (MONDAY - FRIDAY). Keep scrolling further to find useful links for all of our subjects. Remember, please complete work on scrap paper. Don’t feel that you need to print off the work. Powerpoints will need to be downloaded to use links embedded within them.



**Always download powerpoints to make sure the sound clips work



Give yourself a spelling test today. Ask someone in your household to test you and then work on the ones you get wrong. If you get a lot wrong then keep working on the same list for the next week. If you get most of them right, add another 5 words to your current list. Work on all of them so that you don’t forget the words you have learned previously.

Today's Task - Please continue with your Geography task from Monday. 



Click on the picture below to find out more...



Science - Useful links

Geography - Useful links

https://vimeo.com/31218794- rainforest sounds

https://vimeo.com/286344234- Sherwood Forest

R.E. - Useful Links

P.S.H.E. - 

https://www.staedtler.com/intl/en/mandala-creator/#- create your own Mandala

https://www.mombooks.com/dp-online-activity/mandala-colouring/- colour a Mandala online

http://www.supercoloring.com/coloring-pages/lotus-mandala-0- print and colour a Mandala


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gf6wrqT8sI- watch a Mandala being created (remember, mugs and bowls can be used to create circles)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgVPgE5VU7s- watch a child create their Mandala

MINUTE OF LISTENING - The Weekly Challenge

How do I take part in the challenge?

Instructions for creating a free account is on each worksheet. You will need to:

  • Visit www.minuteoflistening.org
  • Sign up for a FREE account
  • Find the Bristol collection
  • Listen to the sound as directed in the worksheet


Download Minute of Listening – Challenge 1

Download Minute of Listening – Challenge 2

Download Minute of Listening – Challenge 3

Download Minute of Listening – Challenge 4

These musical challenges have been written by Mr Croughan, Music Teacher at Ashley Down Schools Federation.  Thank you, Mr Croughan!


French - Visit the sites below and revisit the skills taught to you this year by Ms.Grafton. 



Language at Hotwells - https://www.hotwells.bristol.sch.uk/children/french-and-spanish-at-hotwells

P.E. - Joe Wicks Sessions


Our school has registered to take on the ‘Tokyo P.E. Challenge’. It’s a way of documenting our fitness activities and you can even win prizes each week by earning points! Go and visit the webpage to find out more. The link is below. More information can also be found in the Sports section of our website (found using the ‘Children’ tab above). You will need to enter our school postcode which is BS8 4ND.


Visit the P.E. page of our website. This can be found by clicking on the 'Children' tab at the top of this page and then scrolling down to 'Sports and enrichment'. On here there are activities led by Josh (who runs our lunchtime clubs) as well as links to other pages. You can even try ballroom dancing! Have a go at a physical exercise using one of the activities or links on this page. If you'd like something extra to do, you could even come up with your own short video of exercises like Joe Wicks. If you email it to me then I might put it on our webpage for others to try! 

 Just for fun - 

A useful site you might like to explore to keep yourself busy is the ‘BBC sounds home school History’ which has audio clips on the Ancient Egyptians, the Stone Age and the Romans. Use this link  https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/series/m000hmmf to explore!


https://www.jigsawexplorer.com - Jigsaws online

http://coloritbynumbers.com/online/easy/animals/octopus#coloring - Colour by number

https://www.mombooks.com/mom/online-activities/- Games and puzzles

https://www.mathsisfun.com/games/mazes.html - mazes

Alex has been doing lots of home learning. Take a look at the photos below to see what he has been doing! He has also carried out his own science project, played football (of course!) and he's done some cooking. What a busy lad he's been!

Check out Tess' powerpoint presentation on The Amazon Rainforest. You might learn some new facts! Making presentations like this one by Tess is a great way to learn about our topic. 

Listen and watch Nell's poem performance here - 

Listen to Tess' poem performance here - 

Here's Lexi and her big sister Trudi with their wonderful ocean creations! Lexi has made a 'coke bottle nosed dolphin' and Trudi has made a 'brush shark'. They are brilliant!

