Welcome to Reception

Hello everyone.  It has been lovely to meet you all as you have started school and enjoyed your first few days at Hotwells Primary. 

We hope you have had a lovely time getting to know your classroom and meeting your teachers. 

We can't wait to see you again soon!


Watch the video below if you’re about to join our school!

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Here are some links to some websites with activities for your child to do. Some are online games, others have activities which you can download. We always recommend you supervise your child while they are online. 

https://usborne.com/play-and-learn-at-home/  Please note that the 'quick links' on this site often take you to 'You tube'. Please be aware that as soon as you have finished watching the clip you intended another will automatically start and it may not be age appropriate. 


https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/ This website has lots of extra reading books that your child can read. 

https://www.booktrust.org.uk/books-and-reading/have-some-fun/ - Lots of book related activities, including some read along books. Please not the links on this website may take you to 'Youtube'.

Good Morning Everyone! This week all of the maths activities are based on the story 'The Dinosaur that pooped a planet'. There is a summer themed activity booklet to help you develop your phonic skills. There is also a reading challenge, Can you read some polysyllabic words and match to the correct picture? or if you love drawing and like a challenge you can read some captions and draw a matching picture. There are lots for you to choose from. 

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Monday 29th June- Good Morning! This week all of the maths activities are based on the story 'Oliver's Vegetables'. I know lots of you have been growing your own Vegetables. Have you harvested any yet? We ate our first peas yesterday. There is a reading comprehension activity for you to do. Can you write a sentence or two about the seaside pictures? There is a summer scavenger hunt for you to do as well as sequencing the life cycle of a strawberry plant. 

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Monday 22nd June - Good Morning Everyone! I hope you are keeping safe and well. This week all of the maths activities are based on the story 'Zog' by Julia Donaldson. I have uploaded some I spy and read activities to help with your reading. There are also two booklets one about the sound 'th' and another about the sound 'ee'. You may wish to choose one or both of these activities. 


Challenge task- Can you design and make something that flies? I would love to see a photograph of your design. 

 I Spy and Read Activity - Phase 4 Set 1.pdfDownload
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Monday 15th June - Good Morning, I hope you've had a good week despite the weather. This week the maths activities are based around the story 'Princess Mirrorbelle and the Dragon Pox'. You can find all of the maths learning in the file above. 

In the file below are the English learning activities. This week there is a spelling task based around words that rhyme, a read and colour activity and an information writing task. For the 'Under the Sea' description writing activity please choose one of the sea creatures to write about. Obviously you can choose another animal if you'd prefer. Don't forget Ruth Miskin does a daily phonics session on her 'YouTube' channel. Every day she will focus on a different sound. Please remember to supervise your child while they are using 'YouTube'. 


Can you create a 'shoebox Under the sea' Scene? Here is a link to a lonely planet version. Don't forget to send me a photo of your project.



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Monday 8th June - Good Morning! From this week onwards I will upload all of the home learning activities for the week on a Monday. You can find all of the maths learning in the files above. This week the activities are all based around the story 'The Princess and the Wizard' by Julia Donaldson. Don't worry if you don't have the story you can do the activities without it.

Below there is a pencil control booklet to complete, You will need to use your reading skills to match the caption to the picture and some more pictures for you to label to develop your spelling.

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Friday 5th June - Good Morning! Here is todays Maths. 

Here is a challenge for you. Hidden in the pictures are all of the letters you need to make one of the 'tricky' words from the list. Can you find all of them?

Thursday 4th June - Good Morning! Today for you maths learning you are going to identify whether a number is odd or even, 

Can you fill in the labels on these pictures? Don't forget to check your spellings to make sure you have written all of the sounds. 

Don't forget to join in with the Read Write Inc phonics sessions on 'You Tube'. There is a different sound everyday, Parents please supervise your child while they are watching. 

Can you keep fit? Can you make an obstacle course Inside or outside with different parts to jump, throw, crawl, hop? Can a grown-up time you doing it? 
Can you try a new Healthy activity? Can you try a new Activity online such as Cosmic Kids Yoga or Dance with Oti?

Wednesday 3rd June - Hello Everyone! Today for your maths learning you are going to identify and solve some problems. 

