Music for Choir:

'Make Your Own Kind of Music' for Key Stage 2

Partner Songs for Key Stage 1

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Myleene's Music Klass:

Click here to access Myleene's Music Klass.  Classically trained pianist, singer and Classic FM Radio presenter, Myleene Klass, is uploading free short music lessons onto her YouTube channel with the aim of getting young people enthusiastic about music!

If you fancy becoming a mini-Mozart and want to learn some basics about music, including how to read music and understanding rhythm, you can be taken to Myleene's online lessons by clicking here.

Sing Up:

Click here to access Sing Up.  This is a music resource we frequently use in school and Sing Up are offering a collection of free resources to keep children learning and singing outside of school. There are warm-ups and song banks as well as resources to learn Makaton/British Sign Language to accompany well-known songs!

We have also uploaded songs for you to continue to sing along to and learn, if you wish.  

You can download all songs and lyrics by clicking on the links below:

KS2: Walking on Sunshine (Music)                  KS2: Walking on Sunshine (Lyrics)      

KS1: Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (Music)                  KS2: Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (Lyrics)

KS1 & KS2: Ain't Gonna Let Nobody (Music)   KS1 & KS2: Ain't Gonna Let Nobody (Backing Track)   

KS1 & KS2: Ain'tGonna Let Nobody (Lyrics)       

KS1 & KS2: True Colours (Music)                      KS1 & KS2: True Colours (Lyrics)

KS1 & KS2: Count On Me (Music)   KS1 & KS2: Count On Me (Music Harmony)   KS1 &  KS2Count On Me (Lyrics)

KS1: One Moment, One People (Music)           KS1: One Moment, One People (Lyrics)

KS2: Something Inside (So Strong) (Music)    KS2: Something Inside (So Strong) (Lyrics)

KS1 & 2: One Call Away (Music)                      KS1 & 2: One Call Away (Lyrics)

KS1 & 2: Filton Fields (Music)                          KS1 & 2: Filton Fields (Lyrics)

KS2: Power in Me (Music)                               KS2: Power in Me (Lyrics)

KS1: Try Your Best (Music)                              KS1: Try Your Best (Lyrics)

KS2: There's a Power in the Music (Music)     KS2: There's a Power in the Music (Lyrics)

KS1: Five Portions a Day (Music)                    KS1: Five Portions a Day (Lyrics)

KS2: There's a Power in the Music (Music)     KS2: There's a Power in the Music (Lyrics)

KS1: My Fantasy Football Team (Music)        KS1: My Fantasy Football Team (Lyrics)

KS2: Touch The Sky (Music)                             KS2: Touch The Sky (Lyrics)

KS1: You Can Do It (Music)                              KS1: You Can Do It (Lyrics)

KS2: Something Just Like This (Music)            KS2: Something Just Like This (Lyrics)



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