Take a look at Tilda's amazing ocean sculpture! She has created a 'Lion's Mane Jellyfish' which is the largest jellyfish in the world. She has used old wire, old trousers, empty plastic bottles, wrapping from old parcels, old plastic bags, old bubble wrap and willow to create this amazing sculpture! Wow!

Hang on…I recognise this pair of pesky pirates! It’s none other than Sennen and Indigo in their pirate ship! Their ship, the ‘Jungle Tiger’ has been made from recyclable materials including an old broom handle, a large cardboard box, some old fabric, spades for paddles and toilet rolls for their telescopes! They’ve also found some buried treasure in the form of some ‘Bristol diamonds’ - otherwise known as quartz. What an adventure they’re having! Well done girls!

Elmore has been working his socks off at home! He has been hard at work on his English tasks. He has also created this amazing ocean themed sculpture! Great work Elmore!!

This is Gryff’s Siphonophore for the ocean recycling project. Siphonophores are deep-sea predators made up of many small clones that act together as one and spread out like a single long string in the water. This is amazing Gryff! (PHOTOS AND VIDEO BELOW)

Look at this beautiful piece of artwork created by Neva. I love the vivid colours you've used Neva! Well done!

Eve has been busy! She's been doing lots of art at home. She's also been baking cakes and cookies!

Although we've finish our topic on Romans, Nyla wanted me to see her epic Roman shield as she didn't get to bring it into school. It's amazing Nyla!

Here's Tess' sculpture made from recycling. She's made a 'mama jellyfish with her babies'! Well done Tess!

Joshua has been using different ways to learn his fractions. Lego and pancakes have been his preferred methods! Well done Joshua!

Have a look at this amazing octopus made by Kacper using a recycled plastic bottle!

Check out Nell's 'ocean themed' artwork.

Neva and her sister Iris have created an amazing piece of artwork. Take a look at their photos to see a dragon emerging from an egg!

Tess has been busy in the kitchen. That creation looks delicious!

I love receiving emails showing what amazing home learning you have been doing! Here's another excellent example from Paola!

Another super giraffe here - well done girls!

Look at these amazing giraffes!! Just in time for Thursday's 'Clap for Carers'! Super job!

Here is a super example of home learning. Joshua decided to explore Roman engineering. Watch his ‘awesome’ video to find out more! (Make sure you watch until the end for the funny blooper reel!)

Lexi has been busy completing her geography work this week. We were really impressed with the excellent presentation of her work. Well done Lexi!

Here is a very fancy Roman lady (she may look familiar!) enjoying her own Roman banquet! She has even included the menu. Impressive!

Lots of you have been creating some wonderful artwork this week. Some of this is now being sent off to our elderly community members to cheer them up whilst they are at home. Below are just some of the examples created by Kacper, Nell and Jasper. Great job!

Here's some home learning carried out by our little scientist Gryff! He's been out looking at things using a microscope. Can you guess what the pictures are showing? You can leave some guesses in the comments sections or ask Gryff himself. They are fascinating!

Here's two more examples of super home learning! Well done girls!

Look at this impressive shield! It looks just like a real Roman shield and the soldier behind it looks pretty fearsome too! Amazing work!

Here's a cheerful face you might recognise showing off her home learning! Well done! Remember to email the class address with any home learning you want us to celebrate!

Welcome to Year 3 and to the start of Key Stage 2! On this page I will share helpful learning links, weekly spellings and termly curriculum overviews (see links above). I will also upload as many photos of our learning as possible. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions and don't forget to leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


- Mrs. Healey

Below is a site with lots of games to help you learn your times tables.
There are also a couple of games to play to help with number fact knowledge. Have fun!

This week the children celebrated World Book Day! We dressed up as our favourite book characters and discussed books we thought others might like to read. Throughout the day we read chapters from various books as well as short stories. The children wrote to their favourite authors, created their own books, drew their own book covers and made book marks!

This week we have continued our exploration of William Shakespeare's plays. We have focused upon the play 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' which has a 'play within a play.' During the story, a group of actors are performing a play called 'Pyramus and Thisbe' which is a story that was written in Roman times. We have had a go at breaking the story down and acting it out. We have drawn links between this story and that of 'Romeo and Juliet.' We then wrote our own story version to practise our Year 3 writing skills. Next week, we will turn our stories back into play scripts!

