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Iris(about a day ago)

It's nice coming to school again!

Mrs.Healey(a couple of days ago)

What lovely comments Class 3! It's lovely to have you all back in school for our final term in Year 3. Let's make it the best term yet!

Bori(less than a week ago)

It is really good to be back in school.

Robbie(less than a week ago)


Isla k(less than a week ago)

It's so nice to be back at school!

Freddy Bond(less than a week ago)

I am so excited for the Roman battle and the Roman banquet.

Ben(less than a week ago)

Hello Mrs Healey

Noah m(less than a week ago)

I'm Loving school right now, I am very excited about the Romans!

Maha(less than a week ago)

I am so proud to be going into Year 4!

Iris(less than a month ago)

I loved doing the two long stories about the Amazon Rainforest, the poems and the art this term!

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click on the headings below to learn more about each one. There are more 'learning links' under the 'links' tab at the top of the page. 

I know that you are all book worms in Class 3 so I thought I'd add the link below. It is a wonderful website that has 'suggested' reads for each year group. A lot of us are already amazing readers so you may want to look at books suggested for Year 4 as well as Year 3. You may even want to take a look at the Year 5 list! Remember to tell me about any amazing books you come across so that I can try to add them to our class book shelf. (Book donations are ALWAYS welcome too!)

We have been learning how to add and subtract 3 digit numbers using the compact/column method. Here are some videos to help you to remember the strategy…

We have been learning how to multiply and divide using the short method. Here are some videos to help you to remember the strategy…

Today we turned ourselves into robots! We took it in turns to be the controller (giving instructions), the robot (following instructions) and the ‘operations manager’ who double checked the robot was working correctly. We learned that an angle was simply a turn between a set of lines. We learned all about different turns including ¼, ½, ¾ and full turns. We made these turns by turning clockwise or anticlockwise. We used our feet to make ‘right angles’ to ensure that our turns were accurate. We used this information to instruct our robots to travel to different destinations using different turns and steps. We kept a count of how many right angles they made in each turn.

We're not only singing the songs for our upcoming music event but we're also signing them! Ariella started to teach the class today how to use Makaton sign language to sign the chorus for 'One Call Away.' This is one of our favourite songs to sing!

Class 3 are taking part in a ‘Bristol Plays Music’ musical event at the end of June alongside lots of schools across Bristol. They have begun to learn the songs and one of the children has even learned some sign language! Singing can be really therapeutic and we’ve found that we feel happy and calm when we sing. On Tuesday, we took part in our first rehearsal via zoom. They met Naomi Wilkinson (CBeebies) who taught them some dance moves. They were VERY enthusiastic as you can see from the videos below!

Class 3 have been asking and answering some big questions this week in our PSHE lessons. We have discussed what the difference is between ‘what we want’ and ‘what we need.’ We’ve learned about the U.N. ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child’ and discussed why such a thing would be important for children around the world. We now know that many children live very different lives to us. As ever, Class 3 were really mature and very reflective during their discussion.

Class 3 have listened very carefully this week to learn how to count in fractions! They created a giant number line as a class team. They then learned how to count in tenths using ‘top heavy’ (improper) fractions. Next, they converted these into ‘mixed’ fractions. Finally, they learned about decimal points. They used this new knowledge to count in tenths using decimals.  They have impressed everyone with their listening skills, accuracy and above all, their enthusiasm for Maths! What superstars!

Class 3 have been reading ‘Explorer’ by Katherine Rundell. It is a book usually read by older children but at Hotwells, we like to challenge the children! They love to read! By reading a book for an older class, they can explore new vocabulary to use in their own writing. They are also able to improve their comprehension skills. They each have their own copy to read along with. Class 3 really liked the book because it had a group of children as its main characters. The characters become stranded in the rainforest after their plane crashes. It has inspired Class 3 to write some action stories of their own. They made themselves the main characters and they imagined what it might be like being ‘trapped’ in the rainforest. Here are just a few short extracts for you to enjoy…

Class 3 often get complimented by staff on their ability to play as a whole class team in a cooperative way at playtimes. They demonstrated these skills again this week when they took part in our ‘bubble’ sports day and worked brilliantly in their house teams together. They showed their competitive streak, had lots of fun and supported each other throughout the afternoon. What a team to be proud of they are!

Class 3 are very busy working in ‘research’ teams to deepen their knowledge of the Amazon Rainforest. With this information, they are creating factual reports using formal language, complex sentences and presentation techniques such as bullet points and subheadings. Using this research, they are then creating ‘Google Slide’ presentations by using their desktop publishing skills. They have been very busy indeed!

The children have been working closely with plants and flowers this week. First, they investigated some well-known plants to establish what they look like at different stages of their life. They also looked at what the plants look like below the soil as they grow. The class created some scientific diagrams to show their findings.

