Check out 'The Reader Teacher' website for some brilliant suggestions of books to read yourself - and many of these can already be found in our class and school library!  You can click on the image or click here to visit the website. Why not see how many of the Recommended 100 Reads for Year 6 you can finish by the end of your time in Class 6? (These can be found under the 'Reads' tab and by selecting the Year 6 page.)

Happy Reading!




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Ola(about a month ago)

Hello! It has been some days since we left. I will miss everyon at Hotwells. We will all have our yearbook to remember everyon by an have lots of memories. We will all have phones to call each other and to remember by.

Sasha(about a month ago)

I will miss u all ❤️❤️

Mr. Edwards(a couple of months ago)

Hi Nate! Of course we remember you - thanks for dropping by! I hope you're having a great time in Year 7 and are still working hard! :o)

Nate Barnes Y7(a couple of months ago)

Hello I'm Nate you might remember me I love the way you guys have settled into year 6 please enjoy it while it lasts. P.S It was my favourite year

Winnie(less than a year ago)

Hi! How are you all? Maybe in the future we can arrange a date for like a zoom. I miss you all!

Mr. Edwards(less than a year ago)

Ola, if you click on the link at the top of the page (where is says ‘Click here to visit our Home Learning Page’) it’ll take you the gallery and you can see the videos of the marble runs there.

Ola Haroun(less than a year ago)

Where are Ellis's and Gabe's marble runs video? I can't see them in the Class Webpage. Can you put them on Mr Edwards I miss you all so much. I hope we all soon get to see each other again and have a nice time with each other Lots of love

Maysa(less than a year ago)

When will we be sent work and will it be on Google classroom?

winnie(less than a year ago)

yeah we are enjoying our new schools even though we are full virtual

niamh and hatty(less than a year ago)

missing hotwells

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