This week we have begun exploring our PSHE theme for this term: 'fair and unfair.' To begin we have looked at how this theme directly relates to our own experiences. We have looked at what 'fair' means and whether it can simply be defined as 'everyone being given equal choices.' We decided that it is quite a complex topic! We looked at lots of scenarios and tried to put them on a scale from 'very fair' to 'very unfair.' Many of them sat in the middle of the scale because there were lots of things to consider before a decision could be made. We then moved on to looking at how 'fair/unfair' can be applied on a global scale. We reminded ourselves as to what 'Fair Trade' is because it is currently 'Fair-trade Fortnight.'. We will continue to look at this next week. 

Class 3 have, once again, produced the most amazing homework projects! They were given the choice of researching any aspect of Stone Age history that they were particularly interested in. They chose to complete to projects in a variety of ways but all were presented brilliantly. Well done Class 3!

Today we were joined by Kate from ‘One Day Creative’ who came in to teach the children about ‘Online Safety’ as part of Internet Safety Week. We began by reminding ourselves of all the wonderful things we can do using the internet. Kate then reinforced the importance of being ‘kind online’ as well as being safe. We created drama and actions to remind ourselves of the following:


K – Be KindOnline

I – Inappropriate– when we see inappropriate things online it hurts our brains. We reminded ourselves to ‘Stay Away’ from these sites.

N – Neverovershare! We should never put our photos, name or address on the internet.

D – Don’thide away – if something happens online that worries you, then tell a trusted adult.

As part of D.T. this term, the children have been creating their own games. To link to our Science topic, their games had to include a 'magnetic' element. They came up with a variety of wonderful ideas and worked well, either independently or in pairs, to produce some super creations!

 Class 3 have begun the process of creating their backdrops for their animations. They are creating their productions by using computer app ‘Lego Animation’ which they have been taught to use this term. This will allow them to create ‘Stop Motion’ animations. Earlier in the term they created their own storyboards of one action sequence taken from our English text ‘Polar Explorers’ Club’. They will use these plans to map out their animations

This week we were very lucky to have the ‘Old Vic’ theatre group in to perform their version of ‘Macbeth’ by William Shakespeare. This was Class 3’s first taste of Shakespeare before beginning their in-depth study next term. They were an amazing audience and enjoyed interacting with the performers and asking questions at the end.

This term we have begun to learn about 'Hinduism' in R.E.. We started our topic by thinking of all of the questions that we want to answer throughout this focus. There were a LOT of questions!! We have many eager learners in Class 3 and every single person added their own questions to the list. As we learn more and more, we will tick off the questions that we have answered. This week we have been learning about the 'creation story' that sits at the heart of the Hindu belief system. We took some time to compare this story to the Christian creation story that we explored in the Autumn. Although they are very different, we were able to pick out a few similarities. 

This term, Mr.Rees has been teaching Class 3 how to play the Ukulele. The children have learned how to hold their ukulele, how to play the basic chords and how to strum correctly. They have also begun to play simple songs like 'Three Little Birds.' They are really enjoying this opportunity!

Today we began to use our artefact box that we have borrowed from the 'Weston Museum.' This will be used in our History Lessons to help us to learn more about the Stone Age era. The box contains replicas and real pieces that cover the Stone Age period and some that are taken from the Iron Age in order to help the children to compare the time periods. Class 3 have developed an amazing ability to decipher meaning through artefacts. They think incredibly deeply about who may have used an object and what it may be used for. They can think about the material that it is made from and the clues it can give us as to how people lived in the past. Today they took some time to compare two bowls - one from the Stone Age and another from the Iron Age. They thought about how it would have been made and what that tells us. They also had a look at different items of clothing, a wool comb, pieces of antler, arrow heads and a bag. 

