Watch the video below if you’re about to join our school!

hello everyone! it has been lovely to meet you all as you begin your journey at hotwells primary.

we hope you have enjoyed your first session at pre-school. we can't wait to see you again soon! 


Pre-School Session Times


Option A15 hours Free Pre-School Entitlement Term Time Only Option B: 15 hours Free Pre-School Entitlement plus
Wednesday afternoon childcare at £20, Term Time


 Monday 9.00am- 3:15pm

Tuesday 9.00am – 3:15pm

Wednesday 9.00am- 11:30am


Monday 9.00am- 3:15pm

Tuesday 9.00am – 3:15pm

Wednesday 9.00am- 3:15pm


We accept childcare vouchers for the Wednesday afternoon session. For more information please see a member of staff.

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum


The Early Years Foundation Stage is the curriculum covering children’s development form birth until the end of the Reception year. We support children to make their own play choices where practitioners join in with children’s play and observe their interests to extend learning. Children also take part in adult led activities to help develop specific skills, to provide new learning experiences and to inspire new interests. The EYFS is made up of seven areas of learning and development. These are all related to one another but divided into Prime and Specific Areas.


 Specific Areas: 
Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This area involves helping children to build their self-confidence and to develop a strong  sense of themselves. Children are supported to develop their social skills, to form positive relationships and respect for others. Children’s emotional well-being is nurtured by helping  them to understand and manage their own feelings and behaviour.

 Communication and Language

 This area develops children’s confidence and skills in listening, understanding,
speaking and communicating.

  Physical Development
This area involves providing opportunities for young children to be active and
interactive; developing their co-ordination, control, and movement. Children must also be helped to understand the importance of physical activity and to make healthy choices in relation to food

  Prime Areas:


This area focuses on learning the skills needed for reading and writing. Through a range of contexts children explore rhymes, songs, sounds, stories and mark-making opportunities. 


This area supports children to develop their understanding of numbers, calculating, shape, space and measures.

 Understanding the World

This area supports children to make sense of their physical world and their community. Children have opportunities to explore, observe and find out about people, places, technology and the environment.

 Expressive Arts and Design 

This area supports children in developing their creativity through exploring a range of materials and media to express themselves. Children are encouraged to explore and share their thinking, feelings and ideas in music, art, movement, role play and technology.   


Dressing and Clothing


We encourage children in Pre-School to develop their self-help skills. To support children’s independence with toileting, dressing and undressing they should wear clothes and shoes they can easily pull on and off. Clothes should also be comfortable and practical. It is essential to make sure your child has the correct clothes and footwear to play outside in all weathers.


Pre-School Checklist:

  • A set of spare clothes
  • Baby wipes
  • Nappies
  • Water bottle
  • Waterproof coat
  • Wellies (these can be left next to your child’s peg)
  • Sun hat and sun cream

 Please label your child’s clothing, wellies and water bottle.

Skills You Can Practice At Home

Fine Motor Skills (develop pencil control and use of scissors)  

Playdough - easy to make and lots of recipes online.

Threading - String and Penne Pasta makes for a great threading kit.

Self Help Skills  

Toileting Independently including washing and drying hands.

Dressing Independently - Clothes, Socks and Shoes.


Counting Objects.

Identifying Numerals.


Activity Worksheets to try at Home

 Cutting Skills Activity Sheets 1 - Animals.pdfDownload
 Cutting Skills Activity Sheets 2 - Shape Sizes.pdfDownload
 My Pencil Control Workbook 1.pdfDownload
 My Pencil Control Workbook 2.pdfDownload
 Pencil Control Activity Sheets 1.pdfDownload
 Pencil Control Activity Sheets 2.pdfDownload
 Pencil Control Activity Sheets 3 - Minibeasts.pdfDownload
 Pencil Control Activity Sheets 4 - Pirates.pdfDownload
 Pencil Control Activity Sheets 5 - On The Farm.pdfDownload
 Pencil Control Activity Sheets 6 - Safari.pdfDownload
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What have we been Learning About?

Jack & The Beanstalk Topic

The children built their own beanstalks using the large wooden bricks; planted their own bean stalks and used scissors to cut out their own leaves for our display board. 


We spent a week learning about Diwali. The children used clay to make Diva Lamps, used chalk to draw Rangoli patterns on the playground and used coloured rice to make Rangoli collages. They also enjoyed trying Indian food!