 Next, they continued to work on their sketching skills by drawing some flowers. In order to make them look 3D they added shading and texture. Their finished drawings were superb!

This week, as part of our Geography unit, we have been exploring the layers of a tropical rainforest. To help us to remember the layers we created a piece of collaborative art as a whole class. We also researched the wildlife that can be found in each layer to add to our art work. The finished piece is now up in our classroom and it looks amazing!

Last term the children spent time planning and designing their own healthy meal which included the right balance of all of the food groups. They then made these meals as part of their Easter holiday homework. This week they completed this unit of work by evaluating the process of ‘making’ their meal. Their meals looked delicious!

The children have begun to learn to sketch still life objects this week. We have used our classroom plants and flowers to draw. We have learned to give constructive feedback to each other in order to make improvements to our 'first attempt.'  

This week we have set up a science investigation into which requirement is most important to plants in order for them to grow healthy and strong. The children planted bean seeds and then placed them in different conditions with 'none, some or lots' of their requirement. We'll observe, measure and record the results over the next five weeks. 

Last term, we wrote persuasive letters to Sainsburys to talk to them about their use of 'single use' plastic. This week, we have received a response letter from them. Although the children were pleased to receive a reply, they weren't very impressed with the 'excuses' that the supermarket was giving for using too much plastic! They also noticed that they didn't reply on paper that could be recycled! Oh dear Sainsburys!

It's been anther busy week in Class 3! We have been working through all of our calculation operations this term to embed our understand. We want to ensure that all children are able to represent and recognise those operations in many different ways. Our class are amazing at Maths and never fail to impress us with their ability to demonstrate their abilities and problem solve. We've also been doing some interesting exploration in Science this week when investigating the lung capacity of some of our classmates. We have felt very proud of three of our scientists in particular because they won the 'lab coat' design competition that took place during Science Week! Well done team! Take a look at the photos below to see what we have been up to...

This week we have begun our 'Tag Rugby' unit in our P.E. lessons. We have focused upon holding the ball correctly and also passing and receiving the ball confidently. We then played some team games to further enhance our skills and had lots of fun in the process!

We have had a wonderful week celebrating everything ‘scientific’!! We have investigated, invented and explored. Most importantly, we have asked and answered some BIG questions! Here are just some of the activities that we have been involved with this week -

  • Class discussions around ‘Explorify - Big Questions’ using our scientific knowledge
  • Designing a science lab coat
  • We explored plastic pollution and took on the challenge of creating a ‘non-plastic’ spoon using cornflour
  • We had a go at designing our own ‘plastic removing’ invention to go into the ocean and then we explored real innovations being used for cleaning up our oceans
  • We had a video chat with an ‘analytical scientist’ who talked to us about making medicines
  • We took part in a ‘BEAM’ engineering session where we spoke with a helicopter engineer
  • We did some rocket science out in the playground
  • We explored food packaging and classified lots of food items
  • We investigated the sugar in our favourite drinks and recorded our findings
  • We studied real bones and real x-rays
  • We took part in a ‘whole school’ investigation into whether someone with long legs can jump further than someone with long legs. We wrote a detailed conclusion after exploring ‘muscles and movement’ further
  • We researched well known scientists throughout history who have changed the way we think
  • We created posters to show what innovations we would like to come up with to change our world for the better in the future

We are so lucky to have such enthusiastic learners in our class who think so deeply about the world that they live in. This week has been lots of fun!

Even though we were still in lockdown, Class 3 still celebrated 'World Book Day'!


Class 3 have completed their Term 2 D.T. project which was to research, design and make their own Egyptian style collars. They have begun to look at sewing skills and they all had a go at the very tricky task of sewing on ribbons to fasten their collars. Many of them also had a go at sewing on beads and extra decorations. I think they look amazing!

The children have been busy making their own shadow puppet theatres and puppets to apply their science knowledge of light and shadow. Today they put on performances of well known fairy tales!

The children blew us away with their amazing presentations of their homework projects this week. We had some incredibly informative powerpoints, animations, models, written projects, comics and even a gingerbread pyramid! They were superb and clearly showed the hard work and knowledge used to create them. Well done everyone!

This week the children took part in a Mad Science virtual lesson. We created a chemical reaction with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. Our ‘Co2 Blaster’ made quite a bang and the reactions from the children were brilliant!

We know that Christmas is usually a time for family and friends to gather together. However, we also know that this year that may be a little challenging. We've spent some time today creating some heartwarming Christmas cards ready to send out to our elderly neighbours living in our community to make sure they know that we are thinking of them. 

This week we have been getting into the Christmas spirit by preparing our Christmas decorations. Class 3 have been painting some eye-catching baubles ready to hang. They will be put up next week to make our school look festive!