As part of our learning this week we have learned about different types of lines. We have learned about horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines and thought of ways to remember them. We have also learned that parallel lines are pairs of lines that have an equal distance between them and as a result, they will never cross over each other. We then learned the proper name for lines that make a right angle. They are called perpendicular lines. We looked at real photos to try to spot the different types of lines, such as parallel lines on a train track. Class 3 even went outside to physically create the lines! During today’s Maths lesson, we have recapped the types of angle and that an angle is a measure of a turn. We then explored quarter turns, half turns, three-quarter turns and full turns. For each one we have worked on identifying how many right angles you pass through when making them. Next, working in pairs, we took on the role of ‘robot.’ Each robot was given a set of turns to make and they also had to shout out how many right angles they had made. We then swapped and our partners were the robots. We have used instructions that contain ‘clockwise’ and ‘anti-clockwise’ as well as saying right and left. We have also begun to use ‘directions’ from a compass in order to direct our partners to turn to face in a certain direction.

We have started our third term with some stone age artwork. We had a look at lots of examples of real cave paintings found around the world. We then copied them carefully to make our cave paintings look ‘real.’ We used chalk pastels to create a blended background and then some charcoal and chalk in earthy tones to draw our pictures.

To finish off our ‘Light’ topic in Science the children created their own shadow puppets of characters found in well-known fairy tales. They worked together to prepare and perform for the rest of the class. They now know a lot about how shadows are formed as well as how opaque and translucent materials can be useful. Their performances were wonderful! Hopefully we will have time to perform them to the Year 1 children later in the week.

We've been doing some measuring this week. We began by grouping lots of equipment into categories to establish what different ways we can measure. After that, we then found out what units of measurement could be used for each category of measurement. Next we revised how to measure length accurately. We asked the children the question 'how could we decide who was tallest in the class?' They knew that we would need to measure everyone to find out. We then measured each other and used this information to create frequency tables and bar charts. 

Due to the approaching election, Class 3 learned a little about how our political system works. We learned about elections and voting as well as MPs and political parties. They created their own political parties and then worked on what their objectives should be. Then each party elected an MP to present their ideas to the class. Following this, they voted on which political party was most popular. We then formed our own ‘mini-parliament.’ One child acted as the ‘speaker’ of the House of Commons. Half of the class were given a topic to discuss such as ‘should our school have a uniform?’ and ‘should we have a longer weekend but have longer school days as a result?’ Once they had decided what their view on each topic was, they presented it to the other half of the class. Then the opposition would argue against them. We then voted on each topic to see who won the argument. Our children were incredibly enthusiastic and could express their opinion articulately and with great maturity!


Class 3 had a lovely time when they visited the Redgrave Theatre on Thursday. They were lucky enough to watch a performance of 'The Snow Queen.' For a lot of the children this was the first time they had been to the theatre. It was lovely watching them experience a performance for the first time!

In our Computing session today we had some helpful Year 6 children come to assist us in using 'Scratch.' Using the Scratch application, you can program your own little characters and animate them using strings of 'code.' This is a creative and fun activity which demonstrated the excellent collaborative skills that our children have. 


Hope Chapel Christmas Experience


During today’s R.E. lesson we visited Hope Chapel to talk with them about the Nativity story and why it means so much to a Christian. Our discussion following the activity session involved us thinking about the different things that a Christian might do around Christmas time and how these traditions link to the story of the birth of Jesus in the Bible. Our children, once again, demonstrated their ability to be 'deep thinkers' as well as showing how respectful they can be with regard to faith. 

Prime Minister Homework


Class 3 have been voting for their next school council member to represent their class. When talking about the process of voting and electing MPs and Prime Ministers, the children asked if they could do something linked with this for their homework. Last week the children’s task was to write down some important changes that they would make if they became Prime Minister. We were incredibly impressed with their creativity and maturity. They fed back their thoughts and ideas with such intelligence and depth. What wonderful children we have in our school! Perhaps they should be put in charge! My favourite was ‘No children should have to attend school on Mondays.’ Definitely a wise suggestion! Here are some of their ideas…

Class 3 are being incredibly resilient during our P.E. lessons. We are learning the basic skills needed for 'Tag Rugby.' So far, we have learned how to hold the ball properly, how to pass the ball efficiently and how to catch the ball securely. This week we were beginning to use these skills to pass the ball whilst running. Despite the increasingly cold temperatures the children have remained focussed and determined. They are already improving and developing their accuracy. 

