Click on the video above to listen to a virtual choir perform 'You Will be Found' from the musical, Dear Evan Hansen. 
Get listening and get learning and we'll try working on it in school because you guys would do this brilliantly!

You can download the lyrics for the song by clicking here.


Monday, 6th July - Friday, 10th July 2020

Hello Class 6,

Welcome to your penultimate week of Primary School!

As with last week, if you are back in school, you will need to choose the relevant activities to complete: Group A will complete Monday and Tuesday's Maths lessons in school and should then do Wednesday, Thursday and Friday's activities at home.  Group B will do the same but will complete Thursday and Friday's lessons in school. This week is all about finding missing angles.

For English, please complete the five lessons on biographies on the Oak Academy over the course of the week. You can click on the link below to take you to the relevant page on the website.


Please complete the English unit on Writing a Biography on the Oak National Academy. Click on the links below to take you to the appropriate activity:

Lesson 1
Reading Focus

Lesson 2
Reading Focus

Lesson 3
Identifying the Features

Lesson 4
Cohesive Devices

Lesson 5
Write your own



For Maths, please complete the daily activity from the Home Learning folders below.  We are currently on Week 13. Remember, you can find the accompanying video on the White Rose Maths webpage which you should use.  Answers are also included in the resources below. Remember, BBC Bitesize link their daily Maths lesson with the White Rose activity.


 Other Learning:

As well as Maths,  BBC Bitesize also offer different subject areas.  You can access the BBC Bitesize website by clicking hereThe Oak National Academy also has some interesting looking lessons available on there, which include Science, History, Art and Music. You can access the Oak National Academy by clicking here.


 This Week's Topic:


Continuing our work on the Ancient Greeks, this week, we will be asking: How did the Ancient Greeks change the world? With that in mind, we would like you to use the BBC Bitesize page which explores some of the things that the Ancient Greeks were responsible for including Government and Sport. You can access the activity by clicking here.

We will also be asking What do we know about Ancient Greek culture? You can click here to visit the activity on Greek Theatre, Pottery, Architecture and Greek Festivals.

You can also complete previous week's work by using this BBC Bitesize page on the Ancient Greek Home Life. or build on the work we did on Athens and Sparta by learning about the Ancient Greeks at War.  You can access that by clicking here.


As part of your PSHE Home Learning , we'd like you to think about all of the work that is taking place across the country linked to Black Lives Matter.

Lesson 1: Black Lives Matter!  For this, we'd like you to use one of the lessons on the Oak National Academy which you can access by clicking here. This first lesson is around creating hope for the future – a future that is not based on the colour of someone's skin but the content of their character

Lesson 2: George Floyd: Our Catalyst for Change  There is also a follow us lesson which you can access by clicking here. In this lesson, you will be building on the wonderful work that has taken place on Black Lives Matter by using the ultimate tragedy of George Floyd’s death to drive change nationally.


You can keep the comments coming and don’t forget, if you want to share any work you can do this via our class email, and this gets sent to both of us.  We're looking forward to seeing lots of you this week!

  - Mr. Edwards and Ms. Attride

  • Your daily English activity is on Using Paragraphs in Fiction (Lesson 1) and this can be found in the English Home Learning folder below.  Each English activity will usually span two days - the first being Varied Fluency and the second being Application and Reasoning.




Please feel free to sign our guestbook and leave a comment...

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Kathleen Manson(about a week ago)

Sorry about Isobel missing today's Google Meet unfortunately I only found out about this now. She is looking forward to the next one and seeing her friends and teachers at school this week. Thanks, Kathleen

Daisy(less than a month ago)

I loved finishing Our Castle by the sea. It was a really good book with lots of twists.

Lila(less than a month ago)

I LOVE Daisy and William’s play and Iris and Neva’s dragon art! :)

Nate(less than a month ago)

The ending of the castle by the sea is really good it’s also a bit sad and unexpected

Nate(less than a month ago)

When can. We .Add. The. Next chapters of the castle by the sea it's getting really exciting

Imogen deHavilland(about a month ago)

when we go back to school will we be put in groups with our friends

imogen(about a month ago)

I just heard the song YOU WILL BE FOUND and i think it is a great song for the virtual choir!

Isaac vickery(about a month ago)

Also would we be able to do this in school when we come back as it would be much more fun to do it with my friends

Isaac vickery(about a month ago)

Hello Mr.Edwards - I was looking at the song choices and wondered if we could add The Lion King - Hakuna Matata please . It’s one of my favourite songs and it’s really fun to sing . Thanks isaac

imogen(about a month ago)

i dont really understand the virtual choir.What do you have to do?

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Check out the video below that Trudi made, inspired by Lucy Strange's novel, 'Our Castle by the Sea'. Great work, Trudi!

Below are some of the fantastic pieces of work we received, linked to our mini-topic on Bletchley Park - including Daisy (and William's) video, Lena and Eliska's interview with their Grandfather, John, and Gabe's Bletchley Park Quiz! Great work, Class 6!

Thank you to everybody who shared their World War II Evacuee letters (and Teacher diary entries)! We loved reading them and here are a selection below for you to enjoy reading too...

