Latin Club

Hello Latin Club!

It feels like a long time since we sat together in Year 5's classroom using our Latin Club books.  Do you remember when we made coin rubbings and found our first Latin inscriptions?  Maybe you can find a coin in your house; see if you can remember the Latin wording - show a grown up too.


Here's this week's event in our Roman family's life.  Lepidina, the mother, receives a letter.  Can you work out what it says?  I'll give you some clues later in the week.

 Hello Everyone, 

Here is the translation of our Latin comic strip.  Did you manage to work it out? 

Did you notice anything about how the Romans used capital letters?  

The answer is that they didn't use capitals at the start of their sentences e.g. 'quis es?' They only used capitals letter for proper nouns - the names of people and places.

And finally, Vibrissa is the name of the family's cat.  

Hello Latin Club!  

I hope you are all well, happy and healthy at home and that you are staying curious, kind and active.  

Below is the Latin comic strip that we first looked at in our last Latin Club session at school.  See if you can translate the comic strip without looking at the vocabulary/words to help.  How much can you remember?!  

Have you noticed anything unusual about how the Romans used capital letters? See if you can work out what it is that is different to the way we use capital letters today. 

Can you work out the Latin name of the family's cat?  It means 'whiskers' in English!

I'll tell you the answers next week!

From Mrs. Delor

You can also download this activity as a PDF by clicking on the following link: Meet the Family


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Ola Haroun(about a year ago)

Hello Mrs. Delor. I found my Latin book on a shelf at home so I don't know what to do with the second one. May I use it as a spare book for online classes and subjects? Thank you :)

Birdie(about a year ago)

Did you know that ‘signature’ comes the word ‘signum’ meaning to show.

Birdie(about a year ago)

I just remembered that Aquila (as strong as an eagle) is the name of a magazine and a star constellation!

Maysa(about a year ago)

If we are doing Latin club will we need new members? Because the old year 6s left.

Maysa Aden(about a year ago)

Mrs Delor are we going to do Latin club because we are in school but if we are not that’s fine! :)

Birdie(about a year ago)

For my animal dictionary, I will also add some trees! I hope everyone is doing well!

Birdie(about a year ago)

Hi! I am working on an animal latin dictionary, so I will post a picture soon!

Mrs Delor(a couple of years ago)

Hello Maysa, Don't worry if you can't find a coin with a latin inscription. We can look at them again when we're all back together again.

Maysa(a couple of years ago)

What if you do not have a coin that is English or you can’t find one?

Lachlan(a couple of years ago)

I am currently at school but really like the Latin stuff. Could we possibly do a bit more?

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