During today’s History lesson we were visited by Mona, one of our Year 1 ‘Mums.’ Mona is Egyptian and she came to share with us what ‘modern day’ Egypt is like. She showed us pictures of what ‘Cairo’ looks like and we discovered that it is now very ‘built-up’ and has a busy city landscape. We reminded ourselves about how important the flooding of the River Nile was to the ancient Egyptians. Mona told us that if it flooded like this now it would damage the city surrounding it. Therefore, they have now built a large dam to release some of the water when it becomes too deep. We heard about the similarities and differences in fashion, farming, practices to deal with death and religion between ancient and modern day Egypt. We then finished our session by listening to Egyptian music! A big thank you goes to Mona. This was such an interesting session and it really helped the children to understand how ancient Egypt has influenced modern Egypt!

This term we are learning all about 'Light' in Science. Today we were focusing upon the way that light travels in straight lines. We also thought about how 'reflection' happens. The children created their own human models of the way in which light travels and reflects to understand the concept better.

This week we went to the ‘Bristol Old Vic Theatre’ to watch author Vivien Swartz talk about how she uses illustration in her books. She also discussed how she creates the pictures and plots for her books. On Friday, Vivien then came to work with our class on creating our own book. We worked as a team so that our plot was linked together to ensure it included a ‘beginning – middle – end’ structure. We created an amazing story!

We love Maths in Class 3! Today we have begun to explore subtracting one number from another. We are beginning this exploration by using our base ten resources to 'exchange' across columns when we haven't got a big enough number to 'take away' from. Class 3 have demonstrated their superb team skills and willingness to support others when they aren't yet feeling confident. 

Next week is national 'Anti-Bullying Week'. We have already begun to focus on this theme in Class 3. Today we were joined by Sally from 'Change Starts With Us' to carry out a workshop on how to recognise what bullying looks like, what to do about it and also how a bullied person may feel. We then followed this workshop with a discussion in the classroom about using 'I' statements to tell someone when they are behaving in a way that we don't like. We have also talked about how someone may become a bully and how as a school we deal with 'bullying.' We will continue this discussion next week as it's an important issue. 

Today we made our way to Clifton Cathedral to watch a real live orchestra play! Not only were we treated to the beautiful surroundings of the cathedral itself, but we also got to watch all of the instruments play that we have studied as part of our music curriculum. Throughout this term, we have watched videos of live orchestras. We have explored how they are set out and what instruments are included in each section. We have also studied many classical composers and pieces of music to help us interpret the meaning behind it and the feelings that it evokes. Today we saw the real thing in action! The children heard musical exerts from ‘Romeo and Juliet’ as well as listening to the story. As always, the children behaved maturely and were able to discuss their responses to the music on their return to school.

Class 3 have been working hard for the past three weeks on their 'Ancient Egypt' projects. They were asked to carry out a 'depth study' on one aspect of Ancient Egyptian history that particularly interested them. This might have included Egyptian pyramids, writing, clothing, Pharaohs or Gods and Goddesses. They were allowed to complete it in any way that they wanted to. As a result they have created their projects using a wide variety of approaches including scrolls, pyramids that open up, models, lego creations, mini books, powerpoints and even cakes! We have been blown away by their dedication to their learning, their hard work and their enthusiasm for our history topic. Over the next two days we will be giving them the opportunity to present their project to the class. Well done Class 3! You are amazing!



Class 3 have enjoyed a yoga session today with Ms.Grafton. Yoga is great for stretching our muscles gently and making us more flexible. It's also a great way to unwind at the end of a busy day at school!

Class 3 have been very busy preparing their amazing artwork ready for the upcoming West Bristol Arts Trail. The exhibition will take place on Saturday 19th October and the school will be open to visitors!