I would like you to continue to practise your phonic sounds using Read Write Inc on 'YouTube'. They visit a new sound every day. Don't forget to read and look at books. Here is a link to the Read Write Inc phonics session on 'YouTube'. Please supervise your child while they are watching the phonics sessions. Because it's on 'YouTube' please be aware that a new video clip will start as soon as one finishes and it may not be age appropriate. 

There are three different sessions that you can take part in. We have looked at set 1 and set 2 sounds so both of these are appropriate to use as is the spelling sessions.



Here is an activity to keep you busy and active. Can you make and play hopscotch? Can you use some chalks outside or some big paper and pens inside to draw a hopscotch? Can you draw the numbers yourself? Can you jump and hop up and down. Can you try missing out different numbers? 

Tuesday 2nd June - Good Morning! Today for your maths learning you are going to tell some 'first, then and now' stories.

Here is a link to a Read Write Inc phonics session on 'YouTube'. Please supervise your child while they are watching the phonics sessions. Because it's on 'YouTube' please be aware that a new video clip will start as soon as one finishes and it may not be age appropriate. 

There are three different sessions that you can take part in. We have looked at set 1 and set 2 sounds so both of these are appropriate to use as is the spelling sessions.


Monday 1st June - Good Morning Everyone. I hope you have had an enjoyable week. Today is the first day of Term 6. Our maths activities this week are based on the Julia Donaldson story 'The Snail and the Whale'. Today can you make spirals?

Which books have you been reading and enjoying? Can you draw a picture of your favourite and write a sentence or two to tell me why you like it? 


We have been learning 'tricky' words. Here are all of the tricky words we have been learning in set 2 and set 3. Here are the booklets for set 2 and set 3 if you haven't had chance to do them yet.

Perhaps you can try to spot the 'tricky' in a story book at home. Which one did you spot the most? I'm going to guess 'the'. 

Friday 22nd May - Hello! Today is the last day of term 5. I have found a lovely booklet of 'hands on' activities that you can dip into over the holiday if you wish to. I have uploaded a handwriting booklet. It has lots of pages so if you'd like to use it I would suggest you work through it over lots of days. There is also the last of the 'Superworm' themed maths learning for this week. 

Thursday 21st May - Good Morning. I hope you were able to enjoy the sunshine yesterday. Did you enjoy Mrs Tuckfield's story? Today we have some more activities for you to do about 'Superworm'. 

Have you played any games with your family? Here is a game called 'Snakes and Ladders' for you to play. All you will need is a dice. 

It's very easy to get some letters in a muddle. Lots of people get 'b' and 'd' mixed up. In this activity can you cut out and sort the letters?

Wednesday 20th May - Good Morning! I hope you are managing to keep busy learning, playing and being active. There are lots of things for you to choose to do including listening to a story read by Mrs Tuckfield.

You'll need to get moving to do today's maths activities. 

We have been learning the fourth set of 'red' words. If you can recognise these words you will be a super speedy reader. Don't forget to keep reading and looking at books with your family at home. 

The Elves in the story 'The Elves and the shoemaker' were very kind and helped the Shoemaker. Can you build them a house? How big will it be? What will they need inside?

Tuesday 19th May- Hello, I hope everyone is staying safe and well. We have more worm themed activities to do today. Can you count forwards and backwards from different numbers?

If you prefer to do activity sheets you can complete the patterns. You will need a pair of scissors and some glue or you could draw pictures instead. 

This activity is a matching activity. We started to look at capital letters at school. Here is an activity where you can learn to recognise more of them. Grown -ups your child may need help with this task. 

Today, your challenge is to make a set of puppets for the story 'The Elves and the Shoemaker'. Can you use them to retell the story?

Monday 18th May - Good Morning - Welcome to a new week. I hope you had a lovely weekend! This week all of the White Rose Maths activities are based around the story 'Superworm'. Today you can make symmetrical pictures

Today the activities are based on the story 'The Elves and the Shoemaker' Here is a link to an ebook version of the story if you don't have a copy at home.



Can you write a thank you letter to the Elves from the Shoemaker? Think about what the shoemaker needs to thank them for.


Your challenge: The shoemaker used leather to make his shoes. Do you know any other types of fabric? If you look at different clothes, the labels tell you the fabric they are made from. What other materials can you find around your home? can you find something made from metal, plastic or wood?


Here is a counting activity sheet for those of you that like them.

