Our House Teams

In 2016, we held a competition to rename our existing House Teams. 

Imi, who was then in Year 4, came up with the winning ideas of naming each team after a different tree.  Below are her ideas as to why we should choose these trees:  


Rowan House

These trees are 'protectors'. 
The Celts believed that Rowan trees could protect people.


Bay House

These trees are known to be a good influence. 
If you add one Bay leaf to a pot of stew, it makes whole thing taste good. 


Ginkgo House

The Ginkgo tree is known for its 'adaptability'. 
After Hiroshima, all of the plants and animals died except for the Ginkgo tree,which adapted to the terrible conditions giving everyone hope.


Yew House

These trees are known for 'standing strong'. 
Yew trees are some of the most ancient trees, living to over 1,000 years old!


These chosen trees all have qualities that we value at Hotwells.  Each year, we also choose a pair of House Captains for each House who demonstrate these qualities, among others, to lead each team. 

You may have noticed that we have also recently welcomed a new community noticeboard to our school playground.  This was created by a local chain-saw sculptor, Andy O'Neill, who made the surround from a redwood tree, from Ashton Court Estate, which was felled after storm damage.  If you look carefully, you will also be able to spot each of the four leaves from our House Trees surrounding it as a reminder of how the Rowan, Bay, Ginkgo and Yew tree can inspire us.