Class 3 visited Bristol Museum today. We spent time exploring the ‘Rocks, Minerals and Fossils’ section. We then moved on to looking around the Ancient Egypt exhibit. We got to see many objects that we had learned about back in our classroom sessions. Later we took part in a ‘Handling Artefacts’ lesson. We got to look closer at some real and replica artefacts to try to establish what they were and how they may have been used. The children were brilliantly well behaved throughout the day and asked some super questions. Their enthusiasm for their learning is wonderful! Well done Class 3!

We have been doing some scientific drawings this week. We have been focusing upon Igneous rocks and we've produced some very accurate pictures. We were also looking at the crystals that these rocks contain. We thought about whether we could identify if they had been created above or beneath the ground using the size of their crystals to inform us.   

Today we had a visit from Joshua’s dad. He is a Geologist and he works for Bristol University. He brought in many rocks and minerals to show us. He also shared a wealth of information! We learned a lot! We learned all about the different layers that our Earth has. We now know that we live on the crust. We have also learned about the rock cycle. He showed us some bright yellow sulphur in its solid crystalline form.  He also showed us many of the Igneous rocks that we have been exploring. He told us that many of these volcanic rocks can be found throughout England. He showed us a few that were made from lots of crystals. They were called ‘Megacrysts’. We got to see the tooth of a ‘Megalodon’ which was like a shark but much bigger. They lived around 3.6 million years ago! We also saw a real meteorite which was very heavy! One of our favourite things that we saw was 'Mica' which is a mineral made up of 10,000 layers of crystal. Each layer can be peeled off!

When people passed our classroom on Monday afternoon, they may have mistakenly thought that we were taking a nap! We were actually laid on the floor, with our eyes closed, listening to a piece of classical music. The music was by the composer 'Gustav Holst.' We thought about the instruments we could hear, the dynamics in the music and the tempo. We explained how they made us feel about the music. The children said it gave them a nervous feeling inside. They also said that the music sounded like something 'dramatic' was about to happen. They were right! The music was created to reflect the feeling of people around the start of World War 1. 

Class 3 are working on their colour mixing skills this term. We have already produced some wonderful colour wheels by mixing the primary colours. We have also worked on blending different shades of the same colour from light to dark. This week we have been using this skill to create some seriously EYE catching artwork. We have produced our own versions of 'The Eye of Horus.' This is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power, and good health. 

We have completed our first ‘long write’ of the year. We took ourselves millions of years back into the past to an erupting volcano and a pebble being ‘shot’ out of it. We then took our pebble on a journey through the ages. This piece of writing was inspired by our book ‘Pebble in my Pocket.’ We have some incredibly talented writers who impressed us with their description. Many of the children also used information from our science lessons on rock formation in their creative writing. What web weaving spiders they are!

As part of our Music and P.E. sessions this term we are using classical music to inspire us. This week we have been learning about Benjamin Britten and his piece of music called 'Storm' which is part of an opera. We have listened carefully to the dynamics (volume), Tempo (speed) and instruments and used this to guide our movements as we dance. Back in the classroom we then watched the piece of music being played by an orchestra and identified the instruments that were used to create the dramatic part of the storm and the section that represented the storm clouds disappearing and the sun coming out. 

Class 3 have been working on their 'Place Value' knowledge today. They have played some games based on important skills to build their fluency when dealing with numbers. We are now working with numbers up to 1000. We have ordered, compared and partitioned numbers. We have followed clues to identify a particular number and we have also represented the same number in many different ways using a range of equipment. 

We have kicked off our 'Rocks and Soils' topic this week by searching for rocks around our school. We have looked carefully at how they have been used and realised that they had been used for a wide variety of things! We have discovered that they were different types of rock and often didn't look or feel the same as others. We started asking the question 'what different types of rocks are there?' and 'why had these types of rocks been used for different things?'...we will try to answer these questions this term.

Class 3 have made such a wonderful start to the school year! They have taken on a huge amount of new information and new routines but have done so with maturity and a smile! They particularly impressed us when taking part in a 'treasure hunt' where they had to search for clues and then solve them to find the next one. I am really looking forward to this year and I hope the children are too! 

 We'd really like to hear what you are enjoying about being in Year 3.

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