Charterhouse Adventure Day! 


British Science Week! 

We have had a fantastic British Science Week celebrating all things STEM. We have been so impressed by the children’s knowledge, curiosity and problem solving. During the week, we have met a range of scientists from different professions and taken part in inspiring workshops. We met an engineer from Airbus to learn about the future of flight and Engineers Without Borders highlighted the importance of obtaining electricity from renewable sources. Physicist Professor Helen Heath taught us about states of matter and made ice cream from liquid nitrogen! Dr Vincent Smith from the University of Bristol shared the story of Joan Procter and told us about his work as part of the team which discovered the Higgs Boson. We learnt about digital engineering and were able to explore a newly developed ‘Bristol & Bath world’ in Minecraft - creating and building our own engineering solutions to the cities’ problems. Dr Liz Bagshaw shared the important research she is conducting in Antarctica and showed us her polar suit. The children’s impressive marshmallow throwing machines were put to the test with incredible results. It has been a wonderful, exciting week and we can’t wait to do it again next year!

Welcome back to term four, what a lovely first week we’ve had! We are beginning to choose positions for our end of term samba performance and it is sounding fantastic. We had a class of fabulous characters on Thursday for World Book Day and enjoyed sharing our favourite books. I was so impressed with the creative digestion projects made over half term and how confidently everyone delivered their work - amazing scientists! We learnt how to find locations in the world using lines of latitude and longitude and really enjoyed exploring tertiary colours in Art. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, let me know in the comments what you’re enjoying in Class 4 :) 


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Maha Aden(less than a month ago)

Hi guys! Thanks for putting the sport festival trip Ms miller , I thought it was so good because in the end we got autographs! Really appreciate it! Maha

Nell YR5(about a month ago)

Great drumming YR4 you must of practiced for ages :) I wish I was as good as u

SYLVAN RUSSELL STEEL(about a month ago)

I had tennis lessons for 4 hours and 55 minutes every day from Monday to Thursday.Happy Easter!Oh and I can't wait for the adventure day!

Maha(about a month ago)

Yes I agree.Also I can’t wait to go to chaterhouse!

Sylvan Russell Steel(about a month ago)

Today I planted some Viola,Tarragon and Salad Leaf seeds.

Maha(about a month ago)

I can’t wait for the drumming performance! I’m sure I’ll be amazing!

MAHA(about a month ago)

I loved doing the computing lesson it was the best . Wish it never stopped! Isla’s and everyone’s should have an awesome one ! I enjoyed every subject also

Sylvan(a couple of months ago)

Class 4 is the funnest year so far.

Frederick Joshua Lawrence Bond(a couple of months ago)

I love learning about the Anglo-Saxons, doing tag rugby for physical education and I also enjoy doing religious education

Frederick Joshua Lawrence Bond(a couple of months ago)

Hello Mrs Miller, I just wanted to point out that I really like British Science Week! Thank you so much for organizing it, Best wishes, Freddy

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Wow, you are all fantastic musicians Class 4! Your Samba is sounding excellent. 

Planting daffodils as part of Earth Week

We have had a great penultimate week of term 3! On Monday, Dentist Dr. Sanders taught us all about dental hygiene and how she became a dentist. We learnt how to brush our teeth correctly and the food and drinks which can harm our teeth. In Maths, we have learnt how to multiply three numbers together efficiently and explored factors. In Science, we explored how digestion works with a fun experiment! We investigated different climate zones in geography. In PSHE, the children worked brilliantly in teams, delegating roles in order to achieve a goal - the funniest potato person! The entries and stories that accompanied them were hilarious and we will be voting for the winner next week! In DT, the children put their structural knowledge to the test when designing a 3D structure, with excellent results. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Please leave a comment below telling me what you’ve enjoyed this term :)

Miss Miller 

We are having a brilliant time learning Samba!

In Art, we have been learning a range of different techniques. We began by exploring contour lines while drawing still life. We then created resists with wax crayons and selected interesting details in natural objects to draw using a view finder. After this, we learnt how to draw using the negative space. Check out the children's fantastic art work below! 


Wow, your Tudor projects were fantastic!

Our Tudor pouches

We had a fantastic first term! The children wrote excellent Tudor stories in English and created informative non-chronological reports about King Henry VIII. In Science, we explored what materials conduct electricity and created switches in circuits. We also learnt how to draw circuits and identify the symbols for the components. In History, we studied sources to learn about King Henry VIII and then investigated why he married six times. The children really improved their tennis skills over the term! For the Bristol Art Trail, the children created beautiful paintings and self-portraits. We also learnt how to introduce ourselves in French and the numbers up to 20. Thank you for your hard work and enthusiasm this term. 

Hello everyone! Welcome to our class webpage.

We have had a lovely first two weeks together. In Maths, we revised our knowledge of place value and number lines and learnt how to round numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. In English, we enjoyed reading our Tudor Tales stories by Terry Deary. We learnt how to place commas in lists, use apostrophes for singular possession, expanded noun phrases to enhance our description and contractions. We began our electricity topic in Science and explored electrical hazards in the home. We then had fun investigating how to make bulb light in a circuit! In History, we learnt how the Tudors came to power and placed key events from the Tudor period on a timeline. We created Tudor roses from clay and began portraits of King Henry VIII in Art. In PE, we started tennis and had our first swimming session. We can't wait for more time in the pool this week! 

Please find pictures of our learning below.  

Miss Miller :)

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