Friday 15th May - Good Morning! It's Friday so here are the last activities of the week. Has anyone made a vehicle for a Superhero? Our maths today is all about describing the position of the spider.

Can you find the hidden 'red' words in this picture? If you have a magnifying glass it will help you. 

Here is a handwriting activity. 

Thursday 14th May - Hello! How is everyone? We have a 'Superhero' theme for our activities today. 

Maths- Can you sort the spider according to the number of legs they have?

Can you work out who is the heaviest Superhero?

Can you create a Superhero identity for yourself? You will need a Superhero name, a costume as well as special powers. Don't forget to write down your ideas.

My son Sam would like to challenge you to make a vehicle for a Superhero using whatever you have a home such as Lego, Duplo, Mega blocks, paper or boxes. Don't forget to include special features on your vehicle. We'd love to see your models!

Wednesday 13th May - Good morning! I hope you are enjoying the home learning activities.

Today you can play a variation of a game called 'beetle drive'.  

Can you have go on a red word scavenger hunt? here are the fourth set of red words for you to learn to read and spell. Perhaps you could cut them out and ask a grown up to hide them around your house for you to find. There is a checklist for you so that you can check that you have found them all. If you don't have a printer at home you could copy the words onto paper so that you can still play.

Here is an activity that some of you might like. It's a homemade Dinosaur garden. Some of you might prefer to make a garden for a fairy or a unicorn or some mini-beasts.


Tuesday 12th May - Hello Everyone! How did you get on with the activities yesterday? Did you make a spider's web? 

Today you have lots of activities to choose from. You can check the maths stories told by 'The Very Busy Spider' to make sure they are correct. Or you could make a dinosaur picture by cutting out the shapes and arranging them. There are lots of different dinosaurs to choose from. In Reception it's helpful to learn how to write numbers correctly. You can have retrace the numbers on the dinosaurs. Lastly you can join up the dots on the dinosaur to decorate him.

Monday 11th May - Good Morning everyone. I hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend. 

Today I have a mixture of activities for you. The White Rose maths activities are all based around the story 'The Very Busy Spider' by Eric Carle. Today the activities are all about spiders webs. 

Here is a Dinosaur maths booklet for those of you that like maths sheets. All of these activities are about adding, subtracting and putting numbers in order.

Today can you label the different parts of these dinosaurs? You can either write the labels yourself using the words at the bottom of the page or you can cut out the words and glue them in the correct place.

Thursday 7th May - Hello everyone. I hope you've been able to enjoy the lovely weather. Tomorrow is a bank holiday. I will be back on Monday with lots more home learning activities.

There are lots of activities to choose from today. Can you set up a picnic for your maths challenge? 

Or you can help the Queen bee to share out the bees on the flowers. Adults- I suggest your child uses something as counters. This could be a group of toys, peas balls of playdough. 

Here you can practise your pencil control by joining the dots and dashes. Don't forget to 'nip, flip and grip' your pencil so you're holding it comfortably.

This is a sorting activity. You will need a pair of scissors to cut out the bugs and a glue stick to attach them to the correct leaf. 

This is another science activity. Can you draw a line to match the mini beast to the place where they live? There are three sheets to choose from. 

Lots of you have been enjoying your outside spaces. If you haven't already you could build a bug hotel. Here are some instructions to help you. 

Wednesday 6th May - Hello! I hope you are all keeping safe and well. I'm sure you are keeping busy. Here are some activities that you can do at home. Choose as many or as few as you would like. Don't forget to keep reading. Oxford Owls website has lots of phonic books for you to read, there is a link at the top of the page.

Your maths learning today involves exploring your fruit bowl. 

Here is an activity booklet all about 3D shapes.

Can you follow these instructions to make a duck?

Tuesday 5th May - Good Morning! How many red words did you find in the picture yesterday? Here is your maths for today. 

What can you see from your window? can you draw me a picture? Don't forget to include the wildlife you can see? Maybe you can see plants growing, trees, birds. Can you label your picture?

I'm enjoying watching the birds visiting my garden. Can you spot any birds from your window? Here is a bird spotter guide to help you. I can spot eight of these birds in my garden. Let me know how many you can see!

Monday 4th May - Hello, I hope everyone is keeping safe and well. Today you have lots of activities to choose from. This week our 'White Rose' maths is all based around the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. Today the activities focus on circles. 

