Healthy Lunches

Why opt for a school meal?

School meals at Hotwells are tasty, nutritious and good value for money. The dinners are cooked freshly on site by our super kitchen staff team: they are the healthiest lunchtime option for our pupils.

Eating a well-balanced meal at school is good for children’s health and development - and also good for their learning! We know that children who have eaten well are better able to focus in lessons and have the energy they need to get the most out of a busy school day.

Did you know that the school dinner menu (which runs on a three weekly cycle) is carefully planned and analysed so that it meets high nutritional standards? Click here to see the menu and click here to see the nutritional analysis. Vegetarian and Halal options are available on all days.  Please note the following statement from AIP (our meals provider):  

We confirm that all of our meat is Red Tractor certified, this includes our Halal meat served at Hotwell,s.

All Red Tractor meat must be stunned before slaughter.

Amy Teichman BSc (HONS), MSc

Quality and Nutrition Manager

AiP Group of Companies


How much do school meals cost?

Dinners are £2.25 per day (£11.25 per week), payable in advance. It’s quick and easy to pay on-line (click here to go to the 'pay on-line area'). Alternatively, dinner money for each week should be handed into your child’s class teacher in a named envelope. If you would like to pay for the whole term please come to the school office. 

Can my child bring a packed lunch?

If you do opt for your child to bring a packed lunch, please remember that we are a nut free school; your child should not bring nuts or products containing nuts to school.

Sweets are also not allowed in packed lunches. Children should not bring glass bottles or containers.


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Children Eating in Dining Hall


Children Eating in Dining Hall