What a fun week we’ve had! In Maths, we looked at number lines to 10,000 and four digit numbers. In English, we learnt about simple, compound and complex sentences and how to punctuate speech. We studied sources to learn about what kind of person King Henry VIII was in History and discovered lots of surprising information! In music with Mrs Benson, the children studied the Baroque musical period and recorded their emotions when listening to Antonio Lotti’s Crucifixus. We made bulbs light up using only a battery and tin foil in Science! Then we predicted whether different circuits would work or not and why. In tennis, we practised our racket control and learnt how to draw a portrait in Art. 

Please practice your spellings for the test next Thursday and keep reading at home. Questions to help with comprehension: 

What has happened in the story so far? 
What will happen next?
What does this word mean?
Tell me about this character.
Why is the character ________? (E.g. angry, whispering) 


Have a great weekend! See you Monday, Miss Miller :) 

We have had a lovely first full week together! In Maths, we revised our place value knowledge and learnt how to round numbers. In English, we read our first funny Tudor Tales book by Terry Deary and revised contractions, possessive apostrophes and using commas in lists. We placed key events from the Tudor period on a timeline in History and discussed what we want to discover about King Henry VIII this term. In Science, we learnt about electrical hazards and designed safety posters. We painted our Tudor roses to finish the week and started portraits of King Henry VIII. Thank you for your hard work this week! Please see pictures below. 

Please remember to keep reading at home and practising your times tables on Times Table Rockstars. 

Please find Spelling lists for this term under the orange 'Termly Spelling Lists' link at the top of the page. If your child does not know their group please email the class email address (class4@hotwells.bristol.sch.uk) or I can tell them in class.

See you Monday! Miss Miller :) 

Hello everyone! Welcome back to school and to Class 4. I’m really excited to be teaching you all and looking forward to the year ahead.

We have had a lovely first two days getting to know each other, creating a time capsule, agreeing and signing our Class Charter, playing Maths games and making Tudor roses from clay to begin our History topic. Neva and Paola also received very exciting letters from David Walliams and J.K. Rowling! They wrote to the authors in Year 3. Please see the pictures from this week below.

I would love to hear what you've enjoyed so far or are looking forward to this year, please leave me a comment below! 

I look forward to seeing you on Monday. Miss Miller :) 


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Samarth(less than a week ago)

MISS MILLER. I love learning about Electricity.

Miss Miller(less than a week ago)

Hi Hayden, I've had a lovely weekend thank you. I hope you've had a great one in the sunshine too! :)

Hayden(less than a week ago)

Hello miss Miller I hope you have a nice weekend

Tilda(about a week ago)

Year 4 is the best!

Miss Miller(about a week ago)

I'm really pleased you're enjoying Maths Eve and history Gryff! Thank you for commenting :)

Eve(about a week ago)

Miss Miller, I am very much enjoying maths.

Gryff(about a week ago)

I like learning about the Tudors and the war of the Roses.

Mrs.Healey(about a week ago)

Hi Class 4! (I almost called you Class 3 by mistake!) Neva and Paola, I am so glad you finally got letters back from the authors! How exciting! It took them a long time to respond but I expect they have a lot of letters sent to them. Well done! ;0)

Miss Miller(less than a month ago)

I will miss you all too Zane! I'm sure you will have a great time in Year 5 :D

Zane(less than a month ago)

Bye, I'm gonna miss you Miss Miller!

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