Have a look at our Oceans Art Week Exhibition. 

Our Longtown Gallery.

We will be adding to the gallery throughout term 5.

Our Viking Experience

STEM week was a great success. The children worked independently to create their own STEM projects which they then shared with Class 4. Take a look at the pictures of our STEM fair.

Have a look at some of the experiences we had on our Antarctica Day. 

Take a look at the exciting learning we are exploring in Class 5 this term.

Take a look at the different ideas for Home-learning this term.

Ms Barnham challenged the class to build the tallest free-standing tower they could with just cardboard and sellotape. The results were extremely impressive!

Take a look at our completed Marble Runs. We timed how long a marble took to travel down each of them. 

Homelearning Gallery

Here is a copy of the Spellings for Term 6.

Class 5 evaluated bread products, as part of our Design and Technology project.

Here are our finished bread rolls.

Class 5 painted botanical illustrations of flowers, as part of our Science topic.

This year, P.E. will be on a Friday morning. Please make sure you bring in your P.E. kit.

This weekend (6th - 8th July) the children can practise their animal interviews instead of doing their Maths Home Learning! 

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Lila(less than a month ago)

Thank you Ms.Barnham for being such an AMAZING teacher!I never want to leave year 5!:(:(

Daisy(a couple of months ago)

I loved class 5 camp more than I thought I would. Doing Oliver is really fun but I need to keep practicing for when we do the big production. I don’t want to leave year 5 because it is so fun and we do really fun things!

Lila(a couple of months ago)

I LOVED CAMP!!!!!!CAN'T WAIT FOR THE AWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lila(a couple of months ago)

when will we find out who won the awards at camp?:)::):):):)p.s i cant wait forv OLIVER¬!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daisy(a couple of months ago)

I had a really great time at camp.

Lila(less than a year ago)

Class Five is THE BEST I really love reading the London eye mystery and learning about mysteries!!!!!!!(I know you're only supposed to use one exclamation mark,but is was for effect)P.S did you see?I used parenthesis!Yay!P.P.S I only used one there!

Lila(less than a year ago)


Lila(less than a year ago)

i cant wait for camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):)

Daisy(less than a year ago)

I love learning about dragons!

lila(less than a year ago)

when is our class treat

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