Can you learn this rhyme? It will help you to remember the different stages of the life cycle of a butterfly.

Look carefully at this picture. Can you write a list of all of the 'red' words that you can find hidden in the picture?

Friday 1st May - Good morning - It's May already. 

Today our White Rose maths has lots of activities that you can do. Firstly you need to check the treasure chest to make sure that the treasure has been correctly counted. There are also some sea shanties to sing. You might even want to make yourself a pirates outfit. 



Can you make and decorate a treasure box for all of your treasures? What will you put in it? perhaps you could ask your grown up if you could take a photo of it and ask them to send it to me. 


Thursday 30th April - hello everyone. Thank you for all of the emails you have been sending. I've really enjoyed finding out what you have been doing at home. 

Today your challenge is to design and make a pirate ship that can carry five pieces of treasure. Can you design a flag to put on your ship? Here are the instructions. Don't forget to send me a photograph of your boat.


You might want to spot the 2D shapes on the pirate ship.

You have been doing really well with learning your red (tricky) words. Here is some activities to help you practise reading and spelling the second set. 

Here are some colouring sheets for those who like colouring.

Look at this great work! Well done Sarah! That's a fantastic telescope and a brilliant origami butterfly.  I like the way you have decorated them. Roan has written some lovely sentences. Fantastic work Roan you thought of some great things to do!

Wednesday 29th April - Good morning! If you haven't already please could you send me an email to the class email address just to let me know how you are. 

Today you can do a treasure hunt with your family. You could even make a treasure map and make it look old with a tea bag. Here are the instructions: 


If you prefer you can order numerals 11 to 20 by cutting them out and arranging them in order.

To help with your handwriting there is a pencil control activity booklet. You might want to do this all in one go or do the activities over several days. Don't forget to keep reading and sharing books. If you have read your school reading books you can find some ebooks on the oxford owls website. There is a link at the top of the page.

I know lots of you like science and lots of you like making so I thought you might like to carry out this science experiment, Don't forget to let me know which material makes the best sail for a boat.

It's great to see another smiley face. You have made a fantastic pirate hat! Has anyone else made something they would like to show to their friends? 

Tuesday 28th April- Hello!

Grown ups you may have noticed that I have added some links to websites that you may wish to look at for some additional activities to do with your child. There is also a link at the bottom of the page to the 'cbeebies' site.


Today on 'White Rose' maths you can explore which objects will float or sink. 


If you prefer you can choose to add treasure to the pirates' chest. 

Keep practising your red/ tricky words with this activities. 

Can you make one of these using a cardboard tube? You could make any character you like! You can even make a whole set of characters. 

Monday 27th April - Good Morning, Have you had a good weekend? This week lots of activities will be about pirates. Here is the link to the WhiteRose maths activity today. Can you make a telescope with a repeating pattern on it? Perhaps you can play sleeping pirates with your family?


If you prefer here is a booklet full of pirate themed maths activities. The activities on page 7, 8 and 9 are challenging. We need to be able to count in 10's but haven't learnt to do this yet at school. Please feel free to help your child with these pages. 

Can you follow the instructions to make a pirate hat? If you only have small sized paper can you make a hat for one of your toys? Don't forget to decorate it!

Friday 24th April- Hello Everyone! Firstly I want to wish Fraser a very Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day.

It's Friday today so there are some activities from some other grown ups that you know. Mrs Tuckfield has a PE activity and Mrs H-D has a making task. Before I tell you about those I wanted to celebrate this lovely maths work.

Mrs Tuckfield would like you to remember your warm up and play the 'Bean game'......string bean, broad bean, baked bean, jelly bean, baked beans on toast! speed it up and mix it up. Get your parents to join in. Imagine you are standing on a spot...keep your knees soft and bent...now jump off the spot, on, off, on, off. Now jump over the spot,, now back over the spot. Now imagine you are skiing. Jump from side to side with your knees bent and feet close together.

Can you move around like the origami animals? Can you make new moves for new animals?

Here as usual is the White Rose maths activity for the day. It's day 5 and some of you may recognise this activity. 


We need to know all of the number doubles to twenty. We have made number doubles in class using spots on ladybirds and with the Numicon. Here you can have another go. Choose between ladybirds, butterflies, dice or Numicon. 