Isaac's Letter Home

Gwendolen's Diary Entry

Jemimah's Letter Home

Sara's Evacuee Letter

Our Giraffe Gallery:

Well done and thank you to everybody who made a Giraffe for last Thursday's Clap for the NHS! We loved receiving photos of your creations: they are all absolutely superb! Remember, if you still want to make a Giraffe to join the herd, you can! You can find the instructions here:

Class 6 have launched their new Science topic on 'Light' with a practical, hands-on session exploring how light works. As part of this unit, we will become Crime Lab investigators to solve a robbery, using science to eliminate key suspects each session.

During the first session, our budding scientists used light sources to explore how light works. We were also so impressed with the creativity and collaboration we saw during our launch lesson. Well done Year 6!

Class 6 had a real treat to start the new term today, when we were visited by writer, actor and director Toby Hulse who led a drama workshop with us, following the work we've been doing in History.

Building on the work we’ve been on World War II, and launching our work on what life was like for those involved in the war, the workshop used oral history clips about the Blitz in Bristol to investigate the question ‘What was the impact of the Blitz on Bristol?’.  During the sessions, we were involved in producing our own pieces of drama inspired by the audio recordings and we enjoyed performing them and receiving critiques from Toby in order to further improve our performances!

"I like it how everybody had a part to play in
each performance." - Nate

"The feedback we got from Toby really changed
the plays for the better." - Archie
 "I really liked how Toby got us to focus on a little bit
of the story rather than telling the whole thing." - Jemimah
"Toby gave us a lot of freedom and we were able to
tweak it or add to it as we wanted." - Eva
"We got to put a lot of details into one small scene." - Saffron "We also learnt that children enjoyed playing with and
trading shrapnel from fuelled bombs!" - Mohamed
"I really liked how Toby got us to focus on a little bit of the story rather than telling the whole thing." - Jemimah

As well as it being great fun, we saw some great drama in action!  It was also brilliant to see everybody so engaged with local history and keen to contribute! We also loved performing our pieces at the end of the day. Well done, Class 6!

To launch our new History topic on World War II, we have been learning about Winston Churchill and his involvement in Operation Dynamo during the Evacuation of British troops from the beaches of Dunkirk.  As well as looking at Churchill's inspirational speeches, we have also produced these brilliant portraits of our former Prime Minister - with fantastic end results!

We have also looked at the speeches that Winston Churchill gave the country during the war, including his famous speech 'We Will Fight Them on Beaches'.  Using our persuasive writing skills and taking inspiration from Churchill himself, we produced our own speeches to gain the support of Great Britain during the Evacuation of Dunkirk. We identified elements of persuasion used - such as the repetition of a key idea or phrase - and incorporated these into our own pieces of work.  You can read a selection of finished pieces below.

Linking our work in Geography and History topic on the Victorians, Class 6 were set the challenge of creating a Home Learning project linked to the British Empire.  We were so impressed with the range of creative pieces of work produced: these included lots of edible pieces which the class very much enjoyed sampling, collaborative film projects, models and some highly informative PowerPoint presentations! You can see some of our fantastic efforts in the gallery below!

As part of our topic exploring what life was like for children in Victorian Britain, we visited Tyntesfield for a Very Victorian Christmas Experience.  During the day, we learned about several Christmas traditions which originated during the Victorian era, including giving gifts and playing some rather bizarre parlour games.  We also explored the house, where we mixed festive spices in the kitchen, sang Carols around the Christmas tree and in the chapel, learned about the extravagant Christmas meals that wealthy Victorians would have eaten, learned about more Victorian traditions and even found time for a spot of dancing in preparation for the Christmas Ball!  We finished our visit by making our own Christmas Crackers.

Class 6, as always, were complimented on their brilliant behaviour and enthusiasm during the visit and impressed the adult guides with their excellent knowledge on the Victorians. Great work, Year 6!

Year 6 had a fantastic week's residential visit to PGL at Osmington Bay at the end of our first term! We had an action-packed week on the Weymouth coast, which included Jacob's Ladder, Zip Wire, Orienteering, Street Surfing, the Giant Swing, Dragon Boating, Raft Building, the Sensory Trail, Aeroball, a Beach Walk and a Hike!

Every single member of Class 6 was absolutely brilliant and it was great to see people embracing the great outdoors, whilst challenging themselves to go a little further outside of their comfort zone on the activities! Thank you all for making it such a great week; you were all absolute stars!

You can see some of the photographs  below or, to see more, you can visit our Year 6 Camp Gallery by clicking here. 



As part of our history topic on Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Class 6 visited the S.S. Great Britain this week to see one of Brunel's designs first hand. During the visit, we took part in a workshop learning about some of the passengers who sailed on board the ship, explored a range of historical sources (building on the work we've been doing in our History lessons) and found out some more about the many amazing achievements of Brunel himself. You can see some of the photos from our visit below...

We also made some time for a quick spot of dressing up! And what wonderful Victorian passengers we made...



As part of our first week in Year 6, we have been thinking about our aspirations for the year ahead.  'Aspirations' are hopes, aims or goals and are one of our School Values.  You can see what we hope to achieve during our time in Class 6 below...