This week weve enjoyed a theme week here at Hotwells. It has been Happy,  Healthy Me week where we focus on what makes us happy and healthy! Weve been taking part in lots of different activities that make both our bodies and minds healthy. Last week we made a list together of things that make us feel really positive and cheerful. Top of our list was spending time with the younger children. Others included painting, reading outside, playing board games, dancing, playing sports, drawing in our sketchbooks and making dens! Therefore, this week we have done all of those things - and more! Whether its been Bollywood dancing, circus skills or drawing a leaf, we have made the most of it! We have also taken part in 15 minutes of non-stop exercise every day. Research shows that doing just 15 minutes of exercise a day is enough to make our bodies fit and our minds focused. Its having such positive effects that we intend on trying to continue this exercise throughout next term!