I have a reading challenge for you. You will need to look very carefully at each picture to find the letters. When you have found them you will need to arrange them to make one of our red words (also known as tricky words) Grown ups there is a list of the words on the first page this activity might take a long time!

Here is something to do just for fun.

Finally Mrs H-D wanted to challenge you to make a marble run (or conker or a ping pong ball, whatever you have) using junk modelling. Maybe you could get your brother, sister, mum or dad to help you.


Don't forget to take a photograph and ask your grown up to send it to the class email address so that we can see what you have been doing. 

Thursday 23rd April- Thank you for the emails you are sending me. It's great to see smiley faces and the lovely things you have been doing with your family. Look at these lovely butterflies!

My little boy and I have spent our morning in the garden looking for spiders. We found lots of spiders, ants, a family of woodlouse, a caterpillar and a mouse (which made me jump) Here are some mini-beast themed activities for you to try today. As always do as many of them as you like or pick the ones of interest. I know lots of you like making books. Can you make a book about bugs? Here are some pages that you can choose from. 

You can read the caption and find the matching picture on these activity sheets. This will help you improve your reading. 

Here is the link to the White Rose maths challenge for today. It's day 4! You can create patterns by using potato prints. That sounds like fun I might try that myself. Don't forget to send photo's. 


I have had lots of emails telling me that you like the Maths activity sheets so here is one for you to do today. You will need both sheets. You have to look for and count the mini-beasts on the I-spy sheet in order to complete the addition sums on the second sheet. 

Can you construct a mini-beast using things you have at home? You could use Lego, paper and pens or make one with salt dough. Don't forget to ask your grown-up to take a photograph and email it to the class email address so that I can see your lovely creations!

Just for fun I've added some instructions to make an origami butterfly.

Wednesday 22nd April - Good Morning Everyone! I have lots of things that you might like to do today. Pick a few that interest you. Firstly Can you make a giraffe? Brook Tate works with the Old Vic Theatre in Bristol. He needs some help from the children of Bristol to make a herd of giraffe which he would like you to hold up at the next clap for the NHS on Thursday. Here is a link to show you how to make one.


Here is the link to todays maths activity:


Here is an animated story about Cody the Caterpillar. There are lots of activities for you to do about the story.



If you could be a bug for the day where would you go? What would you do? Choose a bug and write down your ideas. Don't forget to use sounds to spell out the words. There is also an addition sheet and a colour by shape activity to choose.

Tuesday 21st April - I forgot to tell you about my Easter Sunday. I had a lovely surprise not only the did the Easter bunny bring me an Easter egg but I found two butterflies in the net. Another four emerged during the day. I put slices of apple and orange into their net for them to feed from. On Wednesday they were strong enough to be released. So I waited for the warmest part of the day and then took the nets out into the garden to release the butterflies. One flew straight out, flew around my garden in and then went over the fence. The rest of the butterflies stayed in the net for a few hours before flying off.

Did you enjoy the activities yesterday? Has anyone managed to tie a shoelace yet? 

Here are some activities for you to choose from today: 

https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/early-years/ Can you work out which of these maths facts are true?

Here are some other caterpillar and butterfly themed activities for you to do.

Monday 20th April 2020 - Welcome back, I hope you've been able to enjoy the bank holiday weekend. I love opening the class email everyday to see what you guys have been doing at home. Please keep sending me messages and photographs. 

You have been very busy. I love your picture of the 'Gingerbread Man' Fraser. Well done! Your writing is great too! Rosie, that's a brilliant picture of a coin. How old is the oldest coin you have found?

Today we are starting something new. Click on the link to take you to some fun activities which will help with your maths learning. Choose as many as you like. Grown-ups these activities are linked to the scheme of work we use to teach maths at our school. They are all fun and practical. Don't worry if you don't have any of the books you can still do the activities.


I have a challenge for you while you are at home. Can you learn to tie shoelaces? Here is a rhyme to help you remember what to do!

Thank you for all the lovely photo's. It's great to see all the lovely things you have been doing at home with your family. 

All of the caterpillars have made themselves a chrysalis. I will move them into the butterfly net tomorrow. It will take nearly three weeks for them to emerge. Do you know what they will be?

It's the start of the Easter holiday.

