Click the link to try some math games. 

Write a comment to tell me your favourite game. 

We had a lot of fun attempting to make a turbine. We decided to practice what we preach and not use disposable plastic spoons. We knew it was a bit of an experiment using metal spoons but we had a good laugh and enjoyed learning about renewable energy. 


A homework pack was handed out last week. In the pack there was an optional project, spellings which will be assessed each week and some math sheets. These sheets are for the term so don't panic. The can be completed at any rate you wish. The children can do one a week or a few at a time, it's up to you. They are just to exercise the brain at home. Thanks for your questions so far and don't hesitate to come to me with any other questions you have. 

Miss Alcantara :)

I really enjoyed getting to know my new class today and I'm positive that we are going to have a great year together.

Take a look at our overview to see all the fantastic learning we will be doing this year. 


Please feel free to sign our guestbook and leave a comment...


Please feel free to sign our guestbook and leave a comment...

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-CAT AND WOLF LOVER HONOUR-(a couple of days ago)


Birdie Evans(about a week ago)

Thanks for the comment Ola!Could we have some more games on the website? We could write a class book about climate change and ask someone to publish it!

Ola the explorer(less than a month ago)

Hello Class 5, I hope everyone is having a great half term and also when we come back I bet we all can colour the Class 5 thing up on the wall. We can do this! Yes, we can. I think that the time's table game is great. :)

Sasha(less than a month ago)

When are we going to the hippodrome

Tilly(less than a month ago)

Miss.A is the best teacher ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tilly(less than a month ago)

I want to go on camp now!!!!!!!

Tilly(less than a month ago)

Thanks Ola I really liked the games!

Tilly(less than a month ago)

I love year 5! I think Birdie's idea is GREAT!

Ola the explorer(about a month ago)

Hi Miss A, what a wonderful game to do with our times tables and where did you get that game from. Birdie is right we all should go on the march to stop hurting the world and I think that class 5 are really good at everything. Bye, and what did you do on the weekend.

Ola(about a month ago)

.Hello Miss Alcantara, Can I just ask a question. What date was the school trip? Also, I have done my homework is about the powerpoint about windmills. I can not wait to show the class my homework.

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