Thank you to everybody who entered our 'My True Nature' art competition! We have absolutely loved seeing your creative masterpieces and we are delighted to share them in the gallery below. Well done to you all!

In our next (Zoom) staff meeting, we will be discussing which of these pieces to choose as our entries against other schools - and what a tough decision it is going to be! Watch this space for an announcement soon...

'Autumn Leaves' by Lois (age 5) in Reception


“My inspiration was trees in autumn on Brandon Hill.” 


'The Friendship Tree' by Aila in Class 1


"My inspiration was our apple tree. I think it’s so pretty."

'The Princess's Farm' by Mariam in Class 1


"My inspiration was my love for princesses and blossom trees."

 'A Countryside Van' by Winifred in Class 1


"My inspiration is our field where we camp every Summer holiday which is filled with nature."

 'Green Grassland' by Sylvan (age 7) in Class 2


"My inspiration was a picture of nature I saw in my head."

 'Turtle's Planet' by Kacper in Class 3


"My inspiration was a turtle.  Turtles live for a very long time and probably remember our planet in a much better state."

 'Wood' by Kacper in Class 3


"My inspiration was a piece of wood that I found in the forest."

 'Waterfall Wonderland' by Paola in Class 3


"My inspiration is that I once saw one and imagined the world as a beautiful, safe place.'

' The Northern Lights over the Sea' by Amelie in Class 4

'The Nature of Nature' by Eli in Class 4


"My inspiration was owls and gardens.'

 'Land and Sea' by Eva in Class 4


"My inspiration has been nature from both land and sea, so I decided to incorporate both in my picture,
as both are equally important to me.'

 'Wildlife' by Gunavardhan in Class 4


"My inspiration is to keep our heads high like a Giraffe in this difficult situation and to be courageous and stay calm."

 'A Frog' by Isla in Class 4


 'Serpentine Queen' by Zane in Class 4"


My inspiration for this piece of artwork was my pet snake (Fang). I have loved nature all my life. As well as sending a photo of my drawing, I also sent the photo of Fang that I used to help me with the art.  For the artwork I used paints, pencils and pens.'

'Camping in the Forest' by Ola (age 10) in Class 5


"My inspiration was that every year in the Easter holiday, I go with my family and friends to a camp.  We missed it this year because of the Coronavirus and I hope this will end soon."

'My Perfect Spring' Forest' by Daisy (age 11) in Class 6


"My inspiration was the bluebells I saw on a Spring walk and the deer in the fields."

'A Blue True Dream of Sky' by Emil in Class 6


"My inspiration is the poem by E.E. Cummings, 'I thank you God for most this amazing'."

'Swooping Eagle' by Eva in Class 6


"My inspiration was: I read the book Mr Tom and it said William Beech drew an eagle so I wanted to as well."

'Clematis' by Imogen (age 11) in Class 6


"A clematis in our garden was my inspiration."

'A Sloth' by Lila in Class 6

"I have produced this piece of art as a sloth is an animal I feel connected to!"


'Hope' by Zac (age 10) in Class 6


"My inspiration was Jane Goodall after reading her book, ‘My Life with the Chimpanzees’, for all the work she has done to help chimpanzees and her message to never give up hope that we can all make a difference."