Here are some ideas of things that you might like to do. I will be back on Monday 20th April with lots more learning activities for you. I will keep checking our class email if you would like to send your photo's. 

Why not visit a museum! You can take a virtual tour of the Natural History Museum here: https://www.nhm.ac.uk/

or the National Gallery


or maybe you'd prefer to look around a Royal Palace


or you could find out about NASA


Parents - I recommend that you supervise your child while using these websites!

It's Friday 3rd April - have you managed to keep your weather diary this week? If not don't forget to fill it in everyday for a week.

Today seems like a good day to read a Beatrix Potter story. 

If you don't have one of her stories here is a link to an online book of Peter Rabbit:


I know some of you love Science! Can you carry out a science experiment to find out whether you can regrow vegetables? Here are some instructions. Let me know what you find out!

Here are some colour by number pictures for you to use. 

Can you follow the instruction to make an origami rabbit? You will need a piece of paper and the instructions below.

Thursday 2nd April- Good Morning Everyone! I have caterpillar news. There is a chrysalis! Can you draw this on the next page of your caterpillar diary. Keep coming back here to see how the caterpillars are developing. 

Today can you hide some treasure for your grown up, brother or sister to find? Don't forget to write some clues to help them find the treasure!

Keep reading and sharing books. Perhaps you can make a den and spend some time looking at your favourite books. Can you read any of the words now? 

Great Work Sarah! I love the puppet theatre you made to go with your Little Red Riding Hood puppets. 

Lois, thank you for sending me a video of you reciting the 'Pitter Patter Raindrops'poem. It's lovely to see what you have been doing. So keep emailing your photo's.

Wednesday 1st April - Hello, did you get to enjoy the sunshine yesterday? 

Today all of the activities are all about a story we all know. Can you tell a grown up the story 'The Gingerbread Man'. You could use different voices for the different characters or you could act it out together. How could you change the story? Can you think of a different way for the story to end? or maybe you can change the characters? can you tell your new story to someone?

In the story the Gingerbread Man says "Run, run as fast as you can! You can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man." Ask a grown up to read this to you slowly so you can write it down like a 'hold a sentence'. ( Grown ups- this is something we do at school. The children remember a short sentence which they then write down. This is a much longer sentence so tell it to them in small parts. They may need you to repeat the words several times. The aim is for your child to attempt to spell all of the words. They should be able to accurately spell the two and three letter words correctly) 

Maths - Pick from the activities below.

In the story the Little Old Man and the Little Old Woman follow a recipe to make Gingerbread biscuits. Can you follow a recipe to make something to eat? This could be something for Lunch or dinner or a treat.

Or can you play the Gingerbread Man Dice Game? You can play this on your own or with another member of your family. You will need a dice and some drawing pencils/pens.


Or you might prefer to complete the Gingerbread addition activity. There are three different sheets to this activity each one gets more difficult. If you like a challenge the last page has missing number problems to solve. 


In Reception we love to make things. Can you design and make a trap to catch the Gingerbread Man? Don't forget to send me a photo!

Tuesday 31st March - Good Morning everyone! I hope you are all keeping safe and well. Today I have a challenge for you: 

Can you create your own little shop. It could be set up on a table, on a tray, a cardboard box, etc. What is the name of your shop? Could you make a shop sign? What are its opening times? Perhaps you need a sign to show when it will be open and closed? What will you sell? socks? books? toys? or maybe food? Set the scene and layout your shop. How will you price your items? Do you need to make labels? Do you need to have some scales to weigh things? You could compare heavy and light things. Do you need a pretend till or scanner? You can improvise. It could be a box of coins and the scanner could be a spoon. Now you can play 'shop' with your family. Don't forget to send me a photograph of your shop. I'd love to see what you create! 

Monday 30th March - I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Look how much they've grown! They have been very active this weekend. 

Spring is here! Can you learn this poem off by heart? Perhaps you could perform it to your family at dinner time!

The weather can be very changeable in Spring. Let's look at the weather this week. Can you keep a diary where you record the weather each day? You could draw a picture of the weather each day and label your picture. On the weather forecast at the end of the news the weather forecaster uses symbols to show the different types of weather. Perhaps you could watch the weather forecast with your grownup. Don't forget to write the day of the week on each picture.

It looks like you have been doing some great investigating! You have made a fantastic waterproof cape for your dog! Thanks for sharing it. 

