French and Spanish at Hotwells


Years 3 and 4 FRENCH


This activity is a revision of Colours (notice how they spell it in French) and, for an extension task, adding the words 'light' and 'dark' to a colour (e.g. light pink). You will also learnabout which colours are masculine and feminine (male and female).

Underneath there are a few different worksheets for you to try. One of them helps you to pronounce the colours correctly and then gives you some anagrams to solve. The others are also colouring exercises.

French Colours - Activity 1

French Colours - Activity 2

French Colours - Activity 3


This activity is a revision of Weather terms.  For an extension, you can learn some new vocabulary to say some sentences about the weather.  Have you noticed that when the French talk about the weather they use three different ways to describe it? Some weather uses the verb Faire (Il fait…), other weather uses the verb Avoir (II y a …) and other weather such as rain has its own verb Pleuvoir (Il pleut).  Don’t worry about why they are different for now,  you just need to learn the correct way to say each type of weather.

Here are the activities to go with these videos:

French Weather Activity



Click on the videos below for a revision and extension of greetings in French.  There is also an extension video which helps you learn the pronunciation of the alphabet in French:

Here are the activities to go with these videos:

French Greetings

French Greetings Activities


Click on the videos below for a revision and extension of numbers in French with the Reggae Worms:


Years 5 and 6 Spanish


This activity is for colours and number revision (notice the different spelling in Spanish).  Click on the link below to take you to a Spanish website called Rockalingua. This link will show a short video song introducing you to colours and some small numbers.


Once you have listened to the video a couple of times, if you look on the right hand side of the page there is a pink gaming symbol. If you click on the word colors (in blue) it will give you access to three games to practice Spanish colours. They are called Drag and Match, Concept Race and Memory Game. Happy playing!

For an extension activity, you can try developing extra sentence vocabulary using colours and numbers. Within the same Rockalingua website, click on Colors (Short story) on the right hand side. You then need to click where it says download worksheet (under the image). This will bring up pictures and sentences to expose you to a short easy story using colours, numbers and some other objects such as animals. Happy practising!

There are no worksheets this week. Everything is accessible from the same website link.

The Weather

These activities are a revision of basic weather terms and correct pronunciation in Spanish.  For an extension, you can try adding very or much to weather terms e.g. it’s very hot. You can also learning the four seasons and practise basic sentences.  The first video is the weather terms, correct pronunciation and sentence practice.  The second video is a weather song (watch this one after you have learnt some vocabulary from the previous clip): 

Here are some accompanying activities for you to try:

Spanish Weather Activity

Spanish Weather Fortune Teller



The focus of these activities is revision of  how to greet people, with an extension of both formal and informal ways to greet people and ask how they are in Spanish. Notice the pronunciation of certain words  in this video. They aren’t pronouncing their s’s with a “th” sound as they would do in some regions of Spain.  We have learned both ways in class as we do have some Spanish speakers that speak using the normal “s” sound.

Here are some accompanying activities:

Spanish Greetings

Basic Spanish Phrases



Below are videos which cover the numbers from 1-20, followed by 1-50: