Friday 27th March

Good Morning :) Hope you have all had a good week and are keeping up to date with the work. Well done Archie for doing the Joe Wicks exercises each morning. If you haven't tried it already, give it a go.

We usually do art on a Friday so make sure you do something creative. We were looking at creating movement in our paintings. Perhaps you could research artists that use different techniques to give the impression of movement and mimic their style.

In your pack you had paper and an envelope to write a letter. Make some time to do that today or send someone a message or even face time them. Be sure to send me photos of any home learning 

I'd love to see what you've been up to.

Thursday 26th March

Good Morning everyone. I had a lovely day yesterday. I read, drew, wrote, exercised and learnt. It's important to keep active so why not start your day with Joe Wicks

Let me know if you enjoyed his workout in the comments. 

Complete your math and English work as usual and then try Times tables Rock stars. Perhaps you could challenge a

family member to a game of Harry Potter times table (if they are not busy). 

Choose some spellings from the long list below to practice. 

If you have completed a project, remember to send a picture or a link to 

and start another project, or try the science work I posted yesterday. 

Have a lovely day and continue to comment, I enjoy reading them. 


Good Morning Class 5. A suggested way to tackle your Wednesday is to start the day with some exercise. Joe Wicks is doing a live PE session to kick start your day! 9- 9:30am . If you miss it, take a look at the sport enrichment section on the school website. 

Feeling energised, you can complete the math and English work. Make sure you have a break in between. Why don't you practice the song of the week? Don't forget to start a project from you pack. Perhaps you can make a Viking longboat.   


The last topic we discussed in science was developmental milestones in children. E.g when most children sit up, learn to walk, talk, hold conversations, think in deeper ways. Perhaps you could ask you parents when you completed your developmental milestones and present them in a line graph. Happy learning!!

Good morning class 5. I hope you had a productive Monday. What did you get up to? I baked, cleaned and exercised. Whether you have a lovely timetable like Birdie, or you are going with the flow of the day, make sure you challenge your brain with the work below. You can also have a look at our learning links. Also, remember to start a project from your pack. 

Song of the week

Good morning class 5. I hope you've all had a lovely and restful weekend. Comment to let me and your class know what you've been up to. Below is your math and English work for the day. Choose a page to complete - the questions get harder as they go on. Don't forget to send me your Vikings vs Dragon project. Have a great day. 

Here is a link for the work we did in English yesterday. If you were absent, watch the video, read the grammar bit and try the challenges, before completing the sheet. If you were present, enjoy the video again and maybe have a go at challenge 3.

It was lovely to see everyone's incredible costumes on world book day. The class enjoyed hunting for particular words, characters and scenarios during our book scavenger hunt.


Click the link to try some math games. 

Write a comment to tell me your favourite game. 

We had a lot of fun attempting to make a turbine. We decided to practice what we preach and not use disposable plastic spoons. We knew it was a bit of an experiment using metal spoons but we had a good laugh and enjoyed learning about renewable energy. 


A homework pack was handed out last week. In the pack there was an optional project, spellings which will be assessed each week and some math sheets. These sheets are for the term so don't panic. The can be completed at any rate you wish. The children can do one a week or a few at a time, it's up to you. They are just to exercise the brain at home. Thanks for your questions so far and don't hesitate to come to me with any other questions you have. 

Miss Alcantara :)

I really enjoyed getting to know my new class today and I'm positive that we are going to have a great year together.

Take a look at our overview to see all the fantastic learning we will be doing this year. 


Please feel free to sign our guestbook and leave a comment...


Please feel free to sign our guestbook and leave a comment...

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maysa(less than a day ago)

I have been doing Joe wicks when I have time after home work :)

maysa(less than a day ago)

Hi guys I miss you all it's so boring staying at home hope to see you all again :) =_=

maysa(less than a day ago)

hi guys thanks for the letter Indigo :)

Phoebe(a couple of days ago)

Hi everyone! I have been doing the Joe Wicks every day, it is a bit hard but fun too. I hope everyone is ok, I miss you all!!! I wish we could go back to school. :)

Eba(a couple of days ago)

What are we doing for art?In our garden we've collected some flint like stones to paint and then hide them in the garden but I have found a small smooth stone,which is like a lady bird,hence I'm painting a lady bird onto it ! :)

Tilly(a couple of days ago)

Hi Eba I am missing you too

Eba(a couple of days ago)


HONOUR THE ULTIMATE CAT LOVER(a couple of days ago)

yesterday i had to go for a 2 mile walk

Eba(a couple of days ago)

Hi Tilly, I've really miss you and cant wait to see you again! ;)

winnie(a couple of days ago)

I ride my bike every day

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