Friday 27th March - Good morning everyone. We're continuing with the Red Riding Hood theme for today's suggested activities.

Firstly can you design a healthy picnic for Little Red Riding Hood to take to her Grandma. You could draw a picture, cut out images from magazines or use play food (if you have either of these). Don't forget to label your pictures.  


If you like making things why not design and make a basket. Make sure it's big enough and strong enough to carry your picnic. 


Maths Learning- Can you complete the number paths ways to Grandma's?  Parents - Please don't waste paper and Ink ONLY print page TWO. 


Here is a problem to solve. Red Riding Hood puts 3 sandwiches, 4 carrot sticks, 1 cake and 2 pieces of fruit in her basket. How many items does she have? If Grandma eats five things, how many are left? You could draw a picture to help you!

Don't forget to share your activities with me using our class email:  classr@hotwells.bristol.sch.uk

Thursday 26th March - Hello Reception, I hope you are keeping busy. Here are some activities that you can do at home with your family. 


English - Can you retell the story "Little Red Riding Hood"? I have put in a link to an animated version which you can watch with an adult. You can turn the volume down and retell the story along with the illustration or if you made puppets yesterday you can use these. Don't forget to include the lines 'What big ears you have, Grandma!' and 'What big eyes you have!'



Maths - Can you draw a map of Little Red Riding Hoods journey? Perhaps you can describe her route to your adult using describing words such as 'left' and 'right'. Is there a safer way that Little Red Riding Hood could get to her Grandma's house.


Science/ DT: Little Red Riding Hood needs to visit her Grandma on a Rainy day. Can you design and make her a new waterproof cape? Ask your parents to help you find and test some different materials that you have at home. You need to find out which ones are waterproof. When you have found one can you use it to make a cape for one of your teddy bears or dolls? Don't forget to share your findings with me using our class email:  classr@hotwells.bristol.sch.uk



The caterpillars are growing very quickly! They have been with me for one week. 

Hello Everyone, Today for your English learning could you make yourself a set of Little Red Riding Hood stick puppets. You could do this by drawing the main characters and cutting them out or alternatively if you have access to a 'home learning' pack you can cut out the pictures. We will use these later in the week. 

Maths - In Reception we need to be able to sequence events. Today could you ask an adult to help you start a diary where I would like you to draw the different stages of our caterpillar/ butterfly life cycle. So far you can draw two different pictures one of the tiny caterpillar and another with a bigger caterpillar. Can you add labels or captions to your picture?

Well done Jude! I love your house and garden. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Good Morning, I hope you had an enjoyable first day of learning at home with your grown ups. 

Phonics Learning - Can you look in a book and find any of these words? Which words did you spot the most? 

the   to   I   go    no


Can you write a list of words that rhyme with 'dog'?


Maths Learning - Challenge a brother/sister/grown-up to a 1-minute challenge! Use a stopwatch (a grown-up might have one on their phone), sand timer or clock to time 1 minute. See how many jumps, stretches, star jumps, hops or other actions each person can do before the time runs out. Who can do the most?


Can you construct a garden using things you have at home? You could use Lego, paper and pens or re purpose some boxes. Don't forget to ask your grown-up to take a photograph and email it to the class email address so that I can see your lovely creations!

Our class email is classr@hotwells.bristol.sch.uk

Hello Everyone, I hope you have had a restful weekend. Come and visit here everyday where you will find some activities that you can do with your grown ups at home. Don't forget to ask your grown up to share your learning with me through the class email address.  


Phonics Learning - Please play one of your 'Read and Race' games from your home learning packs. Don't forget to share a book with someone.


Maths Learning - Look around your house and see how many different ways of measuring time , you can find. Can you find a clock?.......a watch?......a timer?......a sand timer?......a stopwatch? What are these things used for? What numbers can you see? Take some photos or draw a picture of some different ways to measure time.


I have some tiny caterpillars which I will photograph so that you can see them grow and change. 


Here are some of the fun things we have been doing in Reception.

We loved working with Year 6 to write letters and draw pictures for members of our community.  One of the things we love at Hotwells is the way we all work so well together, from the youngest children in our school to the oldest!

These will be sent to local pensioners who attend the Lunchtime Club at Trinity Church.

Below are some links for websites and resources that can be used at home:

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