This term Ms.Grafton has been teaching Class 3 basketball. They have been learning lots of skills like passing, dribbling and defending. This week the children have learned how to intercept the ball. 

Today we have investigated how light travels in straight lines. We have worked in groups to create a model to show how light travels in order to show images as a mirror reflection.

This week has been ‘Anti-Bullying Awareness’ week which is a nationwide campaign to draw attention to this important issue. This gives us the opportunity to remind ourselves about what bullying might ‘look like’. Different forms of bullying may be described as physical, verbal, cyber or social. We have been reminded that bullying is behaviour that is ‘repeated’, ‘deliberate’ and ‘hurtful’. We have taken part in discussions, heard stories, role-played and created artwork all relating to bullying. We have been taught to use ‘I’ statements and we've been reminded to always tell an adult if it was to happen to us or someone we know. We have thought carefully about how we can each take responsibility to ensure that bullying never becomes a problem in our school. We have created a classroom display so that we are always reminded about the part that we play.

This term we are learning how to use 'branching databases' in Computing. We began by understanding how to form closed questions that would give us only 'yes/no' answers. We then looked at how a group of objects could be categorised. This week we had a go at setting up our own branching database by creating questions to organise a set of animals. 

Class 3 have created these striking portraits of Egyptian pharaohs using chalk pastels.

Today we had a virtual meeting with Brian. He is a Geologist and he works for Bristol University. He had previously delivered a box containing many rocks and minerals to talk to us about during his presentation. He also shared a wealth of information! We learned a lot! We learned all about the different layers that our Earth has. We now know that we live on the crust. We have also learned about the rock cycle. He showed us some bright yellow sulphur in its solid crystalline form.  He also showed us many of the Igneous rocks that we have been exploring. He told us that many of these volcanic rocks can be found throughout England. He showed us a few that were made from lots of crystals. They were called ‘Megacrysts’. We got to see the tooth of a ‘Megalodon’ which was like a shark but much bigger. They lived around 3.6 million years ago!

Class 3 have raised £663.56 for the Children's charity CCAA who support children with childhood arthritis and for the children's hospital in Bristol! Well done Class 3! What a wonderful achievement!

To finish off our ‘Rocks, fossils and soils’ topic, we have created our own ‘Museum of Curiosities’. We have included all of our special rocks and fossils. We invited Mrs.Jones to our museum so that we could share with her all of the information that we have learned about rocks and fossils over the past term. She was very impressed!

Today Class 3 completed their skipping challenge in order to raise money for 'Arthritis Awareness.' Yesterday we had a presentation from Iris about what arthritis is and how it might affect children. We challenged Class 3 to complete 1000 skips in 20 minutes and get sponsored to do so. Two weeks ago, most of the children couldn't skip so we knew that this may end up being a BIG challenge! However, they've all worked hard on their skipping skills every day and today they supported each other superbly to complete the challenge. We felt VERY proud of them. The children ended up smashing their target of 1000! They completed 2930 skips!! Well done to them all! They will now collect their sponsorship money. The money collected will be split between the Children's hospital and the charity CCAA. 

We've been working with clay this week during our art lesson. We've made our own Egyptian scarab beetles. We've also created our own 'fossil' replicas. 

We have been reading the book ‘Pebble in my Pocket’ by Meredith Hooper and Chris Coady. The children have written their own tales about the journey of a pebble. Have a read of a few extracts taken from their wonderful stories.

Last week we drew some amazing Egyptian scarab beetles.  This week we have learned how to add colour using water colour pencils. The finished results are very impressive!

Today we have been working on our confidence with numbers to 1000. We have created giant number lines that have different intervals. They were split into increments of 10, 100, 20, 25 and 50. We worked on placing random 3-digit numbers onto these number lines. We even played games where we placed 3-digit numbers onto a blank number line to 1000!

We had a lovely time sitting in the sun reading this afternoon. The most peaceful time of our day is always when we are getting lost in a book. This week was our first visit to the Key Stage Two library. We will get to visit most weeks to choose a challenging book. We have a class of book worms which is lovely!

I popped in to watch some of Ms.Grafton's dance lesson today. I couldn't help but take some snaps of the wonderful shapes the children were making! They are currently using classical music taken from the BBC's 'Ten Pieces' series. We will be listening to these in our music lessons to learn more about them. 

Today we have been looking carefully at our rock collection. We have studied them to think about how to compare them. We have  observed that they were different in appearance, texture and colour. We have made scientific drawings and labelled them with words to describe the rocks based on the categories of difference. 

Part of our first week in Class 3 has been spent setting ourselves personal targets for the year. One of our School Values is 'Aspirations.' We have thought carefully about what we 'aspire'  to achieve by the time we leave next July. 

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