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We are Jellyfish!

Assembly to the Whole School, Term 6

Forest School, Term 5

If You Go Down to the Woods, Term 4

Hand Washing Workshop with Lucy and Katherine, Term 4

St Patrick's Day with Aoife and John, Term 4

Into the Woods, Term 3

Snow Fun with Mr Leach, Term 3

Shine, Star, Shine! Term 2

Forest School with Mr Rees, Term 2

Forest School with Jon, Term 1


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Archie Johnston(less than a year ago)

I enjoy learning letters at school, I like learning words beginning with L. I like playing with friends and listening in my carpet space.

Lucia schoemaecker (from last years year four)(about a year ago)

I remember year 4 I thought fractions and decimals were hard

Anders(about a year ago)

I have enjoyed learning to read Mr Rees.

angel(about a year ago)

When I was in your class Mr